Elden Ring – 6 Best Armor Sets Locations

Lands Between can be tough. You’ll need extra help if you want to be victorious in boss fights. Introducing Elden Ring – 6 Best Armor Sets Locations guide.

Elden Ring 6 Best Armor Sets Locations

There's no reason to deny it. Elden Ring is one of the best games of all time. The perfect version of the Souls genre, which FromSoftware has developed step by step over the years. The world created by the partnership of Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin is so beautiful and rich that there's something to admire at every turn. Enemies, weapons, and, of course, armor sets. You should find these armor sets as soon as possible, which will be your most incredible help in the fight against brutal bosses. Introducing Elden Ring – 6 Best Armor Sets Locations guide.

If you click on this guide, you've spent some time in the dark corners of the Lands Between. Your first hours in Elden Ring will be especially hard, especially if you're a newcomer who hasn't played the previous Souls games. Unfortunately, you'll have to advance in the game to find the following armor sets. It can be challenging, but all six of them are great.

Previously, we created a Best Armor Tier List with all the armors in the game. If you're still at the beginning of the game, you can also take a look at the C-Tier and B-Tier armors in this list. But if your goal is to find the best armor in Elden Ring, you've come to the right place. Let's talk about where you can find the best armor sets in Elden Ring without wasting any more time.

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

As with previous FromSoftware games, there's no single proper build or armor set in Elden Ring. You'll have to make the best choice depending on your playstyle. However, if we look at the statistics, there are six armor sets that we can call the “best.”

  • Azur's Glintstone Set (Light)
  • Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set (Light)
  • Omenkiller Set (Medium)
  • Royal Remains Set (Heavy)
  • Lionel's Set (Heavy)
  • Bull-Goat Set (Heavy)

These sets may be stronger than others with their different features. However, there is no point in using a set that is not suitable for you. Heavy armor sets are not suitable for you if you are playing with Bandit build, no matter how high their scores are.

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Azur's Glintstone Set

We can say that it's the best mage armor set in Elden Ring, both in terms of its appearance and stats. You'll have to work hard to complete this set, consisting of four pieces. Using a magic-oriented build is the best set to equip as you approach the endgame.

To obtain the Azur's Glintstone Set, you'll need to complete Sorceress Sellen's questline. You can find Sellen east of the West Limgrave area. Be on her side while completing her quests. After that, go to Hermit Village and find the Primeval Sorcerer Azur. It will give you the best mage armor set of Elden Ring.

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

If you're using the Intelligence build, you'll get by with this set until you get the Azur's Glintstone Set. It doesn't look great, but its properties are pretty strong. Don't expect much protection because it's a light armor. Instead, it'll strengthen your magical attacks.

There are two ways to get the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set. Go directly to Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave. In this area, you'll find all four armor pieces. Alternatively, you can try to drop pieces by killing the mages in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Omenkiller Set

There are hundreds of ways to play Elden Ring. If you like to move fast, you can choose the Omenkiller Set. Since it's a light/medium weight, it won't slow you down and increase your resistance to magic. Since this armor set isn't available in one piece, you'll have to go to two different places.

To get the Omenkiller Set, go to the Leyndell area in the Royal Capital. You've to kill the enemy with the two swords and the mask in front of the Lower Capital Church. That's how you'll get the Omensmirk Mask Helm.

To complete the armor set, you need to kill the Omenkiller boss. You can find him in the Perfumer's Ruins in Gelmir.

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Royal Remains Set

It's not Elden Ring's best heavy armor set, but it's definitely one of the coolest. It's said to belong to an old friend of Sir Gideon the All-Knowing, who plays an important role in the game's story. This ancient king, whose name is mentioned in the legends as Ensha, is now described as the Lord of the Lost and Helpless.

Isn't that cool? To get the Royal Remains Set, you need to go to Roundtable Hold and talk to Ensha. You'll find him at the entrance to Gideon Ofnir's room. He won't talk to you, but he'll give you a quest. After you receive this quest, leave the room and teleport back to the Roundtable Hold. Defeat the incoming enemies and that's it!

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Lionel's Set

It's true that Elden Ring is a very difficult game, but it also has extremely strong armor sets. This set is one of them. If you want to strengthen yourself against attacks and you haven't gotten the Bull-Goat Set yet, Lionel's Set is the way.

The appearance of the armor might be a bit silly, but if you can overlook that, you'll be very satisfied. In order to get Lionel's Set, you need to progress in the game. Once you've fully unlocked the Leyndell area (which is level 85 on average), head to the Lower Capital Church. You can find the set on the bed in the church. If this sounds too easy, remember that nothing is easy in the Elden Ring. Good luck!

Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Bull-Goat Set

The concept of speed is old-fashioned now, isn't it? If you're going to use the Bull-Goat Set, it's to be for you. Because we're talking about one of the heaviest armor sets in Elden Ring. It slows down your movements, but thanks to the protection it gives you, you won't want to flee so quickly. Even if you wear this armor, the bosses are still very deadly, but at least now you'll be able to take a few hits with confidence.

If you're wondering how to get the Bull-Goat Set, your road is quite difficult. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Spare the Patches' life during the quest in Murkwater Cave.
  2. Then go to the Scenic Isle in Liurnia of the Lakes and talk to Patches.
  3. Accept the Volcano Manor quest, but don't kill Rykard yet. Accept the quest from Patches instead.
  4. Defeat the Great Horned Tragoth in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

If you follow this order successfully, you'll get one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring.

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