Elden Ring Armor Tier List – Best Armor Ranked

As in previous FromSoftware games, there are a variety of weapons and armor in Elden Ring. These items have different stats depending on their quality. If you want to survive in the brutal Lands Between, you should find the best armor. In this article, we'll list all the armor pieces that exist in the game so far. Welcome to the Elden Ring armor tier list.

Although it's a bit more forgiving than other Souls games, it's normal to feel overwhelmed when playing Elden Ring. After all, this is a game in which even the weakest-looking enemies can kill you in one move. The following armor pieces won't completely prevent this, but they'll definitely help.

There are quests that you'll have to complete to get most of the armor in the list below. For others, you'll have to defeat the toughest bosses in the game. We'll create another guide to the best armor in the game, but first, let's take a look at the tier list.

Elden Ring Best Armor Tier List

We've picked out the best armor in Elden Ring for you and ranked them in order of best to worst. It'll take some time to find the strongest armor on the list, but you can be sure that it'll be worth it.

  • S Tier: Best armor in Elden Ring.
  • A Tier: Very powerful armor pieces with choices suitable for your character build.
  • B Tier: Armor's will last for a long time, even if they are insufficient at the end game.
  • C Tier: Elden Ring's average quality armor sets.
  • D Tier: Non-ideal, early-game armor pieces.
  • E Tier: The simplest armor of the game. You need to change it quickly.
  • F Tier: The worst armor of Elden Ring. Do not use.
Elden Ring - Best Armor Tier List

Elden Ring S-Tier Armor List

Elden Ring has a few S-Tier armor pieces. While most of these are heavy armor, we've listed the strongest ones you'll want to find based on your own build.

Alberich's Pointed Hat and RobeLight
Sage HoodLight
Snow Witch HatLight
Spellblade's Pointed Hat and Traveling AttireLight
Elden Ring S-Tier Light Armor List
Land of Reeds ArmorMedium
Lusat's Glintstone CrownMedium
White Reed ArmorMedium
Elden Ring S-Tier Medium Armor List
Banished Knight GreavesHeavy
Bull-Goat Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and HelmHeavy
Lionel's GauntletsHeavy
Mushroom CrownHeavy
Radahn's Lion Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Redmane HelmHeavy
Twinsage Glintstone CrownHeavy
Veteran's Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, HelmHeavy
Elden Ring S-Tier Heavy Armor List

If you want to increase your physical resistance to the bosses of the Elden Ring, you should have the Bull Goat armor set. Since it's heavy armor, your movements will be slowed down, so it's not suitable for mage builds. But if you do physical attacks, you should definitely have this set.

Since it's one of the best armor sets in the game, it's quite hard to get. You need to follow the steps below in order:

  1. Spare the Patches' life during the quest in Murkwater Cave.
  2. Then go to the Scenic Isle in Liurnia of the Lakes and talk to Patches.
  3. Accept the Volcano Manor quest, but don't kill Rykard yet. Accept the quest from Patches instead.
  4. Defeat the Great Horned Tragoth in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

If you follow this order successfully, you'll get the best armor set of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - Best Armor Tier List

Elden Ring A-Tier Armor List

Azur's Glintstone RobeLight
Mushroom Head, Body, Arms, and LegsLight
Snow Witch RobeLight
Spellblade's Gloves and TrousersLight
Elden Ring A-Tier Light Armor List
All-Knowing ArmorMedium
Azur's Glintstone CrownMedium
Black Knife HoodMedium
Briar ArmorMedium
Chain GauntletsMedium
Cuckoo SurcoatMedium
Eccentric's Armor, Hood, and ManchettesMedium
Elden Lord BracersMedium
Erdtree SurcoatMedium
Exile Gauntlets and HoodMedium
Eye SurcoatMedium
Fire Monk Armor and HoodMedium
Gelmir Knight ArmorMedium
Godrick Knight Armor and HelmMedium
Iron HelmetMedium
Kaiden Gauntlets and HelmMedium
Land of Reeds HelmMedium
Raging Wolf ArmorMedium
Tree-and-Beast SurcoatMedium
Vagabond Knight Armor and HelmMedium
Elden Ring A-Tier Medium Armor List
Banished Knight Armor and HelmHeavy
Beast Champion Armor, Greaves, and HelmHeavy
Crucible Axe Armor, Helm, and GreavesHeavy
Crucible Tree Armor and HelmHeavy
Imp Head CatHeavy
Imp Head WolfHeavy
Lionel's Armor, Greaves, and HelmHeavy
Malformed Dragon Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and HelmHeavy
Pumpkin HelmHeavy
Scaled Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and HelmHeavy
Elden Ring A-Tier Heavy Armor List

