Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an iOS and Android free-to-play RPG/Kingdom-building game.

To build your dream kingdom, however, you'll need the help of several cookies. Knowing which cookies to choose is vital to the top-tier, highly skilled, and powerful cookies that can help you win.

We created a Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to increase your chances of success in the game. A tutorial on rerolling in Cookie Run: Kingdom is also available if you did not summon a desirable starting cookie.

As in other gacha games, you must perform many summons in Cookie Run: Kingdom until you get the desired cookies.

Therefore, check the tier list below to ensure it's worth spending your gems on the newest Cookie Run: Kingdom banner before spending them on featured cookies. We will keep this page updated with the latest cookies introduced in the game.

Let's begin with the Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier list.

Cookie Run: Kingdom PvP Tier List

  • S+ Tier: These Cookies are the cream of the crop, featuring exceptional abilities, damage output, and versatility. They are the top choices for your PvP team and can significantly impact battles.
  • S Tier: These Cookies are still highly competitive and offer great skills and damage output. While not as dominant as S+ Tier, they are solid choices for a strong PvP team.
  • A Tier: Cookies in this tier are reliable and provide valuable support or damage-dealing capabilities. They may not be top-tier, but can still perform well in PvP battles.
  • B Tier: These Cookies have decent skills and can be effective in certain situations. They may lack the versatility and power of higher-tier Cookies but can still be valuable additions to your team.
  • C Tier: Cookies in this tier may have weaknesses or limitations that make them less optimal for PvP. They may require specific strategies to shine.
  • D Tier: These Cookies are generally less effective in PvP battles due to weaker skills or stats. While they can still be used, they may struggle against stronger opponents.
  • E Tier: Cookies in this tier may have significant weaknesses or outdated abilities, making them less viable choices for competitive PvP play.
  • F Tier: The lowest tier, Cookies in this category may have severe limitations, making them challenging to use effectively in PvP battles. They are generally not recommended for competitive play.
S+Wildberry Cookie
S+Madeleine Cookie
S+Kouign-Amann Cookie
S+Mala Sauce Cookie
S+Eclair Cookie
S+Blueberry Pie Cookie
S+Frost Queen Cookie
S+Space Doughnut
S+Black Pearl Cookie
S+Squid Ink Cookie
S+Captain Caviar Cookie
S+Cream Puff Cookie
SFinancier Cookie
SWerewolf Cookie
SPurple Yam Cookie
SMilky Way Cookie
SRed Velvet Cookie
SVampire Cookie
SPrune Juice Cookie
SPinecone Cookie
SEspresso Cookie
SLatte Cookie
SHerb Cookie
SParfait Cookie
ATarte Tatin Cookie
ATea Knight Cookie
ADark Cacao Cookie
ARye Cookie
AClotted Cream Cookie
AOyster Cookie
ARoyal Margarine Cookie
ACaramel Arrow Cookie
ASea Fairy Cookie
AProphet Cookie
ACarol Cookie
BMilk Cookie
BCrunchy Chip Cookie
BSorbet Shark Cookie
BLicorice Cookie
BCream Unicorn Cookie
BPomegranate Cookie
BCotton Cookie
BCandy Diver Cookie
BMacaron Cookie
CStrawberry Crepe Cookie
CCocoa Cookie
CMoon Rabbit Cookie
CCherry Blossom Cookie
CPoison Mushroom Cookie
CAffogato Cookie
CAlmond Cookie
CPumpkin Pie Cookie
CMint Choco Cookie
CTwizzly Gummy Cookie
DSonic Cookie
DTails Cookie
DFig Cookie
DPastry Cookie
DChili Pepper Cookie
DDark Choco Cookie
DLilac Cookie
DMango Cookie
DKumiho Cookie
DRaspberry Cookie
DSparkling Cookie
DSnow Sugar Cookie
DTiger Lily Cookie
DBlack Raisin Cookie
EBlackberry Cookie
EPancake Cookie
EPrincess Cookie
EClover Cookie
ECherry Cookie
EGumball Cookie
EDevil Cookie
ECarrot Cookie
EAlchemist Cookie
EAdventurer Cookie
ECustard Cookie III
EOnion Cookie
EKnight Cookie
EAvocado Cookie
FStrawberry Cookie
FWizard Cookie
FMuscle Cookie
FBeet Cookie
FAngel Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom PvE Tier List

