Elden Ring Smithing Stones (1) & (2): Where & how to get them

Smithing Stones in Elden Ring are vital materials for players to improve their weapons and shields. Smithing Stone [1] or Smithing Stone[2] will be required to power up your gear in the game's early stages. However, some players may not know where to find these materials. Elden Ring's Smithing Stone [1] or [2] is not uncommon, and this guide will show you how to get them in large quantities.

Where to Buy Smithing Stones (1) and (2)

If you want to acquire many Smithing Stone (1) or (2), then it is worth buying these materials. Using Runes for unlimited amounts of either of these Stones is possible. This makes it easy to upgrade various weapons in Elden Ring. However, you will not be able to buy Smithing Stone (1) or (2) immediately as you must first complete two prerequisites.

Step 1

The first step is to acquire the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1]. You can earn this item by defeating Crystalian at the bottom of Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. According to Gamerant, players can even bypass Stormveil Castle in this endeavor to reach Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel sooner.

To perform this skip, players should start at the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace and head northward until they reach the broken bridge. At the end of this bridge, Elden Ring players should jump down to the path on the left, follow it southward, and then make their way northward using the cliff-side path to reach Liurnia of the Lakes.
– William Parks, Gamerant

Step 2

As soon as players have the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1], they should present it to the Twin Maiden Husks in Elden Ring's Roundtable Hold so they can add Smithing Stone [1] and [2] to their collection.

In case you do not know, Roundtable Hold serves as the game's hub, and players will direct players there by some progress.

After that, players can fast-travel to Roundtable Hold and purchase Smithing Stones at their convenience.

Smithing Stones (1) & (2) – Farming Locations

Aside from the above method, you can also farm Smithing Stones around Limgrave during the early parts of Elden Ring.

East of Stormhill Shack (Where the giants roam)

Smithing Stone Farming Locations - East of Stormhill Shack
Smithing Stone Farming Locations – East of Stormhill Shack Image source: FromSoftware x BORDERPOLAR

You can reach both locations if you head east from Stormhill Shack. At the site of grace, you will find yourself in an area with many giants (or giant trolls) and a mysterious glowing statue. This particular statue is filled with smithing stones.

Your goal here is to attract the attention of a giant and bait it to attack and break the glowing statue for you. You can then loot the smithing stones from the remains.

Going further east will take you away from Stormhill's jurisdiction back to Limgrave, where you will encounter another field crawling with giants. Looking down the slope, you will find an L-shaped ruin, so you will know you are at the right location. Search around the area until you find the remains of a soldier. Looting the corpse will get you more smithing stones.

Limgrave Tunnels   

Limgrave tunnels locations
Smithing Stone Farming Locations – Limgrave Tunndels South of Gatefront Ruins Image source: FromSoftware x BORDERPOLAR

Another great farming location for smithing stones is the Limgrave Tunnels in Western Limgrave, which you can access from the location of the above map. The tunnels are located at the northeastern corner of Agheel Lake. Be cautious if you approach the area from the lake, as you will probably trigger the dragon's descent.

However, if you are mounting Torrent, you will probably be able to outrun the dragon, and he won't chase you to the entrance of the tunnels. Inside the ruins, you will also encounter Stonedigger Troll.

Southeast of Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Smithing Stone Farming Locations - Southeast of Dragon-Burnt Ruins
Smithing Stone Farming Locations – Southeast of Dragon-Burnt Ruins Image source: FromSoftware x BORDERPOLAR

The last location is straightforward to spot as it is next to a canyon. You will also find a corpse you can loot to acquire a smithing stone.

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