Coin Master free cards & how to acquire them in 2023

Are you looking for Coin Master Free Cards? This guide will help you find the best Coin Master free cards. Coin Master's collectibles include cards and villages.

Your full card collection can be viewed at any time from the menu. This includes cards themed on sweets, pets, Halloween, and other themes. How do you get free cards, though? This guide will help you do just that.

As there is quite a bit of overlap between the ways to acquire freebies in Coin Master, I recommend that you also check our Coin Master free spins links list and our Coin Master guide for beginners.

Request cards from other Coin Master players in the community

Moon Active created an official space for this purpose with their Trading Requests Facebook Group, which boasts more than 4.6 million members! I recommend joining the group for those in desperate need of cards to complete their collections.

Use your extra coins to buy card chests

If you have finished your village upgrades or can't afford additional upgrades, it's a good idea to spend any extra coins on a few card chests. These chests are a great way of getting a few more cards and don't cost much.

Note that there is no real value in keeping coins in your piggie bank as you will be attacked or raided by other players and eventually lose them.

Coin Master Free Cards Guide

Trade duplicate cards for card chests

An inbuilt feature in Coin Master allows players to trade 75 duplicate cards for a card chest. Consequently, if you have trouble trading cards with the community, you can always resort to that as a slower way to acquire the cards you need.

However, you may have to consider keeping the duplicate cards for their trading value. It's great leverage for you as you can spend multiple duplicate cards to get a rare one.

Take advantage of Coin Master's Card Boom Events

Waiting until Card Booms are available is the best way to get new cards. Then, you can spend your money on lots of chests. Card Booms are an event that occurs regularly. They provide you with 50% more cards for each chest you open.


Do Coin Master daily rewards provide free cards?

For the most part, the incredibly popular Coin Master free spins links and other daily rewards by Moon Active don't provide you with cards. They are instead focused on providing players with spins for the slot machine and more coins, so you can't really rely on them for your much sought-after cards to complete collections.

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