How to download TikTok videos in 2023 with Qoob Clips

TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users. As you would expect the platform is full of videos of dances, challenges, sketches, and other amazing content. Users can download videos directly from the TikTok app without the need to install any software.

However, there are cases where users need much more than the functionality TikTok offers. For content creators and businesses alike batch download of videos from TikTok is a requirement. So let's see how you can download TikTok videos on your devices using a tool I recommend, Qoob Clips.

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Qoob Clips

That's where Qoob Clips comes in. In this guide, we will show you how to download TikTok videos using Qoob Clips, without any of the limitations the TikTok app entails.

Qoob Clips is a Tik Tok video downloader available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. While it does not offer the ability to download individual clips from TikTok, it offers the ability to download full hashtags and user accounts. 

With this tool, you can even download the full #fyp hashtag.

Qoob Clips Features

Qoob Clips comes with one free plan and  two paid plans:

  • The free Starter Plan allows you to download up to 2 TikTok hashtags or user accounts and limits your daily downloads to 50. The only catch here is that the software comes with ads.
  • The Personal Plan ($10/month) allows you to download up to 10TikTok hashtags and user accounts. It also increases the daily download limit to 500 and enables auto-download for any new videos. It also removes the ads from Qoob Clips.
  • The Professional Plan ($30/month) removes all limitations and also allows you to copy video captions and export video urls. It is also licensed for professional use.

With Qoob clips, you can also download every video from your TikTok account with one click, while you can subscribe to any user account features in the hashtag you subscribed to.

So let's get into more details about how Qoob Clips works.

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Download TikTok videos with Qoob Clips

The software works based on a very simple idea. It allows the user to subscribe to hashtags and user accounts. All you have to do is type a hashtag or a username to the search box and press the download button.

But what happens afterward is what makes a real difference in this TikTok downloader. The tool automatically subscribes to the hashtags or the user you selected and starts downloading all the videos of that hashtag or user until you hit a daily limit or pause the subscription.

With the pro plan, you enjoy the full power of the tool.

In simple words, Qoob Clips monitors the hashtag or user account and it automatically downloads any new videos that it finds.

Qoob Clips download tik tok videos search hashtag or user account

How to download all videos with a particular hashtag

As you can see, you can type in a keyword and Qoob Clips will search TikTok for accounts and hashtags including that keyword.

Next, you can select a hashtag or account and press the download button to initiate the download. Since some hashtags have millions or even billions of videos you can stop download a particular hashtag.

In the GIF below I downloaded almost 300 videos from #fyp and then started downloading videos from the official NFL account on TikTok.

Download preferences

Qoob Clips download tiktok videos preferences

The user can control the download folder where Qoob Clips will save videos to. You can also sort downloads with Older First or Newer First.

Finally, you can select the update period for each subscription. Qoob Clips check for new videos on an account or hashtag once per day but you can also disable auto-updates.

Other Features

You can also perform the following actions in the tool:

  • Copy a TikTok video link. All you have to do is click the three dots on the video thumbnail and select More > Copy Link. This allows you to find videos through the hashtag or account, or get the video download link to use on other software.
  • Similarly you can copy a caption by selecting More > Copy Caption.
  • Show a video, hashtag, or account on TikTok in your browser.
  • View a video.
  • Show the video in the download folder.
  • Share on Twitter or Facebook. You will find the share options in the videos menu once you click the three dots.
  • When you download a video from a hashtag you can automatically subscribe to the user's account and download all the videos it has. You can do that by clicking the three dots on the video and selecting More > Subscribe to author: <username>.
Qoob Clips download tiktok hashtag or user videos

Final Notes

In this guide, we showed you how to download TikTok videos in batches using the Qoob Clips TikTok downloader.

Please note that this tool is not ideal to find an individual video you want to download. It is built with batch downloading in mind.

This method is also not ideal for those looking for a TikTok downloader without a watermark. So if you need videos without watermarks this is not the ideal option for you as you have to remove the watermark externally.

Regardless, this is an ideal method to download histories of hashtags and accounts.

Finally, the method is limited to desktops and laptops as Qoob Clips is not available for mobile phones and other mobile devices.

How to use Quoob Clips video guides

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