  • S+ Tier: Cookies in this tier are exceptional and excel in PvE Story mode. They have powerful abilities and are top choices for your team.
  • S Tier: These Cookies are strong performers in PvE, with valuable skills and good damage output. They are reliable choices for your team.
  • A Tier: Cookies in this tier are solid and can contribute effectively to your team's success in PvE.
  • B Tier: These Cookies are decent and can perform well in certain situations, but they may not be as versatile as higher-tier Cookies.
  • C Tier: Cookies in this tier may have limitations or weaknesses, requiring more specific strategies to succeed in PvE.
  • D Tier: Cookies in this tier may struggle in PvE due to weaker skills or stats and are generally not recommended for competitive play.
S+Hollyberry Cookie
S+Pure Vanilla Cookie
S+Moonlight Cookie
S+Black Pearl Cookie
S+Tarte Tatin Cookie
S+Wildberry Cookie
S+Space Doughnut
S+Squid Ink Cookie
S+Prune Juice Cookie
S+Captain Caviar Cookie
S+Cotton Cookie
S+Rockstar Cookie
SPitaya Dragon Cookie
SDark Cacao Cookie
SStardust Cookie
SCrimson Coral Cookie
SSherbet Cookie
SSnapgradon Cookie
SCream Puff Cookie
SShining Glitter Cookie
ASea Fairy Cookie
ASorbet Shark Cookie
ACapsaicin Cookie
AMala Sauce Cookie
AMilky Way Cookie
AMadeleine Cookie
AMango Cookie
ARye Cookie
AParfait Cookie
AFrost Queen Cookie
AEspresso Cookie
APinecone Cookie
AEclair Cookie
AVampire Cookie
APeppermint Cookie
ATwizzly Gummy Cookie
AFrilled Jellyfish Cookie
APumpkin Pie Cookie
APomegranate Cookie
AAlmond Cookie
BTea Knight Cookie
BWerewolf Cookie
BLicorice Cookie
BCrunchy Chip Cookie
BPurple Yam Cookie
BKouign-Amann Cookie
BRoyal Margarine Cookie
BFinancier Cookie
BMilk Cookie
BClotted Cream Cookie
BLatte Cookie
BBlueberry Pie Cookie
BCherry Blossom Cookie
BCream Unicorn Cookie
BCarol Cookie
BMacaron Cookie
BOyster Cookie
BBlack Lemonade Cookie
BHerb Cookie
CCaramel Arrow Cookie
CStrawberry Crepe Cookie
CDark Choco Cookie
CAffogato Cookie
CBlack Raisin Cookie
CCocoa Cookie
CCandy Diver Cookie
CPoison Mushroom Cookie
CMint Choco Cookie
CSparkling Cookie
CRed Velvet Cookie
CProphet Cookie
DAdventurer Cookie
DClover Cookie
DDevil Cookie
DCustard Cookie III
DChili Pepper Cookie
DAlchemist Cookie
DAngel Cookie
DCherry Cookie
DCarrot Cookie
DBeet Cookie
DBlackberry Cookie
DAvocado Cookie
DOnion Cookie
DFig Cookie
DPancake Cookie
DMuscle Cookie
DLilac Cookie
DNinja Cookie
DMoon Rabbit Cookie
DKumiho Cookie
DKnight Cookie
DGumball Cookie
DWizard Cookie
DTails Cookie
DTiger Lily Cookie
DSonic Cookie
DStrawberry Cookie
DSnow Sugar Cookie
DRaspberry Cookie
DPrincess Cookie
DPastry Cookie

How to reroll in Cookie Run: Kingdom

To perform a reroll in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Start the game and play with a guest account.
  • Reach level three.
  • Redeem the latest active Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes.
  • Perform a cookie summon. You will get an S+ or S tier cookie if you get lucky.
  • If not, go to Menu > Settings > Info and log out.
  • Restart the process.
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