Elden Ring Best Samurai Build

Although classes in Elden Ring don't really matter as much as in other games. As no item is locked to any class. And you can level any statistic. We still came up with great suggestions for weapon swaps and upgrades that feel like natural upgrades of Samurai's starting gear. So if you like playing around with katanas, mixing in some archery, and looking exotic. Then this Elden Ring “Best Samurai Build” is definitely for you.

Samurai is a powerful class that can be of great use for beginners to the Elden Ring, and especially newcomers to the Soulsborne games. Even if you've played Souls games before, this is a great class for a Dex-based build. He even starts out with an Uchigatana after all. Which used to be a coveted dexterity weapon in Dark Souls 1 and 3. Starting out with such a great blade feels nice. And when upgraded it can easily be taken into the late game. This class is great if you don't intend to modify your weapons or armor often. Although it has a limited number of options, this is all you need to play this class. Let's now look at the Elden Ring's best Samurai builds and early game builds.

Best Samurai Build in Elden Ring

  • Weapons
    • Serpentbone Blade – scales with both Strength and Dexterity. High Dexterity characters will definetly benefit greatly from upgrading this weapon to its highest level. Consider slotting in some Ash of War with Keen statistics. Serpentbone has quite the reach compared to other katanas, it also causes poison buildup!
    • Uchigatana – There is absolutelty nothing wrong with the basic Uchi. It will slice, it will dice, and it has a nice bleed buildup.
    • Dragonscale Blade – Another cool option for Dex-focused Samurai. This weapon definetly favours Dex over Str, and you cannot swap the Ash of War out sadly. Because this is an unique blade. But the Ice Lightning that is comes with is a nice option to have for some ranged enemy blasting.
    • Moonveil – If you want to make your Samurai into Int-oriented spell caster, then there is nothing better than the Moonveil katana. With its high Int requriments and benefting form great Int scaling, you won't want anything else. Its unique skill creates a ranged shockwave that can hit multiple opponents. Great for dispersing groups of enemies.
    • Meteoric Ore Blade – This one is truly for the weirdos. It scales with Int, Str and Dex. In equal, measures. So if you are running a Int/Str/Dex hybrid for god knows what reason, try this blade.
    • Golem Greatbow – This is a nice swapout for your Longbow if you are into archery, and you invested into a lot of Str. It can also be picked up fairly early into your adventure.
    • Longbow – The trusty longbow. Nothing wrong with it. Great Dex scaling. It can fire arrows (duh). And some of them come in handy for close quarters combat. For example you can put enemies to sleep with sleep arrows and then rend them with your katanas. Or poison them.
  • Shields
    • Beast Crest Heater Shield – The one thing you should swap out as early as possible. The shield that Samurai starts out with is doodoo. And the Beast Crest shield is indeed a Beast! Blocking 100% physical damage at 3.5 weight. It is incredible. One of the best medium shields in the game. And you can pick it up easily in Limgrave, the starting location.
  • Armor Sets
    • Land Of Reeds Set (combined Weight 19.8) – Again, the starting set of Samurai proves to have it all figured out. The Land Of Reeds Set is just great. With great all around protections and immunities. The only fairly bad thing about is the 19 poise, which is just laughably low.
    • Knight Set (combined Weight is 25.3) – I consider this a straight upgrade over the Land of Reeds set. You can get it early from the twin husk maidens merchant. It doubles your poise, and offers almost 50% increase in physical defense. For only 5.5 more weight! With an insignificant dowgrade to magic, lighting and holy defenses. But let's be real, only magician sets offer good desenses against those.
    • Exile Set (combined Weight is 21.8) – Another set that can be obtained early in the game. In the first legacy dungeon in fact. Better overall physcial defences. Better poise. Only 2 weight more. Better start grinding those enemies in Stormveil Castle, Samurai!

To experience true Samurai life, it is best to use a Katana. But you can stray from the path of Bushido any time and run around with a greatsword, or anything you really like! You can also experiment with different bows or arrows to gain the much welcome versatility of mixing in ranged attacks. Don't forget to use both hands when wielding your Katana until you upgrade your shield. Or if you want to immerse yourself fully in the role, just never use a shield! They bring dishonor to your bloodline! There are not that many options if you want to keep rocking that Samurai style. You can always stick with the Land of Reeds Set. It's not a bad set at all. Or you can consider my upgrades, but you will lose some of your identity.

  • Most Important Atributes To Level Up
    • Endurance
    • Dexterity
    • Vigor
    • Strength

Speed is your friend when using katanas. Although this character isn't designed to withstand crushing blows, it can compensate for ranged attacks, bleed effects, and simply rolling through danger. For more stamina, focus your upgrades on Endurance. Then you can swing your already stamina-cheap katana for days. And you will need it for rolls if you want to stay alive. For advanced weapons, Dexterity is a great asset. However, you shouldn't neglect your Strength and Vigor. Having a good amount of HP is a great thing. Strength will increase your attack power with most katanas.

The Best Samurai Builds in Early Game

  • Weapons
    • Uchigatana
    • Longbow
  • Shields
    • (No shields) or Beast Crest Heater Shield
  • Armor
    • Land Of Reeds Set (combined Weight is 19.8)

When you start as a Samurai, the game provides almost everything that you will need in the early game. Truly, a blessed starting class with not many downsides. You can progress FAR into the game with the default weapons and armor.

This guide covers the best Samurai builds in Elden Ring and the best early-game build. If you ever get lost and stray off the path, you can always come back to us. We have excellent guides for Elden Ring, many informative posts about requirements and tips. Do not be afraid to seek some help! The game is seriously tough.

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