Elden Ring speedrun record: Under one hour

If you’re complaining that Elden Ring is too difficult, this news may not make you happy. Elden Ring speedrun record was broken in the second week of the game.

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Elden Ring is currently on top of the world. People are talking about FromSoftware's new game on gaming sites, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, TikToks, and anywhere else you can imagine. Most of these conversations are about the game being very difficult. That's normal for casual gamers, but for speedrunners who try to finish games quickly, it's different. A few hours ago, the speedrun record for Elden Ring was broken.

If you don't know the concept of speedrunning, it roughly means finishing games as fast as possible using various methods. These methods often require game bugs, certain animation gaps, and a lot of skill. Did it take you three hours to beat the first boss in Elden Ring? What if we told you that you could finish the game that 50 hours on average in less than an hour?

LilAggy is a speed runner who's also set world records in previous Souls games. He managed to finish “Elden Ring” in 59 minutes and 38 seconds, at the end of his 14-hour run today. Of course, he didn't defeat all the bosses one by one in that time, but technically he completed the game. That's a world record.

If you don't mind getting spoilers for the finale of Elden Ring, you can watch LilAggy's final boss fight here. Also, if you want to watch the whole world record, let's take you below.

All Elden Ring Speedruns

Although the world record belongs to the above-mentioned streamer at the moment, it's not difficult to foresee that the record will continue to improve in the coming days. Because almost all speedrunners are currently working on Elden Ring.

Since it's a Souls game, finishing without dying is a big speedrun category, as is finishing quickly. Considering how challenging the bosses are, finishing the game without dying may seem like an impossible goal. Youtuber “niko bellic” doesn't seem to have think it that way. Because he managed to finish Elden Ring in 2.5 hours without dying. Click here to watch the video, which looks like a work of art.

Even though we can't play as well as the players above, we too love Elden Ring. In fact, we've prepared dozens of different guides for you. If you're in the Lands Between these days, be sure to check out these articles.

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