How to Escape from Prison in Bitlife

Are you wondering how to escape from prison in Bitlife? BitLife is a life simulation game available on Android and iOS. Where players can create a character and define their own career and destiny path by making every life-changing for their character.

There are very few limitations on what you can do in Bitlife, as you can turn your character into a famous rapper, a global icon, or even a criminal. The latter puts you at risk of ending up in prison. This is where our guide comes in, as it will help you escape from prison in Bitlife if you don't want to serve your full sentence and instead turn into a fugitive.

Prisons in Bitlife have varying degrees of security, ranging from minimum to maximum. Your sentence will depend on the crime you committed. Naturally, you would want to escape either of these jails because no one wants to be locked up in either of them. However, jailbreaks aren't easy. We have collected all Bitlife jail maps and instructions for escaping from prison below for your convenience.

How to Escape from Prison in Bitlife – Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

These are all the minimum and maximum prison map solutions for escaping in Bitlife. Escaping from these prisons is something that you can easily achieve on your own though.

1. 3×4 Prison Map

2. 3×5 Prison Map

3. 4×4  Prison Map

4. 4×4 Prison Map 2

5. 4×4 Prison Map 3

6. 5×4 Prison Map

7. 5×5 Prison Map

8. 5×6 Prison Map

9. 5×7 Prison Map

10. 5×7 Prison Map 2

11. 6×5 Prison Map

12. 6×6 Prison Map

13. 6×6 Prison Map 2

14. 7×4 Prison Map

How to Escape from Prison in Bitlife – Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

Bitlife's maximum security prisons are brutal to crack and escape from. If you commit a serious crime, such as murder or attempted murder, you will end up in a maximum security prison. Here are the map guides to help you escape maximum security prisons.

1. 8×7 Prison Map Layout

2. 8×8 Prison  Map Layout

3. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

4. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

5. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

6. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

7. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

8. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

9. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

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