Best Social Media Image Sizes in 2023 [Full Guide]

Everything you need to know about the best images sizes for social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and the best image sizes for bloggers and email marketers!

social media image sizes

This guide will help you keep up-to-date, regardless of whether you are responsible for social media at your business or in a marketing agency. 

The Best Instagram Picture Size

Instagram is not just a platform for square-shaped photos; it now supports various horizontal photo aspect ratios. At the same time, features such as Reels and Stories allow you to add videos.

These are all the types of images you can create on Instagram and their respective ideal sizes:

  • Instagram Square Photo?Image Size?1080x1080px?
  • Instagram Horizontal Image Size?1080x566px?
  • Instagram Ad Horizontal Image Size?1080 x 566px?
  • Instagram Landscape Post Image Size?1080x566px??
  • Instagram Reel Size?1080 x 1020 px
  • Instagram Feed Image Size?1080 x 1350 px?
  • Instagram IGTV Cover Size?420 x 654 px?
  • Instagram Ad Square Image Size1080x1080px?
  • Instagram Portrait Post Image Size?1080 x 1350 px?
  • Instagram Ad Portrait Post Image Size?-1080 x 1350 px?
  • Instagram Story?Size?1080 x 2048 px. The maximum file size for Instagram stories is 4GB but this should primarily concern those who post video stories.?
  • Instagram Photo Thumbnail Size?161×161 px. This is the smallest image size Instagram uses to resize posts in your feed. However, we recommend using a higher resolution and letting Instagram downscale it for better results.?
  • Instagram Profile Photo?Size?110 x 110 px. These images will be displayed as a circle. This is important to remember if your logo is square. You can place the element in this spot and not crop out edges. The best profile picture should be 110×110 px.?

Instagram will preserve the resolution of your photos if you upload them directly to the app. You can reduce the resolution of your content by using a third-party tool. You may have to be more involved in posting content here. Compare the two to see if there is a difference. If you don't notice a difference, it could be that your tool is not causing the problem.

Best Twitter Image Sizes

  • Twitter Profile picture ? 400×400 px (2MB maximum file size). This profile picture, like Instagram, is cut into a circle. 
  • Twitter Banner Size (Header) ? 1500×500 px (5MB maximum file size). Your Twitter profile's header image occupies so much space on your page's top, so you need to use it to your advantage to grab the visitors' attention. 
  • Twitter Share image ? 1200 x 675 px
  • Tweet Share-link with an Image ? 800 x 418 px
  • Twitter Website Card ? 1024×512 px 
  • Twitter Instream Photo File Size ? 5 MB maximum file size for photos, 3 MB max for gifs on mobile; 15MB if uploaded from desktop to native application 

You can upload up to 4 images per tweet to create an image gallery, a concept similar to Instagram's Carousels.

Twitter boasts a staggering 67,000,000 active users each month, which is just as impressive as ever. It has seen some UI improvements over the years. If you haven't updated in a while, it is worth returning to look.

Best YouTube Image Sizes 

Large screens such as a TV can view YouTube channels, which can be a challenge when designing the ideal banners and channel art. These dimensions will ensure that your header looks excellent on any screen.?

  • YouTube Banner Size ? 2560×1140 px
  • YouTube Channel Art Image Image Size (header) ? 2560×1440 px
  • YouTube Size Leaderboard ? 728×90 px 
  • YouTube Thumbnail Size  ? 1280×720 px 
  • YouTube Channel Icon Size ? 800×800 px 
  • YouTube Rectangle Image Size ? 180×150 px  
  • YouTube Display Ad 1 Image size ? 300×60 px 
  •  YouTube Display Ad Size 2 ? 300×250 px
  • YouTube Overlay Ad Size ? 468×60 px 

YouTube may not be a photo-sharing site as other social media platforms, but images are still important. With more than?a billion users?on YouTube, you mustn't leave a negative impression with the images you use for YouTube ads and your channel's landing page.

The Perfect Pinterest Image Size

Although Instagram and Facebook are getting most of the attention, Pinterest has the fastest growing platform. 88% of Pinterest users pin products to buy. Remember that the images constantly pinned to Pinterest are at the heart of all this success and growth.

  • Pinterest Large Thumbnail Size ? 220×150 px 
  • Pinterest Small Thumbnail Size ? 55 x 55 px 
  • Pinterest Profile Photo Size ? 165x165px
  • Pinterest Board Cover Size ? 222 x 150 px
  • Pinterest Pin Image Dimension ? 800 x 1200 px (While this is the standard size for Pins, you can ramp it up to even 800×2000 to make your Pin stand out in users' feeds). 

Pins that lead Pinterest users to your website are the foundational piece of all the growth and success on Pinterest.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with business-focused people. The company initially created its social media platform to help people find new jobs and showcase their work experiences. You can still use LinkedIn for that purpose, but it has evolved a lot in the years since its inception and now serves as a great platform for B2B relationships.

  • LinkedIn Share Image Size ? 1104 x 736 px
  • LinkedIn Image Size Posts ? 1200×628 px 
  • LinkedIn Personal Photo Size ? 1584×396 px 
  • LinkedIn Company Banner Image ? 646 x 220 px
  • LinkedIn Company Cover Photo ? 1536×768 px 
  • LinkedIn Profile Photo Size ? 400×400 px. A high-resolution profile picture on LinkedIn is the best to promote your brand. 
  • LinkedIn Company Hero Image Size ? 1128×376 px 
  • LinkedIn Company Logo Image Dimension ? 300 x 300 px
  • LinkedIn Square Logo Image Dimension ? 60×60 px 

Snapchat Image size

Snapchat, one of the fastest-growing platforms with a huge appeal to younger audiences, is limited to just one image size:

  • Snapchat Photo Size ? 1080 x 1920 px 

Recommended Image Sizes for Bloggers & Email Marketers

Although these images are not intended for social media, they can be used as a part of your online marketing efforts.

  • Email Header Size?? 600 x 200 px
  • Blog Featured Images ? 1200×675 px is what most modern blogs use to preserve a 16:9 aspect ratio.?
  • Blog Image?Size ? 750 x 750 px?

There are many standards for image sizes in blogs and emails, but these are the most popular. Emails with featured images are what third-party social media sharing tools will pull when someone attempts to share your content. You can also share your blog content with images.

Google Display Network (GDN) Image Sizes (Display Advertising)

GDN can be a great way to reach highly targeted audiences using Google AdWords and PPC campaigns.

  • Medium Rectangle Image Size ? 300 x 250 px 
  • Large Rectangle Image Size ? 336 x 280 px 
  • Leaderboard Image Size ? 728 x 90 px 
  • Half Page Image Size ? 300 x 600 px 
  • Banner Image Size ? 468×60 px 
  • Half Banner Image Size 300 x 400 px 
  • Large Skyscraper Image Size 160 x 600 px 
  • Skyscraper Image Size – 120 x 600 px  
  • Small Square Image Size 200 x 200 px 

WhatsApp Image Sizes

WhatsApp is well-known for its one-to-1 messaging capabilities, but the network also offers creative business apps that many have taken advantage of.

WhatsApp boasts 1.5 billion MAUs and is increasingly popular with marketers who want to leverage this platform. These are the most recommended image sizes for WhatsApp. Profile picture – A profile picture should not exceed 192px 192px. It can either be a JPG image or a PNG image. It should be at least 500x500px.

These are additional WhatsApp image sizes that you should keep in mind

  • WhatsApp Profile Picture Size ? 500 x 500 px (use this size for the best profile picture). 
  • WhatsApp Square Image Size ? 800 x 800 px 
  • WhatsApp Story Image Size ? 754 x 1334 px

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