Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic to Score More Sales

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to increase website traffic. Bringing targeted traffic to your website to increase sales requires complex methods. Several tasks must be handled simultaneously in creating, optimizing, and managing internet advertising campaigns to increase your website's targeted traffic and a higher conversion rate.

There are many ways to increase website traffic. To reach the largest audience possible and bring quality traffic to your website, your internet marketing plan should use a combination of methods. Below are some strategies to increase your targeted traffic and generate sales for your business.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of a thousand online marketing techniques available in the market these days. It's an old marketing strategy that works when used appropriately or applied to one's advantage.

It's affordable, if not the cheapest, which means capturing quality and laser-targeted website traffic to one's websites. One need not go the distance or purchase expensive software equipment to implement an article marketing campaign full-blown.

Articles should be of high quality, engaging, and keyword enriched. You can always outsource your project's writing portion to someone with the writing skills.

You don't need to spend that much on it. You will find many talented writers who would love to do some part-time work for you by writing articles that will appeal to your target audience.

This marketing method will allow you and your writers to understand article marketing well and draw quality and laser-targeted traffic.

Why is article marketing such an effective technique anyway? This is because an article's click is genuine and has a better chance of being converted into actual customers. 

Bluehost and DreamHost are decent hosting options if you want to start your own website and employ article marketing. 

Why does article marketing work so well? The fact that the reader clicked on the link in the author's resource box suggests that they enjoyed what they were reading and were eager to learn more about the subject.

Thus, an article marketing professional must publish only the best and most interesting articles in their portfolio to avoid wasting the traffic generated by the piece. Here are some more tips on creating a successful article marketing campaign.

Topics You Know: You might get tempted to write something about the most popular or most clicked topic on the World Wide Web, but if you don't know anything about it, your plan might backfire on you. It is thus imperative that you write about matters that you know or which you have had extensive research on.

2. Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental practices of SEO.

By using free online tools like the Google keyword tool, you can easily find the short-tail and long-tail keywords specific to your target market and those words and phrases your audience uses to search for your product and services.

While free tools like Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere can be beneficial, I have found that the most premium SEO tools, like SEMrush, are far more accurate and can help you get the best results out of keyword research.

Once you use a keyword tool, you'll see how easy it is to drill down to those words and phrases that do not have so much competition yet still have a fair amount of monthly traffic. 

To receive the best results and increase your website traffic, you want to use long-tail keywords, groups of three or more words people use when searching for information.

Think about the last time you conducted an online search. How many words did you type in? More than likely, it was four or more, such as “how to use keywords to attract more website traffic.”

All of those words within the quotation marks can be used as a long-tail keyword, and more than likely will allow you to receive more traffic to your website than only using “how to use keywords.” Using this phrase, you'll find that competition for it is too high, resulting in less traffic.

When writing any content for your website, you also want to use your primary keywords in the title, first sentence, last paragraph, and every 90 words. You want to try not to exceed 2 to 3% saturation, which means the target word should not make up more than 2% to 3% of the total words.

You also want to look online for many tools to track which keywords you can rank best. Your objective is to attract increased website traffic, which means you want to be within the top 10. That will put you on a Google search result page's first page.

One of the tools that are free and very easy to use is Google analytics. With this, you can insert all of your keywords to see how well you rank for each. 

Blogging Marketing Drive Traffic for Sales

3. Blogging

By implementing the strategies and techniques for using keywords to attract increased website traffic, you will increase your website and visitors with regular use.

Blogging is a strategy in which you can write and post your thoughts on your site. This is very interactive since blogging usually allows people to comment. 

Also, it is very personal since you write it yourself. Receiving comments from readers would improve your business since it will give you an idea of what they think of your products and service, and even your website itself, from which you could base your actions. Since there's open communication between you and your readers, there's a big chance that you'll develop rapport with them.

Another advantage of blogging is that it ranks high in search engines. This is because search engines prefer the frequent updating of the blog's content. A high ranking in search engines means higher site traffic. 

However, there's a downside to blogging. You might not have to invest money in blogs since you could create them for minimal cost or even free. On the other hand, you have to invest your time and effort since you have to do it yourself and because you have to update it frequently for it to be effective.

