BTD6 Hidden Achievements – Full List 

We're delighted that tower defense games have been rising in recent years. We love Bloons TD 6, one of the best games of this genre. There must be many who think like us because everyone is curious about BTD6's hidden achievements. This guide will show you how to unlock achievements that will bring you great rewards. Introduction to BTD6 Hidden Achievements – Full List.

Bloons TD 6 was released in 2018 for all mobile devices and has many hidden achievements. There are certain ways to get these achievements. But first, you need to have some experience in the normal gameplay of the game. Just like in the classic tower defense games, your goal is to destroy the balloons with various units.

You can improve your units with in-game coins, various items, and power-ups. If you need additional rewards, we can move on to hidden achievements that will give them to you.

Hidden Achievements in Bloons TD 6

The concept of achievement has been a part of our lives for years. You don't have to do anything special to complete these achievements, usually located in the mission menu. However, if you want to complete the hidden achievements in BTD6, you should follow the steps below.

Big Bloon

Win 10 games with Pat Fusty to complete this secret achievement.

Josh's Constant

Open the Expert map and select the difficulty level CHIMP. To unlock the hidden achievement and get the reward, you need to spend $40,870 in the factory.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

This achievement is a bit difficult to get. While playing any level, you've to deal 900,000 damage to your enemies before round 100 with Bloon Master Alchemist.

BTD6 Hidden Achievements
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Golden Ticket

In Candy Fall, you've to touch the Monkey Loomps on the screen. Make sure you touch them all and place them in the correct order because they come and go quickly.

Strangely Adorable

Craft a Vengeful True Sun God and place a level 20 Adora in the area to get this secret achievement.

Bill Greates

If you achieve this secret achievement, you'll get a 5x cash drop. To do this, you need to send $500,000 to one of your allies in the game. This can be tricky because the requirement is that you've $25,000,000 in your account.

Stubborn Strategy

This secret achievement is pretty fun, even if it takes a while. To complete this mission, you need to win 100 missions by removing the obstacles without moving them.


It may take you a while to get this hidden achievement, but it's worth it. You've to complete any level with only two monkey towers. You can use all the extra weapons and power-ups in the process.

Chunky Monkeys

The solution to this secret achievement is hidden in its name. Set the difficulty level of the game to medium or higher. Then open the desired level and win ten games using only towers with large footprints.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problem

We saved one of the most straightforward hidden achievements for last. To get it, you need to complete the quest with units not included in the Mo Heroes, Mo Problem list.

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