Best Roblox Games in 2022

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Roblox was created in 2006 but it keeps rising in popularity thanks to the incredible variety of experiences available in the metaverse. You will find pet collection games, fighter games, racing games, action RPGs, tower defense games, and many many more.

With millions of games available, it is important to know which ones are worthy of your time. That’s why I compiled a list of the best Roblox games of the year. From action games to building your own home or even city as an aspiring architect, or engaging in social deduction and run-for-your-life games.

Most of the games are free, but some of them cost Robux and even offer game passes.

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The Best Roblox Games List

Without further ado, here are the best online games to play on Roblox in 2021.

Squid Game 2021 Netflix
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

Squid Game

Squid Game has been breaking records as one of the best shows on Netflix and now it’s about time to start breaking records on Roblox! The only way out of your debt seems to be winning the Squid Game. It is important to follow all the rules of the game, or you will be eliminated. As a strategy for winning, it is strongly recommended that you form alliances during the intermission nights.

A smart, strategy game on the Roblox metaverse? I’m 100% sold. If you are getting started with Squid Game on Roblox make sure to check our Squid Game codes list.

Adopt me wallpaper with a giraffe weaing a hat
Best Roblox Games in 2022 8

Adopt Me!

Building a home, collecting pets, and dressing them up based on the themes available on Adoption Island is a delightful experience, especially for younger audiences. Not only is this one of the best Roblox games, but it is also arguably the most popular one – ever.

Adopt Me! is a roleplaying game that mostly revolves around collecting pets these days. The game’s pet roster has expanded far beyond the cute mainstream of dogs and cats. Almost any animal you desire, including sea creatures, is available for adoption, even mythical ones!

brookhaven view from a home
Best Roblox Games in 2022 9

Brookhaven RP

It’s only been a little over a year since Brookhaven RP launched, but it’s catching up to even Adopt Me! in terms of popularity on the platform.

Roblox’s Brookhaven RP is a game that fits under the “Town & City” genre: a Sims-like game that combines customizable building systems with slice-of-life RPG gameplay. Unlike many others of its type, Brookhaven RP encourages players to jettison cutesy stylings and build a luxurious life for their avatars.

Players can now roleplay in themed houses together, such as Greek houses in a college setting. Brookhaven RP’s appeal as an RPG slightly more mature than Roblox is perfectly exemplified in this fantasy fulfillment geared toward young adults.

Roblox piggy. Two pigs wearing dresses and carrying baseball bats.
Best Roblox Games in 2022 10


In Piggy, kids’ animated TV-like aesthetics join survival mechanics and a very unsettling trap house setting in a serial Roblox horror game. A baseball bat-wielding cute piggy will hunt you throughout the building you are trapped in this Dead by Daylight/The Shining-styled game.

The only way to survive is to discover Piggy’s true origin before the beast hunts you down and annihilates you. Piggy is a great game to play with your friends just like Dead by Daylight is.

Welcome to Bloxburg
Best Roblox Games in 2022 11

Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is a Town & City game inspired by The Sims. You can get a job, spend time with friends, or seek adventure in the game world. This is what we’ve come to expect from the life simulation genre. The build mode in this game has also received praise.

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the few Roblox games you must purchase before playing. You need to spend 25 Robux to buy the game so you will have to purchase the 400 Robux pack, but it is definitely worth it.

Just look at these Bloxburg house ideas and you will instantly get tempted to play with what you can do in this Roblox game.

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Best Roblox Games in 2022 12


Roblox’s Arsenal is one of the most popular first-person shooting games on the site, with more than 2 billion visits and 5 million favorites since its creation in 2015. This is one of my favorite Roblox games as it takes a lot of skill to master and actually score some wins. This is an ideal game for fans of Counter-Strike, Valorant, and other popular FPS games.

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A prisoner wears manacles standing in a jail cell in Roblox jailbreak
Best Roblox Games in 2022 13


In Jailbreak, you can choose to play as either a hardened criminal or a law enforcement officer in what is a virtual online version of cops and robbers.

Jailbreak is as close to a kid-friendly Grand Theft Auto 5 Online as you can get. You can play the game as a cop or a criminal. For the criminals, the goal is escaping jail and committing crimes for money to purchase better gear.

Police can also acquire weapons for their arsenal by exploring the city and taking out crooks for bounty money. Roblox regularly updates the game with new content, making it one of the most popular games on the platform.

