Elden Ring: Where to find Walking Mausoleums

If you want get a second reward from Finger Maiden, you’ll need these creatures. We’ll explain you to where to find Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums locations

During your adventure in the Lands Between, you'll encounter majestic creatures. Each has its place in the universe of the Elden Ring, but some look even more amazing. One of these special creatures that stands out from the others is the Walking Mausoleum. In this guide, we'll explain you to where to find Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring.

The special thing about the walking mausoleums isn't only their enormous size. These creatures, hidden on different sides of the map, give you powers that will help you duplicate the one of the demi-gods' remembrances in the game.

When you kill the demigods in the Elden Ring, a remembrance drops from them. You can give the fallen remembrances to the Finger Maiden. When you do that, you can get the reward from her. Also, you can get a second reward from Finger Maiden if you use the power of the Walking Mausoleums. So, you need to find all the Walking Mausoleum to collect all the weapons of the bosses. These rewards include both Spells and Incantations.

While the Walking Mausoleums are majestic, they're very hard to find. At least, if you don't know where to look. You've to look for them in the right places on the map, since they're spread over different corners of the Lands Between. You can learn how to stop Walking Mausoleums after finding them from this guide.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums locations

If you're looking for Walking Mausoleum locations in Elden Ring, you don't have to spend hours walking around Lands Between. You can choose any region from the list below and easily find these mysterious creatures using the map.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum locations
Source: Mapgenie.io – Liurnia of the Lakes Location

Liurnia of the Lakes

The region of Liurnia in the Lands Between, where there are the most lakes, will be the first area we visit. You've to go to the end of the lake to find the Walking Mausoleum here. You'll find the place marked with a red circle on the map above, under the bridge of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Don't forget to observe your surroundings, because it's one of the most beautiful places in the game.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum locations
Source: Mapgenie.io – Bellum Highway Walking Mausoleum Location

Bellum Highway

You don't have to go far from the lake area to find the next two Walking Mausoleums. Just go east of the lake and find the Ruined Labyrinth. In the north of this labyrinth you'll see two creatures wandering alone.

To find them more easily, you can first go to the labyrinth marked in red on the map and move north from there.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum locations
Source: Mapgenie.io – Weeping Penninsula Walking Mausoleum locations

Weeping Penninsula

If you want to find last Walking Mausoleum location, you've to go all the way to the south of the map to do it. Your journey may take a long time with your mystical horse Torrent, so use fast travel.

Go to the south of Lands Between and find the open area that looks like a wasteland. Although it's quite a large area, you can easily spot the creature you're looking for because of its huge appearance.

Although Lands Between is a very large map, all of the Walking Mausoleums that From Software has added to the game are located in these regions. You can find all the guides that will help you in your Elden Ring adventure.

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