Elden Ring: Best early to mid-game weapons in Limgrave

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You will be confronted with the difficult decision of selecting a weapon at the start of your Elden Ring journey. This is a significant decision because you will be upgrading it with consumables. You might want something large and slow to do much damage, but you may also want to be quick and aggressive while using a smaller weapon to keep your mobility. You may want to change between different styles as you go.

You may feel overwhelmed when you first arrive in Limgrave. We’ve got your back with some of the best weapons you can get in Limgrave.

Note: Some of these weapons are elementary and easy to get, but useful nonetheless. We will be adding more weapons to the list soon, including Great Épée, Uchigatana, Hand Balista, and Bloodhound’s Fang.

Some of these weapons are good enough to get you quite far into the game.

Reduvia (Agheel River)

Reduvia is an excellent option for dagger players and stealth classes, especially in the beginning stages. Reduvia is a visually appealing weapon that will allow you to look cool while taking out enemies. Reduvia can only be used if you have 13 in Dexterity and 5 in Strength.

Weapon Skill

The Blood Blade weapon skill, a ranged attack, uses a small amount of FP to fire projectiles that cause blood to enemies. It is unique to Reduvia. It cannot be replaced, transferred, moved, or found anywhere else.

Neriju and Reduvia location Elden Ringnbsp Neriju and Reduvia location Elden Ring
Neriju and Reduvia location at Agheel River


To acquire Reduvia you will have to beat Bloody Finger Nerijus, an optional boss in Agheel River, making it arguably the most challenging early game weapon to acquire. Additionally, you may want to wait until you acquire Torrent to reach the location faster. Thankfully Yura will assist you against Nerijus if you follow our tips on how to approach this boss fight.

Twinblade (Dragon-Burnt Ruins)

Twinblade is a deadly weapon that has blades attached to both sides of the hilt. It requires 10 in Strength and 18 in Dexterity. You can use it as a single-handed or double-handed weapon. It provides quite fast successive attacks and lots of spinning animations to add a unique visual flair.

Weapon Skill

Spinning Slash is the default weapon skill of the Twinblade. This fast-spinning attack uses a lot of FP and does a lot to enemies caught in it.

nbsp TwinbladelocationDragonBurntRuins


Twinblade is easily accessible as Dragon-Burnt ruins is located very close to the starting area of the game. Dragon-Burnt Ruins is a group of crumbled buildings with weak enemies nearby, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. You will spot the ruins easily as they are close to the landing area of the first dragon you encounter. Thankfully, you won’t have to fight the dragon to acquire Twinblade.

Instead, navigate the southernmost building and then double jump inside. You will find the Twinblade in the basement waiting for you to give it a spin.

Spear +7 (Murkwater Cave)

A pretty useful weapon early on but one that comes with a significant dilemma. To kill Patches or not to kill? As you already know Patches makes a camo in Elden Ring as an optional boss fight in which you can either forgive and spare him or eliminate him.

I don’t really know how the +7 upgrade affects PvP and Patches also drops leather armor and some more loot but I don’t really recommend going for it. The weapon’s requirements are 10 in Strength and 10 in Dexterity.

Weapon Skill

Impaling Thrust is the weapon skill for all spears in Elden Ring. The skill cannot be charged up, but it allows you to lunge towards an enemy and pierce through an enemy’s shield.


Patches Location Murkwater Cave Spear +7nbsp Patches Location Murkwater Cave Spear +7
Patches and Spear +7 location (Murkwater Cave)

As you can tell by the above map, the location is extremely close to Neriju’s location, so you can kill two birds with one stone here. Note that the fight itself is pretty basic but you can read more about it here.


The Longsword is one of the most popular weapons in From Software games. The standard straight sword requires 10 in Strength and 10 in Dexterity to wield and has a decent move set that you can use in almost any situation.

Weapon Skill

Square Off is the Longsword’s weapon skill. It can either charge an upward slash using R1 or a daring thrust with R2. It is simple but extremely effective in close-quarters encounters.


