The Best Mobile Idle Games to Pass the Time

The best mobile idle games are ideal when you just want something to keep your fingers busy while you relax your mind. After all, not every game needs to be a strategic challenge or a …

Best Mobile Idle Games

The best mobile idle games are ideal when you just want something to keep your fingers busy while you relax your mind. After all, not every game needs to be a strategic challenge or a high-octane adventure. Sometimes, we can have plenty of fun just tapping on our screen or completing simple tasks to collect points.

Mobile idle games are often a top choice when you don?t have a lot of time to invest into a game, or you?re simply too tired to give something your complete focus. They can also be surprisingly addictive, with many of us spending hours at a time on our favorite titles.

The question is, which mobile idle games are best? If you?re looking for a lot of fun for minimal effort, the following list of gaming apps could be ideal for you.

1. AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist Trailer Video

AdVenture Communist is one of those ultra-relaxing games which really has no right being as fun as it is. The attractive title is brimming with gorgeous animation, so it?s a treat for the eyes when you?re planning. When you download this title, you?ll take on the role of a dictator who?s taking a hands-on approach to managing an entire country.

You?ll start with a small potato farm, where you?ll need to dig regularly for produce and sell what you grow to make a profit. As you make more money, you?ll be able to upgrade your farm, and tap into other sources of revenue, like experimenting with science and buying soldiers. The game is super straightforward, and comes with snippets of story in the form of character cards to keep you entertained. You will have to deal with a few ads from time to time though.

2. Giraffe Evolution

Giraffe Evolution - Clicker Game for iPhone and Android

An underrated but deceptively fun idle game, Giraffe evolution is one of a series of similar games from the same developer. You start with a couple of basic giraffes on your screen which you can combine to create new ?evolutions?. As new giraffes emerge, you can continue to combine them together, creating ever more weird and wonderful creatures.

The title is very creative, and each new creature discovery feels like a real treat. To make the experience even more exciting, there are new levels and worlds to unlock as your giraffes get bigger. Plus, the game is brimming with pop-up jokes, puns, and news alerts designed to make you laugh. If giraffes aren?t your thing, the developer ?Tapps Games? has a lot of other options available in the same style, including spiders, turtles, unicorns, cows, and snakes.

3.?Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker Steam Official Trailer

For most people, Cookie Clicker is the ?OG? idle mobile game. You tap a huge cookie in the middle of the screen to make money and upgrade your experience. Making money allows you to purchase features which increase your cookie production. For instance, you can buy auto-clickers, grandmas to help you bake more cookies, and farms for growing cookie plants.

There are tons of progression-related achievements to unlock, which means you?re constantly working towards new goals. You can also create different types of cookies, which is a lot of fun. At the start, the game can feel a little slow, butt it quickly ramps up in pace when you start adding new features to your cookie-creation journey. Not only is this game available on mobile, but you can play it on the web too, with no download required.

4.?Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire Trailer

Want all the fun of cryptocurrency investing without the risk? Try Bitcoin Billionaire. The idle clicker is all about earning as many coins as you can through fast screen tapping, upgrades, and smart investments. You?ll start off in a small office environment, where your character sits, gradually mining Bitcoin. The more Bitcoin you make, the more profits you?ll earn, which you can invest in upgrades, as well as entertainment centers, and priceless artworks.

Bitcoin Billionaire even sends you hurtling through various different eras and environments, where you can find all-new achievements and upgrades. There are hovering delivery drones dropping off occasional bonuses, and you can access free holiday updates and extras. There?s even an option to customize your character.

5.?Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle - Official Trailer

What better way to relax and unwind than by creating liveable habitats for adorable penguins? Penguin Isle is a game where you start with a small icy island that you?ll be able to gradually update and enhance over time. The longer you play, the more different types of penguins you can unlock and welcome onto your island. Plus, you can attract other arctic animals too.

It?s wonderful to see your penguin world come to life with different decorations and fun locations for the creatures to explore. You can customize your island however you like, so there?s a lot of freedom to really let your creative side show through. If you want a game that?s brimming with cute elements and doesn?t have a lot of challenges connected to it, this is the title for you.

6.?Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero - Launch Trailer

Feel like some goofy fun with a touch of adventure? Almost a Hero could be the perfect game for you. This role-playing style game puts you in control of a party of ?almost heroes?. They don?t have any great superpowers or skills, but each character comes with a fun personality and plenty of potential. You?ll start with characters who try to survive battles by waving sticks around. However, as you progress through the game, your character?s skills will improve.

Eventually, you?ll start dealing real damage to enemies, and you?ll collect more experience and gear as you go. Every character can be leveled up to a certain extent, and even trained to use specific abilities. The game is a lot of fun, and there are various elements you wouldn?t find in most idle games, like the ability to manage the stats of different heroes.

