Blox Fruits Maps: Islands, Locations & Level Requirements

Our guide contains the complete list of Blox Fruits maps, featuring all islands and locations, along with their level requirements!

Blox Fruits Maps, islands & Level requirements

This post contains all Blox Fruits maps, locations, and level requirements for Roblox's Blox Fruits. In Blox Fruits, you can explore One Piece's infamous Grand Line, where each island gets progressively more challenging. Currently, Blox Fruits contains three different seas with a total of 33 unique islands. The level requirements span from 0 to 2075

Blox Fruits Maps

The First Sea

Blox Fruits first Sea Map
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

The Second Sea

Blox Fruits second Sea Map
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements in Blox Fruits

Below you will find the breakdown of the three seas in Blox Fruits; The First Sea, The Second Sea, and the Third Sea. The game's developers keep adding new fascinating islands to explore on game updates, so we will keep expanding the list as more islands are introduced.

The First Sea

  1. Starter Pirate Island: Level 0-10
  2. Starter Marine Island: Level 0-10
  3. Jungle: Level 15-30
  4. Pirate Village: Level 30-60
  5. Desert: Level 60-90
  6. Middle Island: Level 100
  7. Frozen Village: Level 90-120
  8. Marine Fortress: Level 120-150
  9. Skylands: Level 150-200 (Additional areas unlocked at Level 450-575)
  10. Prison: Level 190-275
  11. Colosseum: Level 225-300
  12. Magma Village: Level 300
  13. Underwater City: Level 375-450
  14. Fountain City: Level 625-700

The Second Sea

  1. Kingdom of Rose: Level 700-850
  2. Usoap's Island: Level 700
  3. Mansion: Level 1000
  4. Green Zone: 875-925
  5. Graveyard: Level 950-975
  6. Snow Mountain: Level 1000-1050
  7. Hot and Cold: Level 1100-1200
  8. Cursed Ship: Level 1000-1325
  9. Ice Castle: Level 1350-1400
  10. Forgotten Island: Level 1425-1475
  11. Dark Arena: Level 1000
  12. The Cafe: Safe Zone

The Third Sea

  1. Port Town: Level 1500-1575
  2. Hydra Island: Level 1575-1675
  3. Great Tree: Level 1700-1750
  4. Floating Turtle: Level 1775-2000
  5. Castle on the Sea: Safe Zone
  6. Haunted Castle: Level 1975-2075
  7. Sea of Treats: Level 2075-2275


This is everything you need to know about Blox Fruits maps, locations, islands, and level requirements. Don't forget to check for the latest working Blox Fruits codes, and check our Blox Fruits Private Servers guide if you want to explore Blox Fruit's world on less crowded, VIP Servers.

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