Longsword and Kale Location Elden Ringnbsp Longsword and Kale Location Elden Ring
Longsword and Kalé location at Church of Elleh

Kalé can sell a Longsword for 300 runes, among other useful items, including a torch and a crafting kit. Here is the list of all items available from Kalé:

Bastard Sword500 Runes1
Lance500 Runes1
Noble Sorcerer Ashes400 Runes1
Scimitar400 Runes1
Battle Axe400 Runes1
Telescope300 Runes1
Longsword300 Runes1
Club300 Runes1
Bone Arrow300 Runes
Lone Wolf Ashes200 Runes1
Cracked Pot200 Runes5
Torch200 Runes1
Deserter’s Cookbook I150 Runes1
Missionary’s Cookbook I150 Runes1
Crafting Kit50 Runes1
All the items offered by merchant Kalé, including the Longsword

Flail (Gateside Ruins)

Flail is a spiked ball attached to a chain. It looks terrible and can cause severe pain. The Flail is also a new weapon type in From Software’s game line. To use the Flail, you need 12 in Strength and in 12 Dexterity.

Weapon skill

Spinning Chain is Flail’s weapon skill. This spins the flail’s striking portion at high speed. It can then combine with regular or heavy attacks to do some serious damage.


Flail Location Gateside Ruinsnbsp FlailLocationEldenRingGatesideRuins

The Flail can be obtained almost immediately after leaving the tutorial area and entering Limgrave proper. It’s located in a chest in the Gateside Ruins.

You can walk slowly and quietly take out the soldiers one by one. However, if the trumpet-wielding man in the middle sees you, he will announce your presence, and the entire camp will follow you to the ground. You can try to AOE the soldiers down with large vertical weapon swings or magic, or you can just run away.

Greataxe (Agheel Lake)

The Greataxe, a classic From Software weapon, is well-known for trading slow swings for great damage. You need to have a staggering 30 in Strength but only 8 in Dexterity to use it.

Weapon skill

The weapon skill that comes along with the Greataxe, is Barbaric Roar. It gives you an increase in attack power and powerful combos for heavy attacks. This makes it a valuable tool if used right before engaging an enemy.


Greataxe Carriage locationnbsp Greataxe Carriage location

Note that in this case, the pin does not mark the exact location. Instead, will find the Greataxe in a moving carriage as it travels along the central road east of Agheel Lake, east of Limgrave’s first entrance.

You may have to look around a bit but it will be easy to spot, as two giant trolls pull it along the road. Keep wandering up and down the path until the carriage makes its entry. Essentially, the market marks the road will be lurking until you post the trolls.

Note that in order to immobilize the carriage you will have to kill at least one of the two trolls.

Other small enemies may also travel along the carriage, but they are easy to kill, so it might make sense to eliminate them all. After the carriage has stopped and you have secured the area from foes, you can jump to the backside of the cart where you will find a chest. Once you open it you will acquire the Greataxe.

Here is a short video to give you an idea of where to look:

Axe of Godrick (Stromveil Castle)

Let’s call this one a late early-game weapon. To acquire Axe of Godrick you will have to face Godrick the Grafted, Elden Ring’s first major boss, while its requirements are significant with 34 in Strength and 22 in Dexterity.

Weapon Skill

Axe of Godrick’s weapon skill, I Command Thee, Kneel! unleashes two earth-shattering shockwaves along with a third one that’s upon the player’s decision. The skill costs 15 FP and is unique to Axe of Godrick.


Axe of Godrick Location in Stormveil Castlenbsp AxeofGodrickLocationStormveilCastle

Axe of Grodrick is easy to find and inevitable as Gordrick is a required boss fight to progress through the game. The challenge will be to put the boss down, but our guide on how to beat Godrick the Grafted is here to help you.

Simply present the Remembrance of the Grafted that Godrick drops to Enia in the Roundtable Hold after you have defeated him. You will be given the choice between Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon. The latter is a great pick too but Axe of Godrick is considered the better pick if you are looking for a powerful weapon on the slower side.

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