The Best Tank Games on PC in 2023

What are the best PC tank games of 2022? The thrill of riding into battle in a tank and unleashing its devastating power lures many gamers. However, it's not easy to find the best PC tank games. If you are looking for the best tank games to experience either in arcade style or a more nerve-wrenching tank simulator setting on PC, this is the list you are looking for.

Here are the best PC tank games, from highly realistic, control-driven sims to arcadey point-and-explode shoot 'em-ups (and maybe even an obscure anime RPG or two).


War Thunder is difficult for novice players and less accessible than the second game on our list, World of Tanks. Once you have a strategy you like, you will spend hours on the details that make your tank a tour de force.

War Thunder favors hardcore tacticians, genius statisticians, and obsessive attention to detail. This is the leviathan of free-to-play tank games. Unlike World of Tanks, War Thunder can't claim to be accessible. There are so many different tanks that it is easy to spend hours researching one wrong tank. War Thunder's armor penetration mechanic is complex, requiring careful consideration before firing one shot.

As with lining up a shot from a sniper rifle, War Thunder requires that you carefully plan and time your shots. One misstep can ruin a game, as its mechanics are much closer to a tank warfare simulator than an arcade game.


This free-to-play game offers an arcade-like experience with tanks for those who prefer something less realistic. You can choose from over 250 tanks in various styles and colors from all around the globe.

You'll unlock more tanks and move up the tiers as you play. There are also regular updates that will keep you entertained. World of Tanks was released after a lengthy beta period. It now has a constant concurrent player count across Steam and consoles.

World of Tanks will not satisfy those looking for a tough, challenging game that you can master repeatedly. This free-to-play titan provides fast, frantic gameplay with only a few realistic elements. This game is excellent for casual gamers who want to experience more tanking and offers enough depth and progression to keep them invested in unlocking the final tiers.

World of Tanks' greatest strength may be its over 800-strong roster of armored vehicles. These range from scout cars to battle tanks. World of Tanks has various vehicles, including those from France, Great Britain and Japan, Czechoslovakia, and the United States and China.

If you are stuck in a dilemma between War Thunder and World of tanks, our comparison of the two games may help you pick a side.


Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play MMO recreates key campaigns of WWII in atmospheric detail. It also includes many tanks you can deploy and manage throughout the fight.

Because the game is based on historical accuracy, every tank and armored vehicle in each campaign corresponds to those available during the actual war. Each member of your AI squad can specialize in a particular tactic. You can view the entire battle from the relative safety of your steel fortress or switch to infantry and aircraft to get a different perspective.


Steel Armor: Blaze of War introduces a new way to play tank games. It looks back at the battlefields of the 1980s Iran/Iraq conflict. Tank fans will love the meticulous attention to detail. There are only two tanks, but they are both rendered in stunning detail. Despite being difficult to access at times, steel Armor's passion for military hardware makes it an essential game for tank game veterans and wargame fans who desire a more modern setting. Nothing is more exciting than driving around in a car and blowing things up.


Armored Warfare is the same game as World of Tanks in that the tags ‘MMO, free-to-play, and ‘tanks' apply to both, but there are key differences that ensure that both games are well worth the effort tank gamers. Armored Warfare is a way to bring World of Tanks' approachable gameplay to a modern era. This allows tankers to have more equipment, better tanks, and more options for their tank tech, which adds an incredible variety to the core gameplay.

Armored Warfare adds PVE to the mix, allowing you and your friends to team up to take on AI foes, progressing through tanks without losing to PVP pros.


Battlefield 2042 is a game that combines arms warfare like no other. Tanks and other vehicles influence the game's pace and flow. These vehicles can be irritating, especially for infantry players.

There are many weaponry options available to you to destroy tanks. Battlefield 2042's rear end is like any other game in this franchise. The damage done varies depending on which weapon or gear you use.

Battlefield 2042 currently has two types of tanks: the M1A5 for the US team and the T28 for the Russian No Pats.

