Clan Boss Guide [RAID: Shadow Legends]

In this post, you will find my guide for the daily Clan Boss (The Demon Lord) event, available to all clan members in RAID: Shadow Legends, the mobile gacha RPG, also available on PC.

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Clan Boss difficulties

The Clan Boss comes in six different difficulties. Your Clan must defeat one difficulty to unlock the next one. Here are the Clan Boss difficulties:

  • Easy: 19.02M HP
  • Normal: 60.62M HP
  • Hard: 194.13M HP
  • Brutal: 361.55M HP
  • Nightmare: 652.75M HP
  • Ultra Nightmare: 1171.2M HP

The harder the difficulty, the better the rewards (including the elusive Void Shards), but you will need a better team to survive long enough.

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Clan Boss key refill rate

Players that are members of a clan get one clan boss key every 6 hours. Note that the key max limit/cap is only 2. You can also buy a key for 100 gems (don't).

Clan Boss reset time

The Clan Boss returns to max HP at 10:00 UTC daily. Also, note that you cannot defeat the Clan Boss. It will remain at 1% so that players can keep attacking. Finally, it is essential that all players attack the same Clan Boss difficulty as dropping its HP to that 1% will give double rewards.

Clan Boss affinity

The Clan Boss fight starts with a Void affinity until its HP drops below 50%. At this point, it will switch randomly to Magic, Force, or Spirit affinity.

Clan Boss debuff limit

You can have a maximum of 10 debuffs on the Clan Boss at the same time. The cap is the same for all bosses in the RAID: Shadow Legends.

Clan Boss debuffs and stats guide

Early into the game, the Clan Boss fight requires you to place debuffs like Poison and HP Burn and Decrease Attack to boost survivability. You will also need to rely on Weaken.

Eventually, you will need to move on from Poison and HP Burn and focus on Decrease Defense and Giant Slayer or War Master procs for maximum damage. Champions that combine their GS/WM with Poison/HP Burn procs are great.


The weak Poison debuff reduces the enemy's HP by 2.5% of the enemy's max HP, while the strong Poison debuff reduces the enemy's HP by 5% of the enemy's max HP.

HP Burn

During the debuff's duration and at the beginning of the Champion's turn, they and all their allies take damage equal to 3% of their maximum HP. Only one HP Burn debuff can be active on an enemy at once. Avoid having multiple Champions with HP Burn on your team.

However, if multiple enemies are affected by the HP Burn debuff, all enemies will lose 3% of their max HP for the HP Burn trigger.

HP Burn and Poison are great early game debuffs

Since Poison and HP Burn rely on the enemy's max HP, they ignore defense, so they are ideal for bosses, including the Clan Boss early on. However, their max damage is capped.

HP Burn and Poison damage caps

Note that the damage dealt by HP Burn and Poison has a higher cap as the champion's rarity increases. Epic and Legendary champions can deal a maximum of 75,000 damage per proc. Rare champions can deal a maximum of 50,000 damage per proc.

HP Burn and Poison are just bonus damage added to the Giant Slayer procs when you unlock Giant Slayer due to the damage caps.


The damage dealt by your Champions hits is increased by 15% on the weaker version of this debuff and 25% on the more potent version.

This includes Giant Slayer and War Master procs. Once you reach Nightmare difficulty, Decrease Defense becomes more critical than Weaken as the Clan Boss has much more defense.

Decrease Def

By using this, all your attacks, including War Master and Giant Slayer, will deal more damage. The higher the level of Clan Boss you fight, the more defense it has. As already mentioned, on greater difficulties, Decrease Defense is the way to go over Weaken.


Using Leech will allow you to shift away from Life Steal gear and focus on damage dealing sets like Savage and Cruel.

Ninja is a great damage dealer for the Clan Boss early one, for those of you who have him. I'm still early in the game, so more than two million of my damage on Brutal comes from Ninja.

Stat Requirements

Your champions will need enough Accuracy to avoid their debuffs being resisted.

You will need to build your champions' accuracy stat to apply all these debuffs consistently on the Clan Boss. If you don't, the boss will resist the debuffs. 

Moreover, to maximize survivability you will need gear with HP% and DEF% primary stats. Ideally, you want all your champions to wear Life Steal gear, especially early in the game. It's hard to build a team that will survive long enough to deal plenty of damage with life steal.

