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Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by Anastasios Antoniadis

I’ve been playing AFK Arena for 7 months, since August 2020. I think I have gotten quite good at it, so it’s time to give you some tips so that you can avoid some mistakes I made in the past, that generally speaking, I avoid now. AFK Arena is a great game, combining both RPG and simple strategy elements, but since it is a gacha game, mistakes can be very costly. So here are some tips from what I’ve learned in all these months.

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Save your diamonds

A single summon costs 300 diamonds in AFK Arena, while a 10x summon costs 2,700 diamonds, saving you 300 diamonds.

Always go with 10x summons in Noble Tavern, it’s a much more efficient way to spend them.

Don’t spend diamonds on Stargaze

Yes, I know that this is the only for you to get Celestials and Hypogeans. But Stargazing is a lottery where it’s draw costs 500 diamonds and the 10x draws cost 5,000.

This is not really worth it. Seven months into the game, I still only stargaze with cards I get from AFK Arena redemptions codes provided by Lilith and rewards from the Faction Towers and King’s Tower, or from Mystic Valley, Voyage of Wonders, and AFK Arena Bountiful Trials (Arena of Trials).

Granted, your Celepogeans will be limited to Elite and Elite+ for the most part, but you will be able to get and ascend a ton of characters from the four main factions of the game.

Focus on 5 heroes, one of which will your main carry in the game

You should always focus on 5 heroes which you will put in the Resonating Crystal and the rest of the characters you add there will have the same level as those five. Here are some heroes you should invest in, early in the game, and they will be able to be members of your team later in the game.

Level 1-160: Lucius, Rowan, Rosaline, Belinda, get Wu Kong from Arcane Labyrinth store and use Saveas as your main carry.

Level 161-240: At his point you should have a strong Shemira too. Use her as your main carry until level 240, replacing Saveas.

Level 241+: From this point on your carries may differ depending on the team composition you are going for, but I highly recommend replacing Shemira with Eironn or Daimon.

At this point, you will need strong Signature Items.

Who is the strongest hero in AFK Arena?

Generally speaking, this heavily depends on the heroes you have available.

However, Rowan, Talene, Ainz are among the strongest characters in late game. But always keep in mind that the list changes as new characters are released.

There are several strong characters in late game including Lucius, Eironn, Daimon, Albedo, Elijah & Lailah (The Twins), Athalia (for PvP mostly) and more.

Generally speaking, Celestial characters, Hypogeans, and Dimensionals are the strongest characters in AFK Arena.

They are harder to get, and players need to spend real money to acquire them fast using Stargazing.

For a detailed Tier List check my AFK Arena heroes tier list.

Play AFK Arena on PC using Bluestacks

Yes, this is a tip. By using a keyboard rather than your smartphone you will interact a lot more with other players and they will help you make right decisions. I always play, record and stream from Bluestacks.

Find a good guild

You need to find a strong guild with quite a few whales in it. At least 5-10 whales would be great. This will give you access to great mercenaries. I was very lucky to join the “MATADORS” while I was still a noob. You will also need these guys to help you in Abyssal Expedition, to capture Tier 5 and tier 7 and 8 cities in particular.

Manage your Emblems well

Focus on getting Rowan to +30 first. When he gets to +10, start another Lightbearer like Rosaline, Lucius, or Belinda, once he gets to +20 SI, start building the next character etc.

Don’t spread your emblems across characters while leveling them up, always stop the +10, +20, or +30 milestones, unless otherwise advised. Don’t get a character to SI +22 and then realize you don’t need to get them to SI +30 (guilty as charged).

Check my guide for Signature Item priorities guide, but keep in mind it is not the Gospel.

At the end of the day, it depends on what characters give you the best chance of pushing forward.

Never enhance or upgrade non-Factional Gear

Once again, guilty as charged. Only enhance or strengthen factional mythic gear. It’s a waste of resources, as eventually you want to replace those parts with factional gear.

At the same time, never buy non-factional gear from the guild store

Acquiring Dimensional Heroes

This is a tricky one. You can get Arthur from the Arcane Labyrinth store.

Other than that, whenever Lilith Games releases new Dimensionals they are limited edition, so if you don’t get them while you can, you don’t have a chance of getting them in the future. So, you will need to spend some real money here, or gather a lot of resources to exchange for them.

You can get Dimensional heroes by spending real money or by exchanging Hero, Guild, Labyrinth, and Gladiator Coins to acquire Dimensional Hero fragments while they are still available. You will need 60 fragments to unlock each hero, and you can exchange coins for fragments in the last 8 days of the offer.

That being said, you can get one of the two dimensional heroes released each time for quite cheap (at least for a gacha game), so if you want to spend real money consider only spending this amount for heroes.

Personally, I always buy one dimensional hero and exchange for the other one. But that costs 16.99 euros, so it’s not for everyone.

Here are the Dimensional Hero fragment prices:

  • 4000 Hero Coins > 1 Dimensional Hero fragment
  • 4000 Guild Coins > 1 Dimensional Hero fragment
  • 4000 Labyrinth Coins > 1 Dimensional Hero fragment
  • 13333 Gladiator Coins > 1 Dimensional Hero fragment

Keep in mind that you will need 120 fragments to acquire both JOKER and QUEEN for free and there is a cap for AFK Arena currencies.

