DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Top 10 Survivor Perks

You want to use these perks to maximize your chances of Survival in Dead by Daylight!

There are many Survivor perks available in Dead By Daylight. Most can be unlocked by leveling up or the Shrine of Secrets. Few require DLC-only characters that must be paid for with cold, hard cash. The sheer number of perks makes it challenging to determine which ones are the best you possess. Some perks require a lot of learning to use efficiently. Others are more useful when combined with other perks and items. Some are passives that don't require any skill input.

The meta is also very volatile, with occasional buffs/nerfs being given to certain perks and new perks added with every new Survivor after a new chapter of the game hits the live server.?This can seem overwhelming to those who are not familiar with the many perks offered by Dead By Daylight.?We've done the research and ranked them.?This is a list of the ten most helpful Survivor perks for any situation you will find yourself in during a match.

1. Dead Hard – David King

Some perks require a little bit of learning to use effectively. Dead Hard, as we have already mentioned, is one such perk.?Dead Hard allows you to “dodge” in the direction you are going while pressing the active ability button. You gain invulnerability from Killer's attacks for a short time so that you can dash right through their attack.?You must wait for the cooldown to activate it. However, it can be beneficial for leaving the Killer eating your dust if timed correctly.

2. Borrowed Time – William “Bill” Overbeck

The absolute staple for many Dead By Daylight gamers for various reasons. It's a perk of Bill, Survivor, available to you from the start. So there's no need for you to search the Shrine of Secrets or purchase a DLC chapter to unlock it.?It does not have a cooldown of any kind. And it's a passive skill that you don't have time for.?Borrowed Time is invaluable for all kinds of charitable plays, and it will save your teammate's life a bunch of times when you unhook them in front of the Killer.?This perk has many advanced uses. Grab this if you are playing with some mates over comms.

3. Iron Will – Jake Park

Like Borrowed Time, Iron Will is a perk that doesn't have a cooldown and can be used multiple times during a match.?Iron Will silences all grunts or noises of pain made by Survivors while they are in an injured state.?Not only that. Your normal breathing noise that some Killer mains can notice thanks to their crazy headsets is gone too! Iron Will completely counters perks like Stridor that amplify your grunts of pain and breathing. Expect to get a lot of value outta this perk in almost every match.

4. Spine Chill – General Survivor Perk

Spine Chill is another favorite among Dead By Daylight Survivor mains for many reasons. Due to being a general Survivor perk, you don't need to acquire it via the Shrine of Secrets or buy a DLC character to unlock it. It would be best if you simply hunted it down in the blood web. It also has no cooldown, which is nice as it always comes into play, unlike some cooldown-based perks, which can be disabled for most matches.

Spine Chill alerts you when the Killer is facing your direction. Most of the time, this just means he is heading your way. You can hide as soon as you realize that, often saving you some health states or your life! Being chased by the Killer and notice that he's no longer looking in your direction? Perfect time to double back in his direction or make a clever hiding play using your other perks.

5. Prove Thyself – Dwight Fairfield

It is generally a good idea to stay with at least one other Survivor to accomplish objectives. Unlike you are playing against someone like the Plague or Legion, who can quickly punish grouping. Prove Thyself, a passive perk that activates when you are repairing a generator with at least one other Survivor, is an excellent option for cases like this one.?It does not have a cooldown, so you can use it many times during a match to gen-rush (quickly fix as many generators as possible in as little time as possible). Best of all: It stacks with your toolboxes and other Prove Thyselves!

6. Decisive Strike – Laurie Strode

Decisive Strike is one of the more difficult perks to use, but it has a huge payoff. It can be very unpredictable.?If you escape the hook and the Killer picks you up again. A very difficult skill-check activates, staining him and allowing him to run away upon success.?Although it can only be used once per match, this is the best way to prevent the Killer from “tunneling” a Survivor into death early. If you are the unfortunate soul the Killer constantly targets, the decisive Strike might buy you enough time to survive until the exit gates open!

7. Boon: Circle of Healing – Mikaela Reid

You can't go wrong with being able to heal yourself and your fellow Survivors faster.?This is where Circle of Healing comes in handy.?This perk allows you to set up a “healing zone” with a remarkable range. Just bless some dull totem around the map and poof. Healing speeds are now 75% better! Moreover, it easily surpasses Self-Care in usefulness. Because if you don't have any buddies around to heal you, you can heal yourself in your “zones”! It has no cooldown at all. Just find a dull totem and bless it. Then when Killer stomps it out, you can rekindle it in a flash!

8. Sprint Burst – Meg Thomas

Sprint Burst, similar to Dead Hard, is a valuable tool in your Survivor arsenal when being chased down by the Killer.?Sprint Burst grants you 150% of your average sprinting speed as soon as you start running. This can be very useful for gaining distance when the Killer surprises you with a sneak attack via his power or perks. It allows you to quickly reach a palette or a window unharmed in situations where, without, you would just get hit for sure. And unlike Dead Hard, you don't have to time it! Just save it up by walking instead of running at the beginning of a match.

9. Unbreakable – William “Bill” Overbeck

Unbreakable is a unique and effective way to counter a Killer, constantly putting Survivors into a dying state and not picking them up. A tactic is known as “slugging.”?It lets you pick yourself up from the ground once per match. You also recover 35% faster on the ground. It deactivates when you use it in the current match. But its power lies in in-game knowledge.

For example, you don't have to pick yourself up. Thanks to the perk, you can quite literally 99% of your recovery bar 35% faster and then wait for someone to finish your recovery. Which is huge in its own right. If no other option remains, you should pick it up.

But best of all, the perk works even when you are not using it! Many Killers are afraid to leave anyone down on the ground and chase other Survivors just because Unbreakable exists. And in the back of any Killers mind is the thought that they can lose an easy hook if they commit to something else.

10. Kindred – General Survivor Perk

Kindred is one of those perks that are not too powerful, but as soon as you take it off, you will miss having this essential information.?This perk allows you to instantly tell if a Killer intends to camp someone he just hooked.?It shows the Killer's aura when he is 16 meters away from the hook or closer. It also shows you the auras of all your teammates, which lets you know if anyone is going to the rescue, and you can keep repairing the gen.

Best of all, if you are the one who ends up being hooked, you reveal that exact information to everyone else. So they can then decide who should go for the rescue. And it also lets them know if you are currently being camped or not.

All you need to know is the best Survivor perks available in Dead by Daylight.?Check back to see when your build can be improved, as the DBD meta constantly changes.

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