Elden Ring – How Many Players Can You Summon For Jolly Co-Op?

You may be wondering how many people you can summon to play with you in Elden Ring. It may be more than you realize.

FromSoftware has set out to make multiplayer as easy as possible for Elden Ring players. By doing this, they hope to make the game more accessible to everyone.

Elden Ring can be a difficult game that can overwhelm new players if they aren't clear on what to do. It's a good idea to call in some friends who are more experienced for assistance.

Make sure you know the basics of multiplayer before you call your friends. You can find out all the details in our Elden Ring Guide.

Elden Ring: How Many Players Can You Summon

Up to four people can play in Elden Ring together.

Players can summon up to three friends to accompany them on their adventures in the Lands Between. Be careful, summoning players into your game can also allow enemy players to enter your game.

Players who want to play cross-platform may be disappointed. As Elden Ring much like other Souls games, doesn't allow for Cross-platform adventures, sorry tarnished.

You have other options as well. Spirit Ashes can be used by players who want to avoid invasions and stay offline to summon enemies' spirits to fight for their favor. Find out how to unlock and use them in our Elden Ring Spirit Ashes guide!

You can also summon a mount to assist you in traversing the vast Elden Ring map, The Lands Between. You may have to locate it first.

Elden Ring is one the most highly reviewed games in Open Critic. This milestone is something that few games can even dream of.

You might find your friends are more like your class than you are. Elden Ring will allow players to revise their characters!

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