Era of Althea Swords: Every Sword in the Game

Era of Althea is a fantasy action RPG on the Roblox platform, in which you can start a character, complete quests, and slay monsters to level them up and become one of the strongest fighters in the world. One of the critical starting elements in the game are Swords for players that want so specialize in melee sword combat.

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Now let's get down to the Sword list itself.

All Swords in Era of Althea

Below you will find all the Swords currently in the game, although most descriptions are missing. The data is taken from the official Era of Althea Trello board.

SwordStats & Level Requirement
Akhdar Sword
Black Iron Greatsword
Blindstrike Spear
Level Requirement : +75
Type : Spear
Cost : 7500 Yul
Initial Damage : 10
Max Damage : 17.5
Deserted Spear
Dungeon Dweller
Enigma Sword
Level Requirement : +90
Type : Sword
Cost : 7500 Yul
Initial Damage : 14
Max Damage : 21.5
Eternal Spear
Exodus Greatsword
Level Requirement : +75
Type : Greatsword
Cost : 7500 Yul
Initial Damage : 32
Max Damage : 39.5
Halbred Sword
Level Requirement : +50
Type : Sword
Cost : 7500 Yul
Initial Damage : 12
Max Damage : 19.5
Hleam Greatsword
Iron Sword
Kazeikari Sword
Obsidian Spear
Steel Greatsword
Steel Sword
Zionas Sword


And that's it with our Era of Althea Sword Tier List. You can also check our Era of Althea Race Tier List , Snaps Tier List & Traits Tier List, or check the Era of Althea section of our website for more EoA guides!

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