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Although classes in Elden Ring don't really matter as much as in other games. As no item is locked to any particular class. And you can level any statistic up at any point. We still came up with great suggestions for weapon swaps and upgrades that feel like natural upgrades of Prophet's starting gear. So if you like running around chucking lightning spears, and casting healing magic to you and your allies. Then this Elden Ring “Best Prophet Build” is definitely for you.

The Prophet is a powerful class that can be of great use for beginners to the Elden Ring, and especially newcomers to the Soulsborne games. Even if you've played Souls games before, this is a great class for a Fai-based build. Many of his strengths are the same as the Confessor's strengths, as they base their character progression on the same stat, which is INT. Unlike the Confessor though. You start out with some type of offensive incantation. Meaning that you don't have to rely on your weapon for all the damage. And the Confessor starts out with an already okay Broadsword. While Prophet only gets a short spear. Which is really bad, so consider swapping that out as your priority! Let's now look at the Elden Ring's best Prophet builds.

Best Prophet Build in Elden Ring

  • Weapons
    • Winged Scythe – is a weapon that can be obtained relatively early in the game. It scales with Str, Dex, and primarly Fai. This is usually the go to for anyone interested in Fai-scaling weapons. It is unique so you cant swap out the ash of war. But that dosen't matter because the weapon skill of the winged scythe “Angel's Wings” is a really bad ass jump attack. It even impedes healing, so it has some PVP potential.
    • Golden Halberd – A great option for anyone who wants to go primarly Str and then Fai as backup. As it requires whopping 30 Str! But it can be obtained right after starting the game. From the infamous Tree Sentinel boss in the overworld.
    • Gargoyle Black Blades – A trinblade that again scales with Str, Dex and primarly Fai. It looks awesome. It feels cool to use a twinblade of all things with a great Fai scaling. But you get this weapon so gosh darn late into the game, that you either have to rush through and obtain. Or leave it for a few end game bosses and then PVP I guess..
    • Cipher Pata – This one is a very fun option. Cipher Pata requires 30 Fai, and not a single other atribute. Goes without saying but this scales crazy well with Faith. And you can get this as soon as you unluck Roundtable Hold. Which is super early in the game. And best of all. This is a “fist” type wepaon. Meaning crazy attack speeds for alright damage.
  • Incantations
    • Lightning Spear – is any Fai casters bread and butter. It can do a good chunk of damage and has decently fast casting time. Found after the first major dungeon of the game. Which is not crazy far into the “story” of Elden Ring.
    • Erdtree Heal – is an amazing healing spell. It has an AoE effect. So you can heal your co-op companions. But even better yet. You can use the spell to keep your spirits alive. The best partner in crime for this is definetly the Mimic Tear, which acts like an “NPC summon” anyway.
    • Honed Bolt – is another great option. It definetly scored low in terms of raw damage. But it is great for picking off smaller enemies! Very reliable and spammy with low FP costs to boot.
    • Fortissax's Lightning Spear – an incredibly powerful close range AOE. A little bit of a late game incantation sadly. But its so satysfing to use that I will let it slide.
    • Black Flame – is one of the best flame incantations in the game. Medicore range, but the damage is high for the cast time and FP cost. And it burns your enemies a little after hitting them!
    • Beast Claw – might be one of the very best incantations in Elden Ring. It has crazy low FP cost, very high cast speed, deals decent damage, and you can chain another cast in as long as you have the FP and stamina needed. This lead to situations where you can achive truly mad DPS numbers.
  • Armor Sets
    • Again. You can equip anything you really want as the Prophet or any other class. That being said. There are some great sets in the game that boost your faith stats for even greater incantation scaling! And if you must wear something, be sure it is one of those:
    • Rulers Set(combined Weight 6.3) – Not really as a set, as it is composed of only a robe and a head piece. But the Rulers “set” raises your Faith. Which is great for any Fai-based class, for the obvious reasons. It also provides okay magic defenses, and you can mix in some heavy gauntlets and legwear for phys. protection too!
    • Commoners of the Lands Between Set(combined Weight 8.8) – Commoner set tells a very similar story to the Rulers set. Very lightweight, increases faith, great magic defenses, not so great anything else defenses. It can be also found early in the game if one desires so.

To get the most out of playing as a Prophet it is best to use Faith scaling weapons. The choice of weapon type is up to you. As you can always slot some faith-based ash of war into any fightstick you like! You will also have PLENTY of incantations to try out and experiment with. The dragon incantations in particular are very badass, but of limited use due to ridiculous cast time.

  • Most Important Atributes To Level Up
    • Faith
    • Endurance
    • Vigor
    • Strength or Dexterity. Or Both if you want!

Incantations are naturally the forte of any class that invests in Faith. And you should never underestimate just how much versatility those offer! You have defensive, offensive, utility options. Stealth-based, aliment-based, different damage types. You can just go on and on when listing their types, damages, and such. However, you shouldn't neglect your Dex and Str! You still need to swing something around when you run out of FP!

This guide covers the best Prophet builds in Elden Ring. If you ever get lost and stray off the path, you can always come back to us. We have excellent guides for Elden Ring, many informative posts about requirements and tips. And build for classes such as the Samurai, Wretch, or the Confessor. Do not be afraid to seek some help! The game is seriously tough.

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