Clan Boss masteries guide

The general rule of thumb is that for champions with a 1-two hit A1 you should pick War Master on the offense tree. On the other hand, for Champions with a 3-4 hit A1 you should pick Giant Slayer.

Clan Boss abilities

A1 Crushing Force [ATK] 

Attacks 1 enemy. It places a [Stun] debuff for one turn. Champions cannot resist this debuff. Damage inflicted is proportional to enemy MAX HP.

Infernal Resilience [Passive] 

Decreases the damage the Demon Lord receives from [HP Burn] and [Poison] debuffs, as well as Skills that inflict damage based on enemy MAX HP. Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep] and [Decrease SPD] debuffs, as well as [Turn Meter reduction] effects and HP exchange effects.

Gathering Fury [Passive] 

From the 10th turn onwards, all skills inflict more damage each turn. Damage increases by a fixed percentage each turn and accumulates over multiple turns.

As of the 20th Turn, the damage is increased by a greater amount every turn.

The 50th Turn marks the beginning of the period when all attacks ignore Block Damage, Unkillable, and Block Revive on champions that the Clan Boss killed.

Almighty Immunity [Passive]

Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects and cooldown increasing effects.

The boss's A2 and A3 are different based on the Demon Lord's affinity.

Clan Boss A2 & A3 (Void Affinity)

A2 Flesh Wither [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies two times and places a 2.5% [Poison] debuff for two turns.

A3 Dark Nova (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies.

Clan Boss A2 & A3 (Force Affinity)

A2 Belittle [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies two times and places a 25% Decrease ATK debuff for two turns.

A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies four times and places a 25% Increase ATK buff on the Clan Boss for two turns.

Clan Boss A2 & A3 (Magic Affinity)

A2 Swirling Darkness [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies two times and places a 25% Decrease ACC debuff for two turns.

A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies four times and places a 25% Increase ATK buff on the Clan Boss for two turns.

Clan Boss A2 & A3 (Spirit Affinity)

A2 Numbing Fear [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies two times and places a 15% Decrease SPD debuff for two turns.

A3 Crash Through (Cooldown: 3 turns):

Attacks all enemies four times and places a 25% Increase ATK buff on the Clan Boss for two turns.

Recommended Buffs

Increased speed or turn meter boost

Allows you to move faster and therefore hit more times. As you progress, you may decide to remove this buff so you can start a speed tuning strategy in the end game!

Ally Protection

Protect your allies by taking 50% of the damage dealt to other weaker members of your team. This ability should only be used by two people so that they can take turns sharing the damage. It will require a high level of defense and higher HP to utilize.


Currently, the best endgame strategy to get maximum chest rewards is this method. For it to work, you would need certain champion combinations and exact speeds from your entire team, but it could mean you would go 50 turns without dying.

Clan Boss Rewards

I will try to update the guide with all the possible rewards from each chest in the future.


  • Novice Chest: 286K ~381K
  • Novice Chest: 381K ~761K
  • Adept Chest: 761K~1,142K
  • Warrior Chest: Over 1,142K


  • Adept Chest: 810K ~ 1,213K
  • Adept Chest: 1,213K ~ 2,425K
  • Warrior Chest: 2,425K ~ 3,638K
  • Knight Chest: Over 3,638K


  • Warrior Chest: 2912K ~ 3883K
  • Warrior Chest: 3883K ~ 7766K
  • Knight Chest: 7766K ~ 11648K
  • Guardian Chest: Over 11648K


  • Knight Chest: 5,424K ~ 7.232K
  • Guardian Chest: 7,232K ~ 14.463K
  • Master Chest: 14,463K ~ 21.694K
  • Grandmaster Chest: Over 21.694K


  • Guardian Chest: 9,792K ~ 13,056K
  • Master Chest: 13,056~ 26,111K
  • Grandmaster Chest: 26,111K ~ 39,166K
  • Ultimate Chest: Over 39,166K


  • Mythical Chest: 17,569K~ 23,425K
  • Divine Chest: 23,425K ~ 46.849M
  • Celestial Chest: 46,849K ~ 70,273K
  • Transcendent Chest: Over 70,273K
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