Conan Exiles – Where To Find Coal

Conan Coal Map – Locate the best places to farm Coal. You can make Tar > Steelfire> Hardened Steel with coal.

Coal is versatile and long-lasting fuel. To reach high temperatures necessary for the smelting of workable metals, serious smithing needs coal. For the transformation of iron into steel, coal is necessary. Charcoal is used by nobles and harlots to whiten their teeth. Healers also keep small amounts of charcoal handy for simple stomach ailments.

Conan Exiles Coal Map

You can see the entire map (click on it to enlarge), and the best places to find coal.

Conan Exiles Coal map
Image Credit: Funcom, Conan Map

Map Locations

Ironstone is a little less common than coal, but it can still be found in the same places as coal. You will find coal if you go up to the mountains or on a plateau. Black rocks are the best choice if you're looking for coal. You can stack it up to 1000.

Conan Exiles Coal Map – Uses

There are many uses for coal and many recipes that use it, but Tar is the most popular.

x25 Coal = 1 Tar

Tar is very popular, as you can use it to make hardened steel.

1st >x2 Tar +x1 Brimstone =x1 Steelfire

2nd > x5 Steelbar + x1 steelfire = x1 Stealing Bar

3rd > x1 Bar of Steel + x1 Ice = x1 Hartened Steel

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