7.?Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon - Level Up!!!

If you like the idea of searching for treasure in the hidden depths of the earth, but you don?t want the vast options of something like Minecraft, Idle Miner Tycoon could be ideal for you. Similar to many of the other ?Tycoon? style games on the Idle market today, this title will allow you to gradually increase your earnings by upgrading your mine, searching for treasure, and eventually hiring specialists to do all the work for you.

You can customize your characters as you go and even discover new worlds where different treasures await. The good thing about Idle Miner is your mines will continue to run even when you?re not actively logged into the game. This means by the time you come back to your game each day, you should have collected a decent amount of money to invest into upgrades.

8. Bit City

Bit City Teaser

If you love the dopamine rush that comes with seeing your small amount of effort transform into something incredible, Bit City has you covered. This is a world development game where you start with a tiny town you need to build up into a massive empire. As you might expect, you need to collect cash so you can upgrade your environment, which means creating various businesses where you can start generating revenue. Over time, you?ll be able to fill your city with different kinds of buildings, as well as vehicles like ships, planes, and cars.

Not only does Bit City allow you to design your own thriving metropolis, but it also ensures you can customize the space you create with famous landmarks. You can add your own version of the golden gate bridge, for instance. The more landmarks and attractions you add, the more visitors you?ll attract to your location, which means more revenue for investing.

9.?Idle Apocalypse

Idle Apocalypse  Official Trailer Official TRAILER!! (FREE DOWNLOAD) #shorts

Featuring a wonderfully retro vibe, Idle Apocalypse if you like your idle games to have a touch of adventure. The interesting thing about this game is instead of trying to save the world by slaying demons and monsters, you?re on the other side of the battle. Idle Apocalypse makes you the leader of a slew of monsters, fighting against the heroes who come to steal your treasure.

You?ll be responsible for controlling a giant tower, packed with different creators like goblins, skeletons, and more. You develop your tower in tiers, each of which helps to produce a specific resource for your quest, like magical dust for research, or generators. Every time a monster is produced by your tower, it ventures out of the tower to fight adventurers. While this is technically an idle game, it does require a bit more strategy than most other competing titles.


Egg, Inc. - "Eggnition" [updated]

Fun and brimming with humor, Egg Inc is a title which revolves around exactly what you might expect ? egg production. You?ll be responsible for running an egg farm that needs to produce a massive number of eggs for constant distribution. The big red button on the bottom of your mobile screen is what you need to tap to send chickens to their coops for egg production. The more eggs you collect, the more money you make.

You?ll invest the cash you earn back into your egg farm, creating larger coops, enhanced delivery systems, and storage silos. There?s also the option to start gaining prestige, unlocking new kinds of eggs, and more. This is an excellent title with a surprising amount of depth to it when you consider how simple the game is intended to be.

11.?Dungeon Inc

Official  Dungeon Inc (by PikPok ) Announcement Trailer (iOS / Android)

Another phenomenal idle clicker game, Dungeon Inc has a similar feel to Idle Apocalypse. It gives you the freedom to develop your skills at being a ?bad guy?. You?ll be responsible for managing a dungeon, which starts small and gets gradually more impressive over time. As you finish missions and defeat enemies, you?ll collect resources you can invest back into your space, adding more sections to your dungeon and creating new monsters.

The cool thing about this game is how versatile it is. You?re not just making monsters to fight battles for you. There?s also the option to create buildings and tools to help you increase your revenue. You can recruit new monsters, explore new environments, and even battle your friends. Combine the delights of constant achievement with attractive imagery and graphics, and it's easy to see why this idle clicker has grown so popular.

12. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder Steam Trailer

Available both on mobile devices and Steam, Realm Grinder is an intricate idle title, with RPG elements. You?ll start with a small farm in the countryside, which you?re responsible for improving and upgrading over time. It?s up to you to add new buildings, create defenses, and discover spells to use against your enemies. You can even choose a faction to align with, and each faction has its own unique playstyle to discover.

For completionism gamers, there are endless discoveries to encounter and tons of achievements to get along the way. The great thing about Realm Grinder is it gives you a ton of freedom to play virtually however you choose. You don?t have to follow a pre-set path when it comes to developing your kingdom either. You?re free to customize however you like. If you like idle clickers which give you the power to explore your creative side, this is the title for you.

Enjoy some Idle Fun

The best idle mobile games are so much fun when you?re limited in time and mental focus. They?re a great way to keep your fingers and mind busy for as long as you like. Plus, many of the titles mentioned above come with components to keep you laughing and smiling.

If you have your own favorite idle clicker game, why not share it in the comments below?