Here are the caps for all AFK Arena currencies:

  • Guild Coins: 200,000
  • Lab Coins: 200,000
  • Legends Coins: 500,000
  • Diamonds : 4,294,967,295
  • Hero Coins : 4,294,967,295
  • Player EXP: 4,294,967,295
  • VIP EXP: 4,294,967,295
  • Friend Hearts: 4,294,967,295
  • Invigorating Essence: 4,294,967,295
  • Flawless Droplets: 4,294,967,295
  • Blessed Essence (Abyssal Exp): 4,294,967,295
  • Hero Hotel Coins: 4,294,967,295
  • Gold : 4,503,599,627,370,490
  • Hero EXP: 4,503,599,627,370,490

This makes the process of acquiring Dimensional Heroes with Coins much more complicated. Also, remember that AFK Arena redemption codes do not reward you with any kind of the aforementioned coins.

Heroes with “Unique” abilities

Here I will list some heroes with great abilities – situational or not – that can make a real difference in several fights.

Opponent Damage/Attack Rating Reduction

Albedo – Skill 4 – Hermes Trismegistus (Passive):

During the battle, Albedo’s Crit Resistance is increased by 35 points. If Albedo is dealt a Critical Strike, the attacker’s Attack Rating is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 141): Albedo’s Crit Resistance is increased by 50 points.
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 221): If Albedo is dealt a Critical Strike, the attacker’s Attack Rating is reduced by 50%.

This is a pretty big one, especially for boss fights where you need to mitigate damage. Keep that in mind!

Lucius – Skill 2 – Divine Strike (Active):

Lucius smashes the ground with his warhammer that causes a shockwave, knocking nearby enemies over, while also dealing 130% AoE damage to them.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 21): Damage increased by up to 150%.
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 101): Damage is reduced by 20% for every enemy that is knocked over. The ability lasts for 8 seconds.
Skill Level 4 (Unlocks at Level 181): Damage increased by up to 160%.

The 20% damage reduction is pretty good at level 3 although it probably does not work on bosses as they cannot be knocked over.

Ally Damage/Attack Rating Buff

Belinda – Skill 4 – Blessing (Active):

Belinda blesses the ally with the highest Attack Rating, raising their Attack Rating by 15% and Crit Rating by 15%.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 141): Belinda blesses the two allies with the highest Attack Ratings.
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 221): Attack Rating and Crit Rating are increased by 20%.

Belinda’s “Blessing” makes her an very good choice for boss fights were you use Saurus due to the Attack Rating and Crit Rating buff.

Silence (Skill prevention or Ultimate prevention)

Shemira – Skill 3 – Silence (Active)

Shemira deals 100% damage to a magic based enemy and simultaneously prevents them from casting any abilities for several seconds.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 121): Damage is increased by up to 130%. The time the enemy is prevented from attacking is extended (time extension based on Shemira’s HP).
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 201): Damage is increased by up to 150%.

Silence speaks for itself and it can be situationally amazing.

Ainz – Skill 2 – Magic Caster (Subskill: True Dark) (Active)

Ainz’ normal attacks are changed to the following abilities, which are used in a cycle: Call Greater Thunder: Deals 240% damage to the enemy target. Gravity Maelstrom: Deals 210% damage to the enemy and any other nearby enemy targets. True Dark: Deals 180% damage to the enemy target and prevents the enemy from using their Ultimate ability for 5 seconds.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 11): Call Greater Thunder damage is increased to 270%.
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 101): Gravity Maelstrom damage is increased to 230%.
Skill Level 4 (Unlocks at Level 181): True Dark prevents the enemy target from using their Ultimate ability for 8 seconds.

Ainz’s True Dark can be also a great asset in specific scenarios, although he is not great in most boss fights since he is mostly an AoE DPS and eventually he starts casting his Ultimate slower. With 3/3 Exclusive Mythic Furniture, the effects of this ability increase every 8 seconds during battle. Nice!

Opponent HP reduction

Ainz – The Goal of All Life is Death

After 24 seconds of battle, all enemies lose 30% HP and are stunned for 4 seconds.

  • Level 2: Enemies lose 40% of their current HP.
  • Level 3: Enemies lose 50% of their current HP.

A completely broken ability if you ask me. Of course, it doesn’t work on Bosses but combined with 9/9 Exclusive Mythic Furniture on Ainz, which makes it trigger after 15 seconds in battle, it makes Ainz a beast both in PvP and PvE.


Tasi – Slumber (Ultimate) (Active)

Tasi puts all enemy targets to sleep for 4 seconds. Once the enemies awaken, they will be dealt 25% of the damage received while they were asleep.

Skill Level 2 – (Unlocks at Level 81): Enemies are marked for 5 seconds.
Skill Level 3 – (Unlocks at Level 161): Damage dealt after waking up is increased to 30%.

This is crowd-control at its best.


Ainz – The Goal of All Life is Death

After 24 seconds of battle, all enemies lose 30% HP and are stunned for 4 seconds.

  • Level 2: Enemies lose 40% of their current HP.
  • Level 3: Enemies lose 50% of their current HP.

This is not just an HP reduction ability but also a stun ability. Broookeeeen!


Tasi – Skill 3 – Banishment (Active)

Tasi banishes the most powerful enemy target for 4 seconds. While in a banished state the enemy cannot attack or be attacked.

Skill Level 2 (Unlocks at Level 121): Steals 40% of target’s Attack Rating.
Skill Level 3 (Unlocks at Level 201): Enemies are marked for 6 seconds.

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