Conan Exiles – Where To Find Iron

Conan Exiles Iron Map: Find the best places to farm Iron or Ironstone. This is one of the main ingredients in steelfire, steelbar and hardened steelbar.

Knowing how to locate iron and other resources in Conan Exiles can be extremely useful, but also very difficult. Because new barbarians might not know where or what to look for, it can be difficult to find these materials. We're going to show some of the best ways to find iron.

Things You Will Need

You will need to unlock the following recipes: Carpenter, Carpenter, Tanner, and Blacksmith. To unlock all these recipes, you will need to be at least level 10. This allows you to acquire these items very early in the game.

After you have unlocked the recipes, you will need to build a furnace or a blacksmith's table. You can use the blacksmith's benches to make weapons from raw materials in the furnace.

To smelt iron you will need tinder, such as wood, coal, or branches. The preferred method for most players is to use coal.

What is Iron in Conan Exiles

This ore can be run through with metallic veins. The furnace can then be used to make iron bars. Additional catalysts can be added to ironstone during the smelting process. The secrets of alchemists' catalysts are kept secret. Therefore, experimentation with a cauldron may be necessary.

The Village of Pillage

If you are still at a low level, you can infiltrate villages to kill people. This will help you to find enough iron or coal to make sturdy weapons and armor. An effective technique is to lure an NPC away from the village and attack them. This is a great way of enslaving thralls, as you are unlikely to attract unwanted attention by fellow villagers.

Although not all villages will have the materials you need, if your persistence is constant, you will eventually find them. The villages are located across the river from the place you spawned. Be on the lookout for crocodiles, hyenas, and other wildlife.

Explore the Mountains

After you have armed yourself with weapons and armor, you can start looking for iron in Conan Exiles' mountainous regions. You should not explore this area until your level is higher with nice armor and weapons. It's also plagued by NPCs and rhinos that you may have to fight. Avoid the rhinos.

Iron can be difficult to locate, but once you find it, it will be very obvious. Contrary to sandstone, which you can harvest anywhere, nodes that are dark bluish-gray will be what you're looking for. These nodes can be picked up with your pickaxe and can supply you with significant amounts of ironstone. Similar applies to coal. These black rocks can be harvested with a pickaxe in large quantities.

Conan Exiles Iron Map

It can be difficult to find iron in Conan Exiles depending on where you live. However, there are iron hotspots. We'll be highlighting the iron-rich areas in the Exiled Lands.

Conan Exiles Iron Map
Image Credit: Funcom, Conan Map

Iron can be obtained by breaking down larger boulders into stone. However, large quantities of iron are best found in the mountains.

Ironstone is easy to locate in Exiled Lands. It can be found in many locations, especially in mountainous regions and along the river.

It can take a while to gather iron if you don't visit an area with high concentration. This list is useful for anyone who plans to harvest iron. These are the places you will have the best luck.

We hope you found this helpful. If you know of other places where iron can be found, please let us know in the comments.

Conan Exiles Iron Map – Uses

Ironstone can be used in three recipes, but the most common is the last.

1st: x1 Ironstone +x1 Pebblenose =x1 Rocknose &x1 Greater Rocknose

2nd: x25 Ironstone + 1 Shadebloom = x1 Shadowspiced Iron Ore

3rd – 2 Ironstone = x1 Iron Bar

In the beginning of the game, iron bars can be very helpful. Ironstone is very popular as you can make steel from it.

1st > + x5 Iron Bar = x1 steelfire = x1 steel bar

2nd > + x1 Steel Barr = x1 Hardened Steel bar

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