Elden Ring speedrun world record — under 40 minutes

It's only been two weeks since the Elden Ring was released, but that's not stopping some speedrunners. The world records that have been set one after the other in the last few days keep developing. A new record was set for FromSoftware's game, whose difficulty level is accepted by all. Elden Ring new speedrun world record – under 40 minutes.

Although it seems impossible to conquer the Lands Between, some players seem to have already found the weak points of the game. At the moment Distortion2 holds the record for the fastest completion in Elden Ring. He managed to finish the game in 39 minutes and 38 seconds. He hasn't fought all the bosses, but he's defeated a few important ones.

If the concept of speedrunning seems foreign to you, here's how we explain it. It's simply the fastest way to finish a game. Bugs and shortcuts of the games are used for this purpose. With speedruns, it should be noted that there can be different types of speedruns. It doesn't necessarily have to be the “fastest” one. There are different subcategories, such as finishing without dying, finishing without taking damage, or finishing without bugs/lags. It's really impressive to finish a game like Elden Ring in less than 40 minutes, because it's so hard to detect them.

Distortion2 Elden Ring Record

The record for finishing Elden Ring in the shortest time is currently held by Distortion2. In fact, the player is quite a well-known name in the speedrun universe. He already holds almost all the records for Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, another FromSoftware game.

So how is it possible to finish Elden Ring in such a short time? You can watch the answer in the video below. Distortion2's seemingly impossible speedrun, which tried different routes, deserves applause in every way. Considering that only two weeks have passed since the game was released, the sub-40 records are going to improve even more. After all, the only success in the career of the famous speedrunner doesn't come from FromSoftware games. Previously, he managed to finish games like the Resident Evil series, Doom Eternal and Deathloop in a very short time.

This video contains heavy spoilers about Elden Ring – including end game.

Not long ago, LilAggy broke the world record by completing the Elden Ring for the first time in less than an hour. The path that the two players take and the techniques they use are quite different. That's why, in the next few days, we might follow a new method from another speedrunner.

We'll keep you posted as soon as there are new developments on Elden Ring speedruns. But first, we want to return to our own world and remind you of a few things. Since we don't have the goal of finishing Elden Ring in a short time, we're currently preparing guides to help you. With these guides, you can have more fun in the brutal world of Elden Ring. In particular, take a look at the following guides.

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