6 Best Steam Skins for 2022: How to Get & Install Them

If you are looking for Skins to alter your usual Steam interface we have you covered with some of the best Steam skins that still function quite well. I dare say that the experience these skins deliver is quite subpar compared to the default Steam skin though, mostly due to the lack of maintenance and updates.

So while I recommend keeping the default skin, if you are looking for some alternatives here is how to install new skin themes and some of my favorite picks.

How to install a steam skin

  • Download the skin files using the links below.
  • Extract and drop them into your Steam skins folder in your Steam directory (if the folder does not exist create it).
Steam Skins folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Skins
  • Head to Settings > Interface
  • Pick the skin you want from the “select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)” drop down menu.
Steam Settings > Interface select the skin you wish Steam to use
Image Credit: Valve/Steam
  • Restart Steam to apply your skin choice.

Note: Most of these themes have not been updated in the last 2-3 years so some newer Steam functions may not display properly. While Metro and Air especially come highly recommended in terms of elegance this is something to keep in my when trying out a new Steam skin.

Metro Steam Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam


With Metro, Steam's default skin gets a sleeker, darker, and more professional look with a compact format. The skin provides easy access to Steam's download page and friends list on the taskbar, as well as a slick in-game overlay. There is even a third-party browser tool that allows you to further customize metro. You can choose the accent color, font, and decal, then drop the generated file into the Metro folder for a customized look.

Download: Steam skins

Steam Air Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam


Air seems to be based on Metro but overall I find a more minimal sleek and compact skin. The burger menu at the top left corner is far less cluttered with Air while the rest of the skin looks pretty similar

Download: Steam group.

Steam Plexed Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam


Plexed features back and forwards arrows, albeit not the best looking ones, and a really nice gradient at the top. Note that the skin was last updated more than three years ago so you may encounter some functionality issues, especially with the library. It's also definitely less sleek and clean-looking compared to Air and Metro.

Download: GameBanana.

Pixelvision 2 Steam Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam

Pixelvision 2

Pixelvision is no longer updated, but the skin still works. However, if you want a more updated alternative, the community-driven project Pixelvision 2 has replaced Pixelvision since its last update back in 2015. The skin is a bit cluttered, especially the taskbar, with the tabs looking not that great, frankly, but it's worth checking out.

Download: Pixelvision 2 community group.

Old Flat Green Steam Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam

Old Flat Green

This is quite a bizarre flat screen, especially in 2022, and for most, it probably looks way too cluttered and old school. Thankfully we have moved to much sleeker and minimal UI designs since the days of Old Flat Green. The skin has the theme of an old Windows application with a clutter-free design, at least for its time. For those who wish to change from the default skin and want to go all-retro, this is definitely one to try (definitely not my thing though).

Download: GitHub.

Invert Steam Skin
Image Credit: Valve/Steam

Invert is the best theme I have found for those who are looking for a non-dark theme. It sort of inverts the colors of the Steam theme and delivers an interface that looks quite similar to a macOS application. Since the changes to Steam's interfaces are minor you may as well experience fewer issues compared to PixelVision 2 and Plexed.

Download: GameBanana

Create your own Steam skin

Create your own Steam skin with the Steam Customiser website. You can customize each part of the client with different colors. Now is your chance to create a visually stunning client of your own making. You must register on the site to create a skin, and you must install a skin manager to apply the skin. Nevertheless, it's a quick way to get the rainbow Steam client you've always wanted. 

Link: Steam customizer.

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