Da Hood Trello Link, Wiki, Discord Invite & FAQs

If you are wondering whether Da Hood has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official Da Hood Trello and answers to all your FAQs.

Da Hood is a Roblox fighting town and city game in which you can play as a cop or criminal. It is one of the challenging games on Roblox that greatly relies on timing and combos to thrive in battles.

The game is currently available on XBOX ,PC, Mobile.

Developed by Sherosama, iumu, and Benoxa.
Other developers: Final_Joke and clubstar54.

Da Hood Entertainment created the game on 1/27/2019.

Da Hood Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official Da Hood community Discord Server for more information about the game.

Da Hood Twitter

There is no Twitter account for Da Hood at the moment.

Is there a Da Hood Wiki?

No, there is no Da Hood Wiki currently, and it is unlikely there will be one.

Da Hood Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official Da Hood Trello:

On Da Hood's Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • About the game: Controls, More Information
  • Game Guide: Cash, Jobs, Housing, Bounty, Police, Tips & Tricks
  • The game's map and all places in Da Hood: Da Bank, Police Station, Hood Kicks, Bank's Alleyway Shop, Burger/Taco Shack, Playground Shop, Da Boxing Club, Bank's Food Shop, Hospital Kool Club, Flower Shop, Jeff's Taco Shop, Phone Store, Sewers, Church/Graveyard, Downhill Gunz, Hood Fitness, Gas Station, Da Furniture, Fire Department, Jewelry Store, Basketball Court, Da Casino, Da Theatre, Foods Mart, Da Central High School.
  • All Guns and Melee Weapons in the game and weapons guides.
  • Details about every food in the game.
  • Every Tool in Da Hood.
  • Details about character Stats.

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Da Hood Map

Da Hood's map Image Source: Da Hood Trello Board

Da Hood Trello FAQ

Da Hood PC Controls

PC Controls
L-SHIFT to sprint
L-CTRL to crouch
G to carry/Throw
E to stomp
F To Block
Ctrl+G To Grab Someone
XBOX controls
X – Reload
Y – Block
B – Crouch
Left Thumbstick Hold – Run
Left Trigger – Aim
Right Trigger – Use item/Shoot
Directional Pad Up – Hold/Grab
Directional Pad Down – Stomp
Directional Pad Up+B – Grab

Mobile Controls
Mobile players have built-in controls. To fully auto in mobile, you must tap the shoot button below and, track with your thumb, put the weapon away to stop.

Da Hood Tips & Tricks

1) You can block incoming melee attacks by pressing F before being hit; you cannot block ballistic or explosive attacks. Your arms can be broken if you block too many strikes, not letting you block or do maximum damage for a short time. If you time your block correctly, you can entirely soak the player's melee attack and take 0 damage.
2) Cannot weave explosives and bullets.
3) The damage will double if you headshot a player with a weapon.
4) You can break people arm's with a charge attack if their Energy bar is low (They won't be able to deal maximum damage for short duration)
5) The more muscle, the more HP you will have.
6) To view your stats type out /e stats in the in-game chat.
7) You can buy masks in the shops as follows, masks will hide your username, and you can only have one mask in your inventory. Buying two masks will replace the previous one.
8) Resetting will not make you lose your weapons unless you have 0 ammo; you will lose the clip of your weapon if you reset; leaving the game also saves your weapons; if you leave while knocked, you will lose all your guns.
9) You can throw knocked players by picking them up and holding L-CTRL then pressing G.

How to earn a Bounty in Da Hood?

Bounty can be earned by breaking ATMs around the map or stomping knocked players. You lose all your bounties if you are arrested, and the officer gets paid 50% of your bounty. If you leave the game while knocked, you will lose 50% of your bounty,

The game gets harder; the higher your bounty, the more cops will try to arrest and kill you; you can check your bounty by clicking TAB and looking at the leader board.

Arrest aftermath
If you have been arrested, you must either wait for the amount of time you have been assigned, or you can escape. Sometimes cops leave the backdoor open, letting you run out of the station.

You can also go through the back of the jail; there is a hole there, and you must crouch under bigger players; you will have a more challenging time going through this process than doing a small parkour to get out of jail; once you are out, you should be in a barbershop.

You must then walk to the alleyway shop below and buy a key. Other players can buy a key and break you out if you do not have enough money for a key.

What is Muscle?

Muscle is a stat that allows increasing your health and size, or you can do the opposite, decreasing in health but making you smaller in size.

Here is some information for both paths you can take:

To gain muscle and HP, you must buy one of the two weights in Hood Fitness; we recommend you buy the heavy weights for faster progression; you must lift weights for 16 real-life hours to max out your muscle stat. You can check progress by doing /e stats in chat, once you are done, you can reset your avatar, and you should grow in size and have more overall HP; you are now bigger, so now you are easier to hit.
If you want to get skinnier, you will have less HP but be harder to hit. You must go to Hood Fitness and purchase lettuce in the middle of the gym to the left of the entry desk; you will need to eat a lot of lettuce if you have maxed out the Muscle stat.

You can track your Muscle progress by typing /e stats in the in-game chat.

How to Level Up Boxing in Da Hood?

To level up your boxing skill, you must punch a punching bag in Boxing Club for one real-life hour. Once you have done that, you can unlock the boxing move set, located to the right of the Boxing club's entrance. with the boxing move set, you can punch players faster and deal more damage; super punch is now a two-strike attack

You can track your Boxing progress by typing /e stats in the in-game chat.

What is Trello?

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