One of the best heavy armor sets in Elden Ring is Lionel's set. Especially if you're looking for an alternative to the Bull Goat armor set, you can easily get this. Unlike many other powerful weapons and armor pieces in the game, you don't have to kill a boss to get Lionel's set.

After exploring the Royal Capital, head straight to Leyndell. In this area, you'll find Lionel's Set on the bed in the Lower Capital Church. That's it! There are no traps, challenging missions or hidden boss fights.

Elden Ring - Ashes of War
Elden Ring, FromSoftware

Elden Ring B-Tier Armor List

There is just two B-Tier light armor in Elden Ring: Leather Gloves and Omensmirk Mask. But medium and heavy armor piece number is quite high.

Black Knife Armor and GauntletsMedium
Bloodhound Knight ArmorMedium
Carian Knight ArmorMedium
Chain Armor and CoifMedium
Elden Lord Armor and CrownMedium
Exile ArmorMedium
Guardian MaskMedium
Iron GauntletsMedium
Kaiden ArmorMedium
Knight ArmorMedium
Scale ArmorMedium
Zamor Armor, Bracelets and MaskMedium
Elden Ring B-Tier Medium Armor List
All-Knowing Gauntlet and GreavesHeavy
Briar Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Cleanrot Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves and HelmHeavy
Crucible GauntletsHeavy
Fire Monk GauntletsHeavy
Gelmir Knight Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Godrick Knight Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Hoslow's HelmHeavy
Leyndell Knight Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Leyndell Soldier GauntletsHeavy
Maliketh's Armor, Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Prisoner Iron MaskHeavy
Radahn Soldier GreavesHeavy
Raging Wolf Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Raya Lucarian Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Rotten Duelist GreavesHeavy
Twinned Armor, Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Vagabond Knight Gauntlets and GreavesHeavy
Elden Ring B-Tier Heavy Armor List
Elden Ring Best Samurai Build

Elden Ring C-Tier Armor List

Aristocrat CoatLight
Bandit MaskLight
Blue Cloth CowlLight
Champion BracersLight
Confessor HoodLight
Godskin Apostle BraceletsLight
Great Horned HeadbandLight
Highwayman HoodLight
Omenkiller RobeLight
Vulgar Militia GauntletsLight
Elden Ring C-Tier Light Armor List
Blue Cloth VestMedium
Chain-Draped TabardMedium
Confessor GlovesMedium
Foot Soldier Cap, Gauntlets and HelmetMedium
Land of Reeds GauntletsMedium
Octopus HeadMedium
Omenkiller Boots and Long GlovesMedium
Vulgar Militia HelmMedium
Warrior Gauntlets and GreavesMedium
White Reed GauntletsMedium
Elden Ring C-Tier Medium Armor List
All-Knowing HelmHeavy
Black Knife GreavesHeavy
Bloodhound Knight Gauntlets, Greaves and HelmHeavy
Briar HelmHeavy
Carian Knight Gauntlets, Greaves and HelmHeavy
Chain LeggingsHeavy
Eccentric's BreechesHeavy
Elden Lord GreavesHeavy
Exile GreavesHeavy
Gelmir Knight HelmHeavy
Godrick Knight HelmHeavy
Guardian GreavesHeavy
Kaiden TrousersHeavy
Karolos Glintstone CrownHeavy
Knight Gauntlets, Greaves and HelmHeavy
Leather TrousersHeavy
Leyndell Knight HelmHeavy
Maliketh's HelmHeavy
Olivinus Glintstone CrownHeavy
Raging Wolf HelmHeavy
Silver Tear MaskHeavy
Twinned HelmHeavy
Zamor LegwrapsHeavy
Elden Ring C-Tier Heavy Armor List

That's it. That's all you need to know about the Elden Ring Armor Tier List. Although there are dozens of different armors that aren't listed here, we don't recommend using them because they aren't valuable.

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