4. Website Content

Content is the primary key to our success in increasing our website traffic. Content is the king of the website. Users will visit your website to read content that can help solve their doubts. 

If the content is updated regularly and attractive, they might be back repeatedly. They would also tell other people to visit your website by posting the links on Facebook or other social media.

Only use one umbrella for the whole area

You get a particular joy when you regularly visit a website that provides various information, especially if the information is fascinating.

However, SEO rules are not under this belief. If you want to increase the traffic to your website, it is imperative to put the content under one big umbrella for everything. 

I mean here that it would be more delightful for the reader to visit a website with a particular theme or topic to discuss rather than one that provides many things.

You can start by deciding on a topic that becomes the big umbrella for the area you want to discuss. It is highly suggested to determine a very familiar main topic around you, such as gardening, house, improvement, smartphone applications, etc. 

Do not choose a topic that requires you to search the sources for hours only for an article. It would waste your time and make you feel bored even before filling your website with articles. 

You have to remember here that articles discussing simple things are the ones people love to search and read; therefore, choose the main topics around these rules.

5. Facebook Marketing

With nearly a billion active users, Facebook is the biggest platform you can use for internet marketing. It's a great way to connect to your target market and friends and establish and humanize your brand and company to open a conversation line with your market. Here are some tips to boost your website traffic through Facebook.

  • Create and Complete Your Profile Strategically

Always consider your goals when you write your profile; establish yourself as an expert in your field right from the profile. Make sure you choose the photos, videos, and personal interests you include in your profile relevant to your account's purpose.

  • Find Friends, Build Relationships

Expand your network by finding friends; use the search tool to find more people. You can search through names, schools, company names, etc. You can also find people by looking at your contact's “friends” list. Don't just randomly add people, though. Find people you share the same interests with.

  • Join Groups or Make Your Own Group

Find more people with the same interest and in the same field as you through groups. Most often than not, people from these groups are your target market. 

Join these groups, introduce yourself and make friends with them to establish relationships with these people. You can also create your group, invite people and manage the page, giving you power over the group page.

  • Make A Fan Page and Become A Fan To Other Pages

The Facebook Fan Page feature allows you to utilize Facebook in the best way possible for social media marketing. It's a great platform to showcase what you can do, your business, brand, and company, the latest news in your market, your offers, etc. 

There are endless things you can do with it, plus it allows you to reach a wider audience and have as many “likes” as possible, meaning more people will see your updates.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email for delivery, rather than standard mail, as traditional direct marketing campaigns. Email marketing is used by businesses, politicians, nonprofit organizations, charities, and other websites to increase website traffic. The emails are sent to current or potential customers to increase traffic to the advertiser's website.

There are several benefits to email marketing to increase website traffic compared with traditional direct marketing by mail. Email allows you to reach more potential customers than would be achieved through a typical direct mail campaign. In addition, the traffic will include people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Your emails could result in high website traffic since you already have a set of people who have shown interest in your business by signing up or agreeing to be on your list. 

By allowing themselves to be on your list, they have agreed to receive any email you send them. You are guaranteed an audience for your ads and traffic when these recipients of your email would visit your site. 

But despite this advantage, email marketing is very laborious since you have to spend time making your list, your email good enough to pass through spam screens, and making your emails attractive enough to be opened.

YouTube Content Marketing

7. YouTube

Creating YouTube videos isn't a complex thing, although making money on YouTube can be very challenging. All you need knowledge of is how to operate a camera and how to look good on a camera. Once you've created your video, upload it to YouTube and start getting traffic from it. If sitting behind a camera isn't your style, you should consider making something called a “screencast.”

A screencast is simply a video that records your computer screen. If your computer has the appropriate software and the right components, you can hear your voice clearly during the recording process. The better the video, the better your chances of having someone subscribe to you on YouTube and getting repeat visitors whenever you upload something new.


I recommend you try these techniques and give them some time to produce results. Have patience, and you're going to see increased website traffic without any doubt. Now, it's up to you to decide which one would work best for you.

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