Blox Fruits update 15 patch Notes: Third Sea

The latest update for Roblox Blox Fruits introduces new game content, balance changes, and bug fixes. Check the full patch notes!

Blox Fruits update 15

Roblox Blox Fruit's Update 15 introduces the Third Sea or Sea 3 to the game, along with new Devil Fruits and abilities, Fruit Trading, Balancing changes, and fixes.

Blox Fruits Update 15 Patch Notes

  • Increased level capacity to 2,000.
  • Added Third Sea:
    • Added a new massive island to explore.
    • Added a new giant island to explore.
    • Added 3 new remote islands.
    • Added new missions and secrets to be completed.
  • Implemented Fruit Inventory and Trading:
    • Treasure Storage:
      • Can only store up to 1 of each fruit, and unlimited with Game Passes.
        • This capacity can be increased with [+1 Treasure Cap] (obtained with Robux or by trading with other players).
      • Treasure Storage is an NPC that can be found in some parts of the map just like Weapon Storage.
    • Fruit Trading:
      • You can trade your stored fruits for different fruits or Game Passes.
        • To trade Game Passes, you must purchase them as a gift for yourself first.
        • Game Passes are stored alongside fruits, in the new Treasure Storage menu.
      • Max 4 fruits/Game Passes in each trade for both sides. For example: [Dragon + Light + Flame + Smoke] for [Dark Blade].
  • Added 9 new fruits:
    1. Added a new high-tier fruit (Venom):
      • Unleash your transformation for increased defense, jump power, and damage.
      • 2 different modes:
        • Untransformed:
          • 5 abilities.
          • Build up your Fury Meter over time to transform.
        • Transformed (ultimate form):
          • 4 stronger abilities.
          • Deplete your Fury Meter by using your upgraded abilities.
    2. Added a new fruit to get: Spin.
    3. Added a new fruit to get: Door.
    4. Added a new fruit to get: Kilo.
    5. Added a new fruit to get: Diamond.
    6. Added a new fruit to get: Love.
    7. Added a new fruit to get: Falcon.
    8. Added a new awakening to get: Magma.
    9. Added a new awakening to get: Buddha.
  • Added Observation V2:
    • View the level and Hotbar of your opponent.
    • Many other perks.
  • Added Server Browser:
    • Find new servers you haven't joined before.
    • Filter by Total Bounty, Region, and Server Name.
  • Added a new fighting style to obtain: Electric Claw.
  • Added 5 new swords to collect: two of them are legendary.
  • Added 5 new accessories to get.
  • Added a new gun to collect.
  • Added a few new titles to get.
  • Friendly 1v1s:
    • Added a friendly 1v1s arena to Third Sea. Might be added to other seas later on.
    • Prevents bounty loss on death.
  • Fast Spawn event:
    • During weekends, fruits will spawn every 45 mins instead of every hour.
  • Youtuber Rewards V2:
    • Added some more YouTubers to the list. More will be added later on.
  • Improved the swimming mechanic.

Balance Changes

  • String awakening:
    • Added auto-aim to the C move, and decreased its damage by around 5%.
  • Dragon:
    • The fury meter now regenerates slightly faster.
  • Buddha V1:
    • Instead of increasing HP based on your Blox Fruit stat, now it increases defense by 40%.
  • Cyborg:
    • Energy Core now explodes 1 second faster, has more stun, and higher defense. Also changed how the V2 accessory looks.
  • Dark Blade:
    • Reduced end lag on the Z move.
  • Pole V2:
    • Made it a bit harder to break observation with Z.


  • Fixed a bug with the pencil head bug.
  • Fixed a bug with the crew system bug which caused actions to error or not save.
  • Fixed a bug with the text auto-translation on notifications and dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory showing the wrong items sometimes.
  • Improved the check on failed purchases.
  • Added security against several exploits.
  • Made a few optimization upgrades, the game should run slightly faster than before.

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