Elderwood Scythe: Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Elderwood Scythe is an ancient knife in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2). It was available for purchase by buying the 40th Tier in the Main Event for 80,000 Candy during the 2019 Halloween Event in MM2. As the event is over, it can now only be obtained through trading.

Elderwood Scythe Value & Characteristics

IconElderwood Scythe
Item TypeKnife
Ways to ObtainHalloween Event 2019 – Tier Reward
Value200 Seers (MM2 Values)
175 (Supreme)


Elderwood Scythe, designed by IDontHaveAUse, resembles an old tree. The handle is bent and frayed like a tree trunk, and the scythe's blade is purple and black with a couple of purple streaks, resembling a purple leaf.

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