Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Godrick The Grafted

Godrick the Grafted is an iconic boss fight in Elden Ring, and you will be facing him fairly early on. Here are some ways to defeat the Elden Ring boss.

Godrick the Grafted is a great boss to encounter if you are just beginning your adventure in the Lands Between. There are many paths that a player can take to start their journey. Godrick will be your goal if you want to go to Stormveil Castle as soon as possible.

Make sure you are ready to fight. Equip your best Ashes of War that will power you up. You'll be doing more than blocking during this fight so you can rely on Two-Handing your weapons. You can also re-spec your Elden Ring stats if you are unhappy with your build! Or you find your current weapons ineffective against Godrick.

Best Strategy to Beat Godrick in The Elden Ring

Phase 1

  • Godrick will throw a powerfull overhead swing at some point. Run and attack him when he recovers from the attack! The shockwave will catch any grounded players by surprise. So be carfeul.
  • When you need to refill your health or FP, use the nearby headstones as cover.
  • To stand a better chance against your powerful enemy, you should also upgrade your flasks beforehand.
  • Use these Spirit Ash Summons too to distract Godrick. Any time he shifts attention to your buddies get behind him and start slashing at his back.
  • In a room close to the Godrick courtyard is Nepheli Loux, a warrior NPC. Summon her to be your tank.
  • Godrick can be stunned with enough melee strikes to make him vulnerable to a critical hit from close range.
  • The boss is a threat up close in the first phase. So retreat after striking to hit him with some powerful long-range magic! Or consider pulling out a bow to take some of his HP off his bar.

Phase 2

  • In Phase 2 Godrick, the Grafted will remove his own arm and place it with a dragon head. The boss now has access to several flaming attacks, all of which originate from his new arm. They also cover quite the distance in a cone shape in front of him.
  • Godrick will raise his dragon arm up to the heavens. Run at him immediately if you are already very close. It is important to keep moving, as fire will fall from the sky at random spots.
  • Godrick will pull his dragon arm back if you are too close to him. You should immediately dodge or else you'll be grabbed and burned to ashes.
  • If the dragon is releasing a steady stream of fire to the ground, it is best to back up to try to avoid it.
  • Phase 2 is now more dangerous than ever because of his ranged abilities.

Loot Rewards For Beating Godrick the Grafted

After Godrick has fallen, you will be presented with Godrick's Great Rune as well as Remembrance Of The Grafted. To unlock the Rune's power, you will need to go to Limgrave Tower. This will raise all your Elden Ring attributes for free.

To access the Finger Reader, use the Remembrance In Roundtable Hold. This is where you can create the Grafted Dragon or Axe of Godrick, which are both well worth your time.

If the various FPS related issues are screwing you over during the fight, don't worry! We got you covered! Check out our guide on how to fix FPS issues and increase performance.

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