Elden Ring – What To Do With Ruin Fragments, And Where To Find Them

The Ruin Fragments in Elden Ring can be used to make Rainbow Stone, Scriptstone, and Glowstone. As well as Rainbow Stone Arrows later down the road. If you bought the crafting kit off of Kale in the first church ruins, naturally. These are the uses and recipes that use ruin fragments:

  • Rainbow Stone: Can be used to mark a location for yourself or other players for a brief time. Much like Prism Stones in Dark Souls series. They also emit a sound while falling. The higher the pitch of the sound when they hit the ground, the higher likelyhood you will die from that fall. Rainbow Stone can be crafted out of the following items:
    • Ruin Fragment x1
  • Scriptstone: Scriptstone can be used to renew messages left by other players in your “message pool”. Every time you enter a new area the game sends messages from others your way. You recive random pool of messages from different sessions. If the current ones are “extra trolly” you can use this item to reset the pool of messages. This item can be made if you have the following:
    • Missionary's Cookbook [2]
    • Human Bone Shard x1
    • Ruin Fragment x1
  • Glowstone: Upon being dropped on the ground Glowstone emits light and can illuminate your surroundings for a short time. Way less usefull that a tortch. But hey, it dosen't require you to give up a shield to hold it. It can be made if you have these items.
    • Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [2]
    • Dewkissed herba x1
    • Ruin Fragment x1
  • Rainbow Stone Arrow: This arrow works just like a regular arrow but with a Rainbow Stone attached. It emits light wherever it lands. It can be made if you have any of the above-mentioned objects.
    • Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [7]
    • Thin Beast Bones, x3
    • Ruin Fragment x3

Where can I find Ruin Fragments?

There are numerous ruins in the game world where you can find them. Good rule of thumb is that if you see some dilapidated chunk of a huge ruin it will likely be sprinkled with ruin fragments on top.

Abnormal Stone Clusters can also be easily farmed to gather ruin fragments. They appear in two versions. The normal enemy variant that looks like a snake. And the “trap” variant that looks like a pile of cannonballs. The second variant explodes as soon as you come near it. So you can easily run up to them and bait the self-destruct. Then use any site of grace nearby and kill them again. Abnormal Stone Clusters are most commonly found near Evergoal Structures or ruins.

And this is everything you need to know about Ruin Framgnets and where to find them in the world of Elden Ring. You might also want to check out our Elden Ring Section for other guides and useful resources.

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