16 Best Bloxburg House Ideas: Best Bloxburg houses

Here we have put together a list of the best Bloxburg house ideas for some of the best Bloxburg houses you can create, from elementary ones to extreme home makeovers – Roblox style. Bloxburg can best be described as a Roblox Sims simulator. There are many opportunities to work, earn money, hang out with friends, and, more importantly, build a home. This list of the best Bloxburg homes is aimed at both newcomers and the rich alike.

The Best Bloxburg Houses List

The following are some of the best Bloxburg house ideas in Roblox. Due to the fact that building a house is a very challenging process, we have compiled a list of building video guides for each house idea.

1. Cheap Modern Home

In our opinion, this is among the best Bloxburg houses for entry-level players since it does not require a game pass to build. The 10k “No Game Pass” modern home has proven to be one of the most popular ideas since it allows players to build a wonderful starting home on a minimal budget. YouTuber Ethrielle created it, and the greatest part is that you can build this minimalistic one-story house without purchasing a Game Pass. 

It consists of a small living room, a full bathroom, and a single bedroom.

Following the instructions in the video below, you can construct the same house in Bloxburg. Furthermore, all of the materials are easily accessible, and the end result looks fantastic. In spite of its simplicity, this house is a great choice for someone who is just starting out.


2. One-Story Family Mansion

One-Story Family Mansion by Ethrielle

With this one, we will go from rags to riches. A mansion of this size, with its own theater, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms, is the epitome of luxury. Ethrielle, in contrast to her previous creation, went all out with this idea. Therefore, the construction of this house will leave a hole in your pocket of 230,000. 

First of all, the mansion's exterior features a pond, two garages, and acres of land. A stunning kitchen is included, a laundry room, and a small living room. Additionally, the mansion features a large dining area and an office, while a bathroom and a lounge area with a piano connect the two bedrooms. Could an opera house be built into the mansion?

This is a nice addition, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the master bedroom. In addition to the bed, there is an office area equipped with a bathroom and a specially designed closet area. The video below contains a speed-building walkthrough of this amazing creation.


3. 20K Modern Starter House

20K Modern Starter House

The 20K Modern Starter House remains budget-friendly despite being a bit more expensive than the first house. YouTuber faulty constructed this one-story suburban home with a rectangular design to suit your needs.?

In this house, the kitchen and living room are also located together. A hallway leads to a single room with a large closet and a bathroom across the hall. Additionally, there is a sliding door leading to the backyard. The following video provides instructions on how to construct this structure.


4. Blush Modern Mansion

Blush Modern Mansion

Our fourth feature is another masterpiece of a mansion, this one by frenchxrses and definitely among the best Bloxburg houses you can build. This beauty comes with spiral staircases and dozens of windows and is three stories high.

Naturally, it will set you back 239,000. On the other hand, you will end up with a spectacular mansion as your home.

For full instructions, you can watch the video below.


5. Botanical Family Home

Botanical Family Home

You can expect nothing less than the best from the Botanical Family Home. To say that a house has a botanical garden inside would not be overstating the case. In addition, there is an office and laundry room, a small living room and dining area, a picnic area in the garden, and four bedrooms, one of which has a private bathroom. If you a fan of flowers and plants, this is the right house for you!


6. Blush Mini Mansion

Blush Mini Mansion

In terms of architecture, the Blush Mini Mansion by Daniellerys is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable mansion. It looks like the cutest dollhouse with teddy bears and a beautiful pinkish interior! The speed-building guide is included in the video below.


7. 30k Cheap Mini Mansion

Another affordable mini-mansion option with two stories by Anix:

8. Cheap Modern Family House

Whether you are looking for a large family home or a cozy accommodation for a large group of friends and family, Arixlla has what you need. This creation has two stories, as well as multiple bedrooms and a beautiful yard and garden. The house might not be a mansion, but it looks extremely impressive.


9. Cozy Modern House 118k

This cozy modern house design comes from YouTuber Ayzria:

10. Lakeside Modern Hillside Mansion

Another glorious mansion design by Arixlla:

11. Hillside Mansion

Hillside Mansion

The 188k Hillside Mansion is one of Cylito's largest Bloxburg homes. You will find everything you need in this mansion. This is one of the finest houses ever built in Bloxburg and will cost approximately 188,000, as its name implies.


12. Small Family Home (no Gamepass)

This small family home by iKotori can accommodate 5 people. The living area comes with three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a garage:

14. Cozy Tiny House (no Gamepass)

Another house idea by iKotori. This house has everything a single person needs to live in. A very beautiful house to start with, and it will only set you back 26,000:

15. Autumnal roleplay house

Autumnal roleplay house speed build

16. 60K Family House (No Gamepass)

This list is far from over! With new Bloxburg house ideas popping out constantly, we will bring you the best Bloxburg houses and guide videos as soon as they come out! If you are also a fan of home-building in Minecraft, you may want to look at our Minecraft house ideas list.

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