Era of Althea Snap Tier List: Best Magic Spells in the Game

Era of Althea is a fantasy action RPG on the Roblox platform, in which you can start a character, complete quests, and slay monsters to level them up and become one of the strongest fighters in the world. One of the critical starting elements in the game are Snaps, which are magic spells in Era of Althea.

There are twelve available Snaps, and your character is assigned one randomly. However, you can reroll your Snap in EoA by using spins, and that is something you probably want to do to assign your character one of the most powerful Snaps depending on your fighting style.

The rule of thumb is that the rarer a Snap is, the better it will be, although even the common elemental Snaps (Dark, Fire, Wind, and Water) are still quite useful to deal damage. The more common Snaps are useful to deal damage, but the rarer ones manipulate time and space, buff you, or heal you, so they can be very suitable for melee sword combat.

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Now let's get down to the Snap tier list itself.

Era of Althea Snap Tier List

Half of the Snaps in the game are damage focused, but the rest and rarer ones are mostly utility Snaps.


  • Spatial (0.01%)
  • Time (0.3%)
  • Demon (0.7%)


  • Heavenly Body (1%)
  • Compose (1%)


  • Frost (5%)
  • Explosion (5%)
  • Light (15%)


  • Dark (75%)
  • Fire (75%)
  • Wind (75%)
  • Water (75%)


And that's it with our Era of Althea Snap Tier List. You can also check our Era of Althea Race Tier List & Traits Tier List, or check the Era of Althea section of our website for more EoA guides!

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