Blox Fruits update 16 patch Notes: Halloween Update

Last Updated: July 8, 2022 @ 10:29
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Roblox Blox Fruit's Update 16 introduces a Halloween-themed Event to the game, along with new Devil Fruits and abilities, new weapons, balance fixes, new titles, and more.

Blox Fruits Update 16 Patch Notes

Halloween Event Enabled

  • Collect bones by defeating enemies around your level (50% drop chance), and spend them on special rewards!
    • Halloween NPC “Death King” added to all seas:
      • Random Surprise
      • Refund Points
      • Reroll Race

Other Changes

  • Increased Level Capacity to 2100.
  • Added a new island (Haunted Castle):
    • Level 2000 > 2100.
    • Defeat enemies here for better bone drops.
    • Summon a new raid boss.
  • Added a new high-tier fruit (Shadow):
    • Build up your Umbra Meter by landing your moves, or during the night.
    • You can press V to unleash a massive explosion that scales with your Umbra Meter.
  • Added a new fruit (Revive):
    • Unique mechanic: By activating C, you'll be revived at 50% health the next time you die.
  • Added a new weapon (Hallow Scythe):
    Unique mechanic: The X move deals more damage the lower the opponent's health is (up to 1.4x).
  • Added a new fighting style: Dragon Talon.
  • Added 3 new accessories.
  • Added some new titles.
  • Players no longer lose bounty after 3/3 PvP kills.
  • Added better protection against exploiters:
    • This includes many changes you should not notice as a regular player.
  • Made the enhancement effect look slightly better on weapons.
  • Increased the damage on Control's X.

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