Emerald’s color [Crossword Clue Answer]

Last Updated: August 16, 2022 @ 16:41
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Having trouble with a crossword where the clue is “ Emerald's color“? Many popular websites offer daily crosswords, including the Washington Post, the New York Times (NYT mini crossword), and Newsday's Crossword. We all know that crosswords can be hard occasionally as they touch upon a bunch of different subjects, and players can reach a dead end.

Hence, we have all the possible answers for your crossword puzzle to help your move on with solving it. Remember that some clues have multiple answers, so you might have some cross-checking.

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In most cases, you must check for the matching answer among the available ones based on the number of letters or any letter position you have already discovered to ensure there is a matching pattern.

Emerald's color [Crossword Clue]

If “ Emerald's color” is the clue you have encountered, here are all the possible solutions, along with their definitions:

  • GREEN (5 Letters/Characters)

Crossword Answer Definition

Here are all the available definitions for each answer:



adjective: green; comparative adjective: greener; superlative adjective: greenest

  1. of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds.”her flashing green eyes”
  2. covered with grass or other vegetation. “proposals that would smother green fields with development”
  3. (of a plant or fruit) young or unripe. “green shoots”
  4. (of a person) inexperienced or naive. “a green recruit fresh from college”
  5. (of a person or their complexion) pale and sickly-looking. “‘Are you all right? You look absolutely green'”


noun: green; plural noun: greens; noun: Green; plural noun: Greens

  1. 1. green colour or pigment.”major roads are marked in green
    • green clothes or material.”two girls in red and green”
    • green foliage or vegetation.”that lovely canopy of green over Stratford Road”
  2. a piece of public grassy land, especially in the centre of a village. “a house overlooking the green”
  3. a member or supporter of an environmentalist group or party. “the Greens' remarkable 15 per cent vote”


verb: green; 3rd person present: greens; past tense: greened; past participle: greened; gerund or present participle: greening

  1. 1. make or become green in colour.”the roof was greening with lichen”
    • make (an urban or desert area) more verdant by planting trees or other vegetation.”they will continue greening the many treeless and dusty suburbs”
  2. 2. make less harmful to the environment.”tips on how to green your home”

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