Empyrion Galactic Survival Update 1.7.5 Patch Notes

Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by Anastasios Antoniadis

Empyrion Galactic Survival update 1.7.5 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Empyrion Galactic Survival 1.7.5 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and changes to the game.

What is new in Empyrion Galactic Survival February 22 Update?

Bug Fixes:

  • Added: PDA Descriptions can now contain images within the description text (insert with {imagename.ext})
  • Updated PoisonFood & Indigestion values for ItemsConfig.ecf
  • Updated: Registry and teleporter windows now sort the playfield entries (left content) alphabetically
  • Added: Information about BuffMod to head area of ItemsConfig.ecf
  • Added: Information about currently available INSTANCE settings added to example playfield
  • Renamed folder ‘InstanceTaipane’ into ‘ExampleInstance’ ( ../content/playfields/ )
  • Added: Medical Station Type 1 now cures PoisonBit (Stage 2)
  • Added: Medical Station Type 4 now cures EndoParasite Stage 2 and 3, RadiationOverload
  • Added a wearoff margin for RadiationOverload, as well as a cleansing effect on it for Scanner3
  • Updated Localization: Main loca, Dialogues, PDA (as of 08 02 2022)
  • Changed: Removed Intoxication chance from AkuaWine
  • Changed: Necrosis does not create Mutilation when healed anymore
  • Changed: Mineral Synth Lab and Bunker admin cores are now pre-damaged (2)
  • Changed: Underground Bunker: added ladder at entry ara so players without jetpack do not get trapped (2)
  • Changed: Prisoner (Dr. Mandor) on Heidelberg now drops report also when killed (unintentionally! 😉 ) (2)
  • Changed: TOP: Root Beer Formular now removed after delivery (1)
  • Fixed: A Glacial Grave: task on entering snow planet was not set up in correct order (1)
  • NOTE: There is a known issue of the Zirax troops NOT spawning on TOP Distillery when playing the Non-English version.
  • NOTE: There is a known issue of chapter-activated missions not re-activating when they were deactivated manually (Fix > (1) )
  • (1) = requires manual PDA.yaml update to work: Exit all missions > Open console > type in ‘pda rd’ to reload PDA.yaml definitions.
  • (2) = change only works for new savegames AND on playfields that have not been visited before the update in ongoing savegames.
  • Updated: Polaris Trading Station Variant 11 (thx to Kaeser)
  • Removed turret from core room in underground bunker
  • Changes/Additions: Configs and Technical
  • Added display of allowed boosts per armor type in hover info

Changes/Additions: Configs and Technical

  • Added display of allowed boosts per armor type in hover info
  • Map Info Panel: Fixed “Habitable Zone MIN/MAX” distance display (distance was shown too big before)
  • Instances: added “NoVolumeWeightForPlayer” to “InstanceData” to allow switching off the V&W checks for players in instances (f.e. to get more loot)
  • DialogueSystem: added new function AddItemsFromContainer(int containerId, int maxItemCount) to allow giving a player reward items that are specified in Containers.ecf
  • DialogueSystem: added new function OpenHtmlWindow(string title, string url, float widthPerc, float heightPerc); Please note: Please note: The function OpenHtmlWindow does not support H.264 / mp4 decoder. Other codecs like ‘webm’ can be used, though.
  • Added gameoptions.yaml parameter ‘CustomPlayerTab’ that allows to add a button in the players window that opens a HTML page.
  • Respawn at medic station: the search for a medic station is limited now to the local solar system as on big servers the DB query takes too long (which could lead to timeouts.)
  • Dynamic code support change (for dialogues features + Mod.XXX): Updated compiler that works with all current Dialogue features & especially Mod.XXX
  • DialogueSystem: first implementation of supporting a RESET parameter to allow restarting a state with a reset of the dialogue: GotoAndReset
  • Console command reloaddata/rd: added reload of items, blocks and materials. Attention: this will work only for changing existing entities!
  • Instances: added yaml property ‘EnterWithEmptyInventory’ that will block any player that has items in his inventory/toolbelt
  • Modded player props head can now specify a bundle name starting with @ f.e. [email protected]/hat
  • ModApi: better log of execution exception- DB optimization: not writing ground AI, items and drones to DB any more as the DB table with entities gets too big in MP games
  • Sqlite DB: added possibility for parallel read queries. This will decrease the waiting times for long lasting queries for other clients esp. in MP.
  • Enhanced ecf file format to accept multi-line <CDATA> sections of raw content:
    • Allows, for example, to use naturally written C# code in dialogues
    • Note: as with block comments no other content is allowed after the closing tag

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