DISGAEA RPG Tier List – The Best and Worst Overlords [February 2023]

Our DISGAEA RPG ranks Overlords from best worst to help you figure out which are the best characters to invest in the game.


In this post, you will find our up-to-date DISGAEA RPG tier list. So, the mobile gacha RPG based on DISGAEA is finally here, and we have already written a post about the latest DISGAEA RPG codes. Disgaea RPG is a spin-off title of the Disgaea series for iOS and Android devices published by Nippon Ichi Software. It was released in Japan on March 19, 2019.

I will be honest here and say that I'm not a big fan of this mobile spin-off, but regardless the game has many fans, so a tier list is definitely useful for many of you.

However, if you are into mobile gacha RPGs, you should definitely look into Genshin Impact and AFK Arena. The former is an open-world RPG and one of the best mobile games available in 2021, while the latter is probably what DISGAEA RPG should have been.


This tier list is split into five tiers, SS, S, A, B, C:

  • The SS tier is reserved for 5-star characters like Awakened Rozalin, Tyrant Valvatorez, and Attired Rozalin.
  • The S tier still has the best 4-star characters: Desco, Girl Hahrl, Laharl, and Valvatorez.

From there on, tier A has a lot of viable characters, while characters in tier B and C should not be prioritized at all. In fact, we should try to avoid them, especially the latter. Ensure to save your resources for the SS and S tier characters because you are in for a heavy grind with this game.

disgaea rpg tier list

SS Tier

Attired Rozalin Main Evility: Attire Protection
N.E. +1: As You Will
N.E. +5: Princess' Decision
N.E. +7: New Year's Gift
Allies action gauge +100 at the start of the wave.
Allies AoE DMG +15%.
Ally with the highest Action Gauge: ATK & INT +30% when a turn ends (1 Turn).
Party EXP +7%.
Awakened RozalinMain Evility: Calamitous Karma
N.E. +1: Force of Calamity
N.E. +5: Disturbed Slumber
N.E. +7: Solitary Being
Gun-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +15%.
All Allies: Initial SP +15 when the battle begins.
Self (When equipped with Gun): Damage dealt +50%.
All Enemies: ATK, DEF, INT, RES -10%.
Tyrant ValvatorezMain Evility: Proud Tyrant
N.E. +1:
N.E. +5:
N.E. +7:
Bloody Battle
Spear-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +15%.
Self: Healed by 18% if an enemy is down when a turn ends.
Self (When equipped with Spear): SP Cost -15%.
Self: ATK +40% if an enemy is down when a turn ends (2 Turns).
SS Character Tier List

S Tier

DescoMain Evility: Final Boss Parade
N.E. +1: Hypergravity
N.E. +5: Final Boss Crush
N.E. +7: Final Boss & Pals
Monster Allies: All stats except SPD +11%
All Enemies: DEF -15%
Self: Damage dealt to Humanoids by Normal Attacks +60%
Self: ATK + Number of Monsters in Party x6%
Girl LaharlMain Evility: Overlord's Pride
N.E. +1: Femininity!
N.E. +5: Sexy Whims
N.E. +7: Busty Overlord's Rage
All Allies: ATK & INT +13%.
Self: Action Gauge +200 when a turn ends
Ally with the highest Action Gauge: SP +10 when a turn ends.
Self: Damage dealt by Skills +45%.
LaharlMain Evility: Overlord's Repute
N.E. +1: Tyrant Soul
N.E. +5: Bow Before Me!
N.E. +7: Suppression Stare
All Allies: All stats except SPD +10%
Self: Damage dealt by Skills +45%
Self: Damage taken from Monsters -40%
Self: Damage dealt to Humanoids +45%
ValvatorezMain Evility: Sword of Pride
N.E. +1: Break Limit
N.E. +5: Absorption
N.E. +7: Exceed
Sword-Wielding Allies: ATK +18%
Self: All Damage dealt +40%
Self: Heals by 12% when a turn begins.
Self: Damage dealt to Monsters +45%
S Character Tier List

A Tier

  • Fenrich
  • Christo
  • Fuka
  • Usalia
  • Emizel
  • Mao
  • Sicily
  • Dark Santa Laharl

B Tier

Characters in this tier should not be your priorities to acquire and power up.

  • Flonne
  • Etna
  • Adell
  • Rozalin
  • Raspberyl
  • Artina
  • Axel
  • Killia
  • Zeroken
  • Seraphina
  • Prinny

C Tier

This tier features situational characters that you should avoid.

  • Curtis


We will try to keep this tier list up-to-date based on the information available on the web. In general, I don't like being negative towards game developers, but the fact remains that this is a gacha game that requires a lot of time and/or money investment. This game feels more like an effort to feed off the popularity of the DISGAEA series than a well-thought and entertaining game.

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