Era of Althea Update 3.5 Patch Notes & Update Log

The latest Roblox Era of Althea Update 3.5 introduces new content, reworks, features, balance changes, and bug fixes to the game.

Era of Althea Update 3.5 Patch Notes & Update Log

The new Update 3.5 for Roblox Era of Althea was released on September 25th, 2022! The update introduces new content, reworks, balance changes, fixes, and quality of life changes, so check them in the official update log below.

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Era of Althea Update 3.5 Log (September 25th, 2022)

update 3.5 & other systems

- map rework
- reworked bosses hp, dmg, and some attack patterns
- nerfed all npcs detect range (should detect less now in the open world enviroment)
- new race 'spirit'! magicdamagemultiplier .20%, less mana drain on brooms, custom backaccesory on character 
-  new capture the flag points for guilds! (holding down kingdoms now give you more yul + points)
- introducing points guild system for guilds
- heavily balanced all of the snaps
- trap stacking should be fixed now
- new non-snap spell and drop from wolves and dire wolf!
- rog is now more viable, and prepare to fight with a group
- reworked boss room for some bosses
- new snap! welcome star into the game
- lag is heavily reduced, and game is way more optimized now
- fixed a lot of visual bugs with potions, snaps, and other issues
- fixed a lot of issues with the current bosses

introducing new 2X weekend system

- during weekends 2X exp & drops will be active
- playing during the weekends will give u a higher chance of recieving spins

introducing new weapon spawning system

-  mythical weapons now spawn at 3 specific times around the map
- for now this is only for guts weapon, future weapons will indeeed come (obfuscation enchant :pepedance: )

future updates periodically after 3.5

-guild activities
- randomized boss spawning system
- new events around the map
- progression for more races
- new boss

guild systems

- we will pay attention to the guilds sides of the game along with the customized arenas for guilds
- new guild leaderboard system in the making
- and new guild rewards
- and also making it easier to have a guild seriously

driving away from the old things

- during this period me and roads will be paying attention to the #bug-reports channel & #suggestions we will be frequently paying attention and making the game better

@herethank you guys all for the long wait, and we will make sure not to release anything that we're not happy with. (this was never supposed to be a rly big update, oopsies)

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