Borderlands 3 Save Editor – 2022 Ultimate Guide

This post aims to serve as an ultimate guide featuring every Borderlands 3 save editor that works with the game's save files. Many people look for save editors to alter their characters' levels and manipulating their save files in many other ways. So let's start with what save editors are and what they do.

But first, always back up your save files in case something goes wrong. You don't want to lose that game progress.

Note: So far, there are no save editors available for the console versions of Borderlands 3.

What are Borderlands 3 save editors, and what do they do?

In essence, a save file contains all the parameters that shape your characters' appearance, skills, level, game and quest progress, the weapons they carry, money or in-game currencies they hold, and so much more. This stands true for every game that requires save files.

A save editor is a tool that parses save file information and allows you to modify the save file's parameters and create a new save file with the altered parameters. This, of course, allows you to customize your character with any gear you want, choose their class, etc.

what are borderlands 3 save editors and what they do

Borderlands 3 save editors allow you to customize a ton of save file parameters, including:

  • Alter your Guardian Rank Data.
  • Unlock characters' cosmetics.
  • Modify your in-game currency values.
  • Swap SDU levels.
  • Change your character's Name, Appearance, Class, and Level (up to the max level raised 72 since June 24, 2021).

You can also make significant changes to items in the game, such as:

  • Create new items.
  • Change any part of the items.
  • Import items from a list of Borderlands 3 item codes.
  • Filter the legit items found in the game.

What are Borderlands 3 save editors used for?

The short answer here is “cheating.” Borderlands games require a lot of highly enjoyable grind to hit max level. Save editors remove all the fun of this as you instantly access content that requires many hours to acquire. However, the bigger problem is that you can create new items from scratch. This allows you to create items that are not available in the version of the game you play (for instance, you can create items available only in DLCs without purchasing the content).

Are Borderlands 3 save editors illegal?

Using a save editor to get access to content you have not purchased is a violation of the TOS. In some countries like Japan, saving editors and console modding are illegal.

Are Borderlands 3 save editors Safe?

Popular save editors are generally safe to use and stand for Borderlands 3 save editors. You don't risk getting malware in the modified save file if you don't look for a shady save editor.

However, always back up your saved files in case something goes wrong. You don't want to lose that game progress.

Borderlands 3 save changes

Where can I find Borderlands 3 save files

Before you edit your save files, you need to know where to find them.

Here is the default location for Borderlands 3 save files on Windows:

C:\Users\"Username"\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

Here is the default location for Borderlands 3 save files on macOS:

~/Library/Application Support/GearboxSoftware/OakGame/Saved/

You will find the save files for each platform in their respective folder/directory.

Borderlands 3 save editors vs Borderlands 3 profile editors

In the save files folder, you are going to find two different types of files:

  • The first type of data is in “profile.sav” and is related to your user profile. Altering this file will allow you to change:
    • Your Guardian Mark.
    • Your Bank, your Bank space, and the lost SDU loot.
    • Unlocked Customizations.
  • The second type of data is the character file. If you have multiple characters you will see multiple such files name “.sav” which you can edit to change:
    • Your characters' inventories.
    • Change your characters' levels, appearances, names, and classes.
    • Modify weapon SDUs and customizations.

This description pretty much gives you an idea about the difference between BL3 save editors and BL3 profile editors. Save editors can alter character and profile save files, while profile editors can alter only the profile save files.

Available Borderlands 3 save editors and profile editors

Now let's see the available profile and save editor options for Borderlands 3:

  • The BL3 Save Editor (Online tool, maintained)
  • The Borderlands 3 Profile Editor (Desktop tool, maintained)
  • The Borderlands 3 Savegame Editor (Desktop tool, unmaintained)
  • Gibbed's Borderlands 3 Save Editor (Under development)

This guide will focus on the first two tools, as the third has stopped receiving updates.

BL3 Save Editor

BL3 Save Editor and profile editors
Just upload your save file and start tinkering. Source: BL3 Save Editor

The best tool to alter Borderlands 3 save files is BL3 Save Editor, a website that offers file editing services. Here are the steps to edit your Borderlands 3 save files with this online editor:

  1. Go to the BL3 Save Editor website.
  2. Upload your Borderlands 3 save file.
  3. Modify your save data.
  4. Download the modified save file.
  5. Save the modified save file in the game's save folder.

Where to Find Borderlands 3 Item Serial Codes

To make modifications that include spawning weapons, shields, and mods easily, you will need this spreadsheet. It includes the serial numbers of all Borderlands 3 items, including legendary weapons.

Borderlands 3 Profile Editor

First of all, I don't know if profile editors are legal or whether they violate the TOS. However, since they don't give you access to content you have not purchased, they are on the safer side.

To get back to the topic, FromDarkHell?has created the tool?Profile Editor for Borderlands 3, which you can install on your computer and alter your profile files. FromDarkHell mentions decrypting and encrypting the profile files in the tool's README, indicating a violation of the TOS.

Profile Editor for Borderlands 3 Installation Guide

Here are the steps to install the profile editor, taken from its README:

  1. Download the exe available at?Releases.
  2. Run the exe.
  3. Click?Open?and select your?profile.sav.
  4. Edit your profile to your heart's content.
  5. Whenever you're done editing, click?Save?to save your profile. Don't worry; it'll create a backup in case you wanna go back.

Borderlands 3 Gibbed Save Editor Status

Rick, aka Gibbed, has stated that his Borderlands 3 Save Editor is under development. He clearly states that the project is not abandoned, though.

Where to Find Borderlands 3 Save Files

If you don't want to meddle with your save files, you can always look for existing ones on forums like Se7enSins‘.

BL3 Save Editor Video Guide

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