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Although classes in Elden Ring don't really matter as much as in other games. As no item is locked to any particular class. And you can level any statistic up at any point. We still came up with great suggestions for weapon swaps and upgrades that feel like natural upgrades of Hero's starting gear. So if you like swinging weapons that are physically bigger than you. Then this Elden Ring “Best Hero Build” is definitely for you.

The Hero is a great class for beginners to the Elden Ring and newcomers to all the Soulsborne games. This class teaches you the importance of waiting for an opening before you swing your weapon. As colossal swords and other giant weapons take some time to dish an attack out. And if things get too harsh for your liking, you can always opt to swap out the slower weapons for something quicker like a standard sword.

Hero is all about that strength and swords, hammers, and other giant weapons that take full advantage of that statistic. The key here is to experiment with strength weapons until you find the one for you. One pitfall of the Warrior class is that his shield is quite bad. And his armor leaves much to be desired.

It should be noted that this class is a poor choice if you want to use magic in the game. You can build towards it for sure. But if you want a full-blown magic or incantation character, then start with a class that already can cast spells from the beginning of the game. Let's now look at the Elden Ring's best Hero builds.

Best Hero Build in Elden Ring

  • Weapons
    • Grafted Blade Greatsword – Is something for those who prefer Str over Dex. It's a really cool, and powerful colossal sword. It can be once again picked up sensibly early into your Elden Ring adventure. But it requires whopping 40 Str to be wielded properly.
    • Axe of Godrick – Greataxe that you can naturally obtain via slaying Godrick the Grafted. Axes and greataxes are great for Str builds. They often require a lot of the stat while also scaling with it just fine. It also features unique ash of war, which is badass. And since you get this weapon after defeating one of the “main” bosses, you get it fairly early. Thoroughly recommend this weapon for any Str build!
    • Sacrificial Axe – A great, great, great ax that can be picked up in Weeping Peninsula. So relatively early into the game. Requires 16 Str and 10 Dex. And scales great with both of those stats. Starts out with the amazing “Wild Strikes” Ash of War. It can be swapped out for anything you like, but I recommend keeping that one.
    • Golden Halberd – A great option for anyone who wants to go primarily Str and then Fai as a backup. As it requires whopping 30 Str! But it can be obtained right after starting the game. From the infamous Tree Sentinel boss in the overworld.
    • Golem Greatbow – This is a nice option for a Str build if you are into archery. It can also be picked up fairly early into your adventure. And adds some versatility to your build. Especially for PVP!
  • Shields
    • Beast Crest Heater Shield – The one thing you should swap out as early as possible. The shield that Hero starts out with is doodoo. And the Beast Crest shield is indeed a Beast! Blocking 100% physical damage at 3.5 weight. It is incredible. One of the best medium shields in the game. And you can pick it up easily in Limgrave, the starting location.
  • Armor Sets
    • The Hero playstyle of swinging slow but hard-hitting weapons comes hand in hand with running around in medium to heavy armor. After all, who heard of a bad ass hero wielding two-handed greatsword running around in rags! That being said. Here are some great medium to heavy armor sets in the game! So if you must wear something, be sure it is one of those:
    • Raging Wolf Set (combined weight 24.1) – Set that ofers superb resistances and killer looks. It also happens to be on the lighter side compared to all the other armor sets in the game! You obtain it quite late into the playthrough. But it's definitely worth it.
    • Raya Lucarian Soldier Set (combined weight is 24.7) – This one is an interesting proposition. Again, on the lighter side of things when considering all armors of Elden ring. But the resistances are equally distributed towards physical protection and magical defenses. Making it a jack of all trades but master of none, type of deals. To me, its versatility is well worth it!
    • Beast Champion Set (combined weight is 40.1) – This requires you to sadly slay the Warmaster. But his might set of armor is thoroughly worth it! Not only is it absolutely stylin, but it has such great defense parameters.
    • General Radahn Set (combined weight is 39.2) – A late-game armor that is equal parts physical resistant and equal part magic resistant. Making it a jack of all trades but master of none, type of deals. To me, its versatility is well worth it!

To get the most out of playing as a Hero, it is best to use primarily Str scaling weapons. The choice of weapon type is up to you. Colossal swords, axes, hammers usually are great with Str builds. Remember that you can always opt for dual-wielding. Even when running around with two ungodly huge and slow swords! You will also have PLENTY of weapons to try out and experiment with during your adventure in Elden Ring. So be sure to find one you really like.

  • Most Important Attributes To Level Up
    • Endurance
    • Vigor
    • Strenght

The many cool blades available to you as soon as you pick them up is a great asset of any str-focused Hero build. Bundled with the plenty of leftover equipment load, since you should opt for light armor. This build leaves plenty of room to run around with two weapons and not be slowed down. And you should never underestimate just how much DPS you can achieve with dual-wielding! You can also always mix in some raged combat for much-needed utility.

This guide covers the best Hero builds in Elden Ring. If you ever get lost and stray off the path, you can always come back to us. We have?excellent guides?for?Elden Ring, many informative posts about?requirements?and?tips. And build for classes such as the?Samurai,?Wretch,?Confessor,?Prisoner, and?Vagabond. Do not be afraid to seek some help! The game is seriously tough.

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