Elden Ring Photo Mode — How to use it?

There's so much that FromSoftware has accomplished with Elden Ring. They deserve special praise especially for the details and atmosphere of the open world. The majestic buildings, the various locations, the carefully crafted enemies, and of course the geography of the Lands Between look great. However, the game has one very big shortcoming, which is the photo mode. Fortunately, the absence of the Elden Ring photo mode isn't the end of the world, since you can solve this problem in two ways.

While photo modes are becoming more and more common in games, Horizon Forbidden West is the game that's done this best recently. The game, which uses all the power of the Playstation 5, looks especially great in photo mode. You can find some incredible photos of it here. Today we're talking about Elden Ring, which has an equally great environment design. If you want to take good-looking screenshots in Elden Ring, you should either install a fan-made photo mod or use the in-game technique.

How to take screenshots in Elden Ring?

If you want to take screenshots of this fantastic world created by Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, there are two ways you can do it. We're not sure if an official photo mode is coming in the next few weeks, so it might make more sense to use these methods.

Method One: Using “Telescope Item” in-game

In the Lands Between, there are many merchants who sell items that save your life. Although you'll usually use what you buy from them in the fight against deadly bosses, you'll also use it to take screenshots.

Twitter user Armando Torres came up with a clever way to capture the majestic Lands Between. He combined the feature of turning off the HUD in-game with the Telescope item that you can buy from merchants. This way you can take landscape photos that look like works of art. With this method, you don't have the option to play with the camera angle, but if you don't want to install mods for the game, this is the best method you can use right now.


Don't the screenshots above look great? The atmosphere that Elden Ring offers is really hard to believe. Even if you don't want to take screenshots, we recommend you to turn off HUD, especially outside of battles. This way you can see all the beauties of the game directly.

Although this method is a practical solution, its limitations make it less than ideal. If you want to install the Elden Ring photo mod with little effort, we'll get to the second part.

Elden Ring photo mode - Frans Bouma
Elden Ring photo mode – Frans Bouma

Method Two: Unofficial Elden Ring Photo Mode

If you play Elden Ring on PC, you can take screenshots using the fan made photo mode released last week. So this solution doesn't apply to consoles.

The mod maker named Otis_Inf has developed a mod that unlocks all of Elden Ring's camera movements. With this mode, you can freeze the game and move the camera whenever you want. You can use this mode to shoot Lands Between from afar or to take selfies with bosses. However, the mod's functions aren't limited to that. There are various FOV settings and rotation functions.

You can find detailed information about the mod files and how to install them on Otis_Inf's Patreon page.

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