Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide – How To Beat Radahn Easily!

Are you trying to defeat the Starscourge Radahn boss in Elden Ring? Felt like you ran flat up against a wall? Continue reading to find out the recommended level and weapons.

Starscourge, or General Radahn, is another story-important boss in Elden Ring. This boss is very interesting as you can summon many NPCs. Way more than you normally can! If the game lets you freely do that in a fight, you know that a boss is powerful. This battle is tough because of how deep his move pool is. Let's quickly examine how to defeat Starscourge Radahn in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring – How to Beat Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight

The boss fight has two phases. The names that I have used below are only descriptive and not official in-game names. You will also find many golden summon signs, which is a rarity for any Elden Ring boss. These summons can be used to ease the fight by taking Radahns aggro away from you.

How To Beat Phase 1 of Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring

The first phase begins with him shooting purple-colored arrows at you from an extreme distance. They move very fast! To avoid them, it is best to use your stead torrent. Instead of running straight at him, circle around. Alternatively, you can roll right through them. But you will need to learn the timing.

After you have covered a certain distance, he will launch two kinds of large arrow volleys. One that follows you and rains arrows on top of your head. You can easily outrun them on Torrent by just galloping in one direction. The other type of his “bow attack” at this point is a more direct shot which is way harder to dodge. He will mix the two to throw you off. Just press O or B to gain a burst of movement speed on Torrent when you are about to get hit with an arrow.

Keep running until you reach him. He will then switch to a melee stance and begin to using the following moves:

  • Two Sword Slashes In A Row: He'll smack his swords to the ground and then do a side-slash.
  • Stomp Attack: Self-explanatory. He does this mostly when you are extremly close to him.
  • Slash and Dash: Just like you, Radahn is on horseback. Due to how extremly small his horse is, and how huge he is in comparison. It may look like he is “sliding” or “ice-skating” around. This is one of such attacks. Radahn makes a huge arc towards you while dragging his sword behind him to cut anything in his path. Watch out for the disctance he can cover with this!
  • Spinning-Slash: He will use both of his swords to slash while spinning. This hits anyone around him. He is likely to use this when surrounded by you and your phantoms.
  • Headbutt: Radahn will bang on his swords for a second. Purple energy will also begin to swirl around his blades. Next, he'll headbang the ground and simultaneously slam his swords. This attack covers large area under him and then sends out a hughe wave in front of his body. Try to roll under his legs or circle to his back on Torrent.
  • Five slash combo: He will raise his swords to his right and slash five times. He will then slash on the left twice, one on the right and two backslashes on his left. He will end the attack by spinning slashing both of his blades and hitting anyone around him.

All of these attacks are very fast, so you'll need to be able to dodge them. After you have mastered your dodges, you can start attacking him by closing the distance between yourself and him. The headbutt is especially prone to punishment if you manage to get around his back.

You can always summon a bunch of people and let them fight the boss for you. And only come in for an attack when he turns his back on you.

You will be able to see him leap to the heavens when his health is at or near 50%. This is the cue for the second phase.

Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide
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How To Beat Phase 2 of Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring

Pay close attention to the Sky, Radahn will come in from the skyline like a god damn comet and crash into anything that pissed him off in phase 1. Try to be on the run using Torrent. If you are lucky he will crash into one of your summons.

He will now start using the following attacks:

  • Rock Sling Spam: Radahn will raise his swords and charge them, then smack them to the ground. Seven rocks will start floating around him. He will then launch them towards you. They will all come at you in quick sucession. It is generally better to dodge them than to block them. Because they will eat through all your stamina and kill you, or seriously wound you. The Rocks track towards you, but not by much, so you can outrun them by using Torrent and going straigh left or right of Radahn. Be on the lookout for the follow-up, as Radahn will leap towards you and slam to the ground right after the rock sling.
  • Rock Sling: This is VERY similar to the previous attack. He will do the same setup, but only 4 rocks will float up. He may not immediately use them. He may create some distance between you two first and then launch the projectiles. He will launch two rocks at a time, unlike the 7 rock spam where he fires all of them at once. Rolling to the side can help you dodge these attacks. Or, you can dodge the first volley and block the second. However, I don't recommend that you block his projectile attacks.
  • Shockwave attack: Both his swords will be charged and he will smash them to the ground. The shockwave will cover a large area in front of him. Similar to his headbutt from the first phase. This attack can be avoided by moving as far as possible. Or circling behind him, since the wave only travels in front of him.

He will be still using many of the phase 1 attacks in addition to the new, projectile-based ones. The above information is mostly useful for melee builds. Ranged characters can wait for summons to take the aggro and launch their most powerful magic or projectiles. The vast desert is a great place to take advantage of your ranged character abilities. But Radahn will immediately come for you when you hit him for a significant chunk of health. So don't think he will be easy pickings.

General Tips to Beat Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring

  • The Reduvia knife (with blood blade), Claymore, or Battle Axe are great weapons for this fight.
  • Your character should be level 30 or higher.
  • Great turtle shell and Hawk crest wooden shields are the best options for shields. It is best to avoid shielding and instead focus on dodging the attack.
  • The attacks he uses in both phases are extremely fast, I encourage you to use Torrent as much as humanly possible. But if you dont like fighting on horseback, then don't force yourself.
  • If you have put points into Faith at all. I recomend using the Rotten Breath Dragon Incantation and Dragon Communion Seal. Rotten Breath incantation completly destroys Radahn. It inflicts scarlet rot, which is basically poison. And it can easily do 50% of his HP in one cast. You just have to poison him and run around on Torrent while he rots away.

This concludes all you need to know about how Starscourge Radahn can be easily defeated in Elden Ring. Check out our list of all the main Elden Ring bosses and their locations. Need more guides? Check out how to defeat Godrick The Grafted right here. You can also find more information about this game in our Elden Ring section.

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