Conan Exiles – Where To Find Brimstone

Conan Exiles Brimstone Map: Find the best places to farm Brimstone, which is one of the main ingredients in steelfire, steelbar, and a hardened iron bar.

Because it can be used in many alchemical concoctions, brimstone is one of the most sought-after components. It is difficult to collect it due to its smoldering fumes—the bleached bones of people who didn't adequately prepare them to be a warning to others. Brimstone is combined with sticky tar to create steel fire, which is a catalyst for turning iron into steel.

Conan Exiles Brimstone locations

Map Locations

These are some of the most desirable mining areas:

  • Gallaman's Tomb-Mineral node
  • Sinner's refuge – Mineral node
  • Executioners Entrance – Mineral node
  • Buccaneer Bay – Underwater
  • Shattered Springs – Mineral node
  • Small quantities scattered around the desert
  • Rocknose
  • Skeleton (Serpentman)

Conan Exiles Brimstone map – Uses

Brimstone can be used for many purposes, but it is most popular because it can turn iron into steel.

1st > + x1 Brimstone = 1 Steelfire

2nd > + x5 Iron Bar = x1 steelfire = x1 steel bar

3rd > + x1 Steel Barr = x1 Hardened Steel bar

Brimstone is one ingredient you will need to make hardened steel.

Check out the links at the top of this post for maps of all the other resources in the recipe for hardened steel bars.

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