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A group of anime characters using superpowers in All Star Tower Defense
Best Roblox Games in 2022 14

All Star Tower Defense

There are many anime-themed Roblox games, but All Star Tower Defense is one of the best. Fight off waves of enemies with characters from your favorite anime series and learn new skills along the way. With tower defense games on the rise, you will definitely want to try this one out!

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murder myster 2 best roblox games
Best Roblox Games in 2022 15

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is somewhat like a Dead by Daylight and Among Us crossover. Murder Mystery 2 challenges you and your friends to survive each round while you try to figure out who is hunting you. I

The innocents have to work with the Sheriff, the only character with a gun, to find out who the killer is and to give them a taste of their own medicine before they turn you all into fish food. With a little help from our list of Murder Mystery 2 codes, you can also collect some cool free knives. You can also get started with trading MM2 knives with our MM2 values list.

World Zero Roblox
Best Roblox Games in 2022 16

World // Zero

Roblox’s World // Zero is one of the most impressive games you will find. In this MMORPG-style game, you create your own character, make a class choice, and then gain XP, shop, and play challenges in a hub world. You’ll have the chance to explore different worlds and dungeons as you earn the sweetest loot.

The high production value of this game demonstrates what a group of dedicated gamers can do with Roblox’s game creation platform. Quite possible the best Roblox game so far.

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TmGTiIv8djzUZbj65Iw3OnTF7cfPk5ZhhbjkP1MlfqWagJ X |
Best Roblox Games in 2022 17

Build a Boat for Treasure

You and a group of friends can build a boat in Build a Boat for Treasure and then go throw multiple obstacles to reach the location of the treasure. You must craft your boat together and then survive a variety of trials and environments in order to get the sweet loot that you all crave. This game is similar to Sea of Thieves.

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Anime fighting simulator
Best Roblox Games in 2022 18

Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator specializes in anime battles as the name implies. As you face off against powerful bosses, you will unlock swords and special powers to defeat them.

Anime Fighting Simulator is a video game owned by BlockZone studio, created by MarmDev, and currently directed by Nyxun. Anime Fighting Simulator is a training game inspired by a number of popular anime shows. It was released on October 4th, 2019. Improve your physical and mental strength to become the best fighter.

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47e3428432c58116ca3e987d061c07f3 |
Best Roblox Games in 2022 19


In a similar fashion to Adopt Me!, MeepCity is set in an open world where you can adopt a Meep creature and design your house. You can even choose the location of your home.

What separates MeepCity is that it is geared towards players who want to build their own homes, so it allows a different level of imagination and creativity to come out. In MeepCity, you can play mini-games to earn currency to buy furniture and other items to decorate your new home.

shindo life best roblox anime games
Best Roblox Games in 2022 20

Shindo Life

A spiritual successor to the original Naruto-style game, Shinobi Life, and one of the best Roblox games ever. Shindo Life was originally called Shinobi Life 2. Despite the name change Shindo Life remains extremely popular and is one of the best anime-themed games in the metaverse. Using spins, you claim new bloodlines that grant you special abilities as you face off against foes.

If you love Naruto and action anime in general you should definitely jump into Shindo Life.

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Five Anime Mania heroes looking at the camera fluffy Ichigo naruto goku
Best Roblox Games in 2022 21

Anime Mania

You can play as characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, and much more in Anime Mania. The game suggests you spend some of your gems on a few characters after joining. To make your team, you should equip 3 of these characters.

You can play the game by starting a room, inviting your friends, or playing alone after creating your team. Collect characters, win arenas, and upgrade them!

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best roblox games
Best Roblox Games in 2022 22

Grand Piece Online

One of the best – if not the best – One Piece-themed game on Roblox. Create your own hero with a fully customizable appearance and venture through the anime’s, fight popular bosses and acquire swords, devil fruits, and other awesome stuff.

Grand Piece online costs 200 Robux, but the developers have put an insane amount of effort into the game so you will definitely love it. Definitely one of the best Roblox games overall.

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A man in a pirate hat in Grand Piece online
Best Roblox Games in 2022 23

Blox Fruits

With Blox Fruits, you can become a pirate and take to the vast open oceans to fight powerful enemies in challenging boss battles. As the name implies this is another One Piece-themed Roblox game, so you will have to go against the strongest pirates in the world.

As you train to become the strongest player ever, you will become a master swordsman or a powerful devil fruit user. If you want to find hidden treasures, you can face tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean. 

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