Battlefield 2042 has you rampaging all over the map, damaging other soldiers' plans untold. This is tank gameplay at its most powerful. It allows players to be Death on tracks, leaving behind any strategy or tactic as they zip around the map, swapping shells for XP.


Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition is a Steam release combining two classic titles. It is hours upon endless hours of driving tanks through World War II battlefields and blowing up stuff. Panzer Elite Action is an engaging tank game that's easy to master. This game is about how you survive famous historical campaigns to fight another day.

Panzer Elite Action allows you to choose between the Axis and Allies sides in a wide variety of famous conflicts and swing the trajectory of the war in your favor. Panzer Elite Action gives your control over four to five tanks, and you can go off and blow stuff up while hiding behind hedgerows. Although it lacks the realist appeal of Panzer Elite, Panzer Elite Action is still an engaging experience.


Valkyria Chronicles revolves around World War II, in an alternate European setting. While you'll be playing as both the Empire and the Federation, the two main factions are the Federation.

Sega's tactical RPG puts you in the shoes of a commander leading troops to battle. Tanks are among the units you can call upon as you battle foes in turn-based battles. Europe's pre-1945 political climate inspired the setting of Valkyria Chronicles 4. However, visually it is closer to an anime game, which gives the game a charm compared to other tank-based games.

Your arsenal will include light, medium, and heavy tanks, each with advantages and disadvantages. Light tanks are great for moving quickly to the front and gaining an initial advantage. But, heavy tanks, which can bring up the rear, could be the difference makers in key battles.


Arma 3 MMO tactical shooting game features realistic ground, sea, and air combat as well a large number of vehicles, cutting-edge weapons, and vehicles. You can play with your squads and accomplish missions against highly competent AI or take on other squads.

Arma 3 will take place in a dystopian world in 2035. It comes with state-of-the-art weaponry. You can use the laser rangefinder to aim at the bad guys and hit them even when they hide in the darkness.

It is unquestionably one of the most thrilling experiences available for gamers.


PlanetSide 2, an MMO first-person shooter, is set in an open world where players compete for control of many territories.

If you love non-stop wars and frequent power shifts and enjoy fighting for every territory and base that is captured or lost, this game is right for you. The control over territories gives players bonuses. Experience points enable players to unlock new skills and weapons as well as vehicle upgrades.

PlanetSide 2 is an excellent tank game not only because of its unique technology and innovative ideas but because of the unique representation of the war zone.


While tanks aren't the primary focus of this realism-heavy Eastern Front shooter, the seamless incorporation into the mud-and-guts gameplay makes for some fantastic tanking moments.

Red Orchestra 2 employs the same ballistics and armor penetration mechanics as War Thunder. It ensures that every encounter between two tanks becomes an adrenaline-fuelled duel, where precision and knowledge triumph over brute power.


Company of Heroes 2 brings the RTS gameplay of its predecessor to the Eastern Front. It is a SEGA game about tactical ingenuity and making the most of your tank tanks. Company of Heroes 2 will require you to employ actual battlefield tactics to repel the Axis threat.

The tanks of Company of Heroes2 can deliver a devastating punch and turn the tide of any battle. They are fun to shoot at enemy infantry units and watch the casualties increase. Company of Heroes 2, like all good tank games, recognizes the vulnerability of a tank and punishes those who send their armored units into combat without proper caution.


Panzer Corps 2, the successor to Panzer General, brings old-school turn-based strategic gaming at its finest. You are responsible for overseeing operations for the Axis forces and being on the wrong side of history.

Panzer Corps 2 has over 800 unit types and 20 unit classes. This allows for endless attacking options for both sides. It is difficult enough to understand, but each unit is assigned roughly 20 parameters that determine its strengths or weaknesses. There is an argument to be made about complexity over substance, but fans of strategy games and tank warfare will enjoy it.

This concludes our list of the best tank games for PC, but if you are interested in more, you can check our comprehensive list of best free PC games and our list of the best gacha games for a complete change of scenery.

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