Build a Boat for Treasure codes: Free Blocks, Gold & more [September 2022]

Last Updated: August 31, 2022 @ 21:09
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In this post, you will find our list of all the latest working Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes. Build a Boat for Treasure is a Roblox game in which the players' objective is to build a boat and reach the end of the map to acquire treasure.

Players can even form teams and collaborate to complete quests. Build a Boat for Treasure was created by Chillz Studios on November 2, 2016, and it is one of the most popular games on the platform, with more than 1.7 billion visits.

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If you are a Build a Boat for treasure fan, our codes list will come in handy here as they will provide you with Gold and free blocks to build your boat, along with several cosmetic rewards. You can also join the game's Roblox group to enjoy even more exclusive perks!

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Now let's get to the codes themselves before you get back to boat building!

All Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

Below you will find both the latest active codes along with all expired ones. If any of the working codes don't work, you can relaunch your game to join another server that might have an updated build and the latest codes to redeem.

New & Working Build a Boat for Treasure codes

Note: In this game, developers sometimes reactive old promo codes, and they become redeemable again.

Below you will find all the current working codes for Build a Boat for Treasure:

  • Happy Valentine's day – Redeem for free building blocks
  • chillthrill709 was here – Redeem for free building blocks
  • Squid Army – Redeem for 22 ice and 22 Gold
  • Hi – Redeem for five Gold
  • =D – Redeem for five Gold
  • =P – Redeem for five Gold

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Expired Build a Boat for Treasure codes

The codes below have already expired:

  • Be a big f00t print – Redeem for free blocks
  • fuzzy friend? – Redeem for free blocks
  • Lurking Legend – Redeem for free blocks
  • GGGOOOAAALLL – Redeem for a Football
  • Free gifts – Redeem for a bunch of free gifts!
  • 1B – Redeem for free blocks!
  • voted code – Redeem for free blocks!
  • Lurking Code – Redeem for 10x Balloons, 5x Super Fireworks, 1x Portal Block!
  • 1M Likes – Redeem for free blocks!
  • Big F00t Print – Redeem for 10x Balloons, 5x Cake, and 25x Neon Blocks!
  • The Sasquatch? – Redeem for 10x Balloons, 5x Circle Fireworks, and 1x Portal Block!
  • Fireworks – Redeem for free blocks!
  • 2M members – Redeem for free Blocks!
  • Hatched code – Redeem for Cookie Wheels!
  • Happy Easter – Redeem for Balloons, Candy, & Cake!
  • TTTRRREEEAAASSSUUURRREEE – Redeem for a Green Treasure Chest!
  • BBBOOOAAATTTSSS!!! – Redeem for 1x Boat Motor, 1x Car Seat, 4x Wood Block, and 1x Cake!
  • The Yeti – Redeem for 25x Green Presents, 25x Neon Blocks!
  • Cold Feet – Redeem for 25x Green Presents and 25x Neon Blocks!
  • 500M Visits – Redeem for 4x Portal, 5x Cake, 25x Balloons, 20x Star Blocks!
  • Veterans Day – Redeem for 10x Banners, 10x Star Blocks, 10x Balloons, 5x Circle Fireworks, 5x Cluster Fireworks, and 5x Super Fireworks!

How to Redeem Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

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Redeeming codes in Build a Boat for Treasure is very easy. Here are the steps to redeem codes in the game:

  1. Open the game and start playing.
  2. Click the Menu icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. In the pop-up menu click the Settings icon (the one with the 2 cogwheels).
  4. Next, in the settings menu, scroll down until you reach the Redeem Code section.
  5. Type in or Copy & Paste one of the working codes into the “Code” input text field of the pop-up window and press the Redeem button.
  6. If the code is still active you will redeem your rewards. Otherwise, you will see an “INVALID” notice.

Build a Boat for Treasure codes are not case-sensitive. It is best to copy and paste the codes to avoid any mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

What are Build a Boat for Treasure codes?

Build a Boat for Treasure codes are released occasionally by the developer to celebrate popularity milestones (likes, favorites, and visits) and new updates. These promo codes provide players with many in-game freebies, including Gold, free blocks, and cosmetics like balloons and fireworks. Occasionally, you may also be rewarded with a treasure chest!

Where can I find more codes for Build a Boat for Treasure?

The best place to find Jailbreak codes is the official Build a Boat for Treasure Discord server which has more than 217,000 members. This is a great place to connect with other players, find the latest updates, leaks, and news, and of course, get new codes.

You can also follow @ChillzStudios, the game's developer, on Twitter for the latest updates codes. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D and check back often!