25 Minecraft Staircase Designs and Ideas – 2022

Upgrade your style with these adorable Minecraft staircase designs and ideas to build. Select from all these awesome designs available and start building.

minecraft staircase ideas

Channelize your best interior design skills and make beautiful staircases to place in your buildings with these Minecraft staircase designs and ideas to build. Compliment the themes with the perfect staircases and enhance the ambiance of your Minecraft settings.

#1 Double-Staircase That Meets in the Middle – Grian

Image Credit: Grian

Give your building design the ultimate sophistication by adding this double-staircase case by Grian to its interior. You can easily travel from either side of it to save time and can connect the floors through it.

Follow the simplest steps of staircase formation by giving it a slight curve and then build a flat straight platform in between them. Use spruce, oak, or any other concrete material cause you can nail this design through any one of those.

#2 Free-Floating Staircase – Shinewbu

Free-Floating Staircase
Image Credit: Shinewbu

Creating the most elegant staircase design was never so easy. Shinewbu has brought you one of the best methods of making this stylish staircase.

These stairs seem to be floating because they are made by assembling the slabs close to each other and connecting them with the wall. It can be built by only using slabs instead of the ‘stairs’ tool within a few minutes.

#3 Broad Curved Staircase – McEnYoYo

Broad Curved Staircase
Image Credit: McEnYoYo

Everyone wants to know the secret to building the most perfectly curved staircase designs for their Minecraft world. Let’s find out how to do that as McEnYoYo spills all the secrets.

To bring the curve to the staircase, build a semicircle with stone or any other concrete material of your choice. Now keep adding layers to it and then all you have to do is to fill it up with nether or any other material you want.

#4 Inspiring Aquarium Staircase – sillyblocks

Inspiring Aquarium Staircase
Image Credit: sillyblocks

Bet you’ve never heard of an aquarium staircase that can be built in Minecraft and that too by using all the tools you already have. Want to find out how it’s done? Then here’s sillyblocks take on this idea.

The spiral staircase is built between some pillars so you can climb up and down easily. Right underneath the stairs, you are going to cage the area with some glass walls and fill it in with water, seagrass, and kelps.

#5 Nether Portal Staircase – FullySpaced

Nether Portal Staircase
Image Credit: FullySpaced

There are a million places in Minecraft where you can create a nether portal but FullySpaced took it a step further and built it in a staircase. 

The construction of this design starts simply by connecting two curved staircases to a common point. Put some plantation on the railing and some lamps. Finally, make the portal right in the middle of the two staircases and that’s it.

#6 Spiral Staircase Design For Beginners – Jansey

Spiral Staircase Design For Beginners
Image Credit: Jansey

Tired of not getting the perfect spiral in your staircases? Don’t you worry because nothing can go wrong with this spiral staircase design by Jansey.

All you need to do is to build a simple pole around which you will make the stairs. The trick you would hold onto is to use slabs instead of stairs to get cool twists and turns for getting a perfect spiral.

#7 Hanging Staircase Made of Stone – Taha gaming ir

Hanging Staircase Made of Stone
Image Credit: Taha gaming ir

Of course, you can’t hang staircases and then climb on them. But something similar has been done by Taha gaming ir tried to experiment with these ideas and successfully created the effect.

This idea is a little close to the floating stairs but you got to use the iron bars for holding them so they could hang from the ceiling. And most importantly, use stone slabs for the best finish.

#8 Twisted Spiral Staircase – Dissonance Gaming

Twisted Spiral Staircase
Image Credit: Dissonance Gaming

Give an exceptional twist to your staircases by making them at a 360 degrees angle to get the most incredible spiral staircase you’ve ever seen. As Dissonance Gaming demonstrates, create the design through pillars and stairs all coordinated in a well-structured way to attain symmetry. And then place it anywhere you want.

#9 Y-Shaped Staircase with a Half-Point – Smithy

Y-Shaped Staircase
Image Credit: Smithy

You can get as creative as you can with this next staircase design made by Smithy by only using spruce and cobblestones.

You just have to make a staircase leading to a half-point from where you will build two staircases to your left and right forming a y-shape. Repeat this pattern to get an even more complex yet wonderful design.

#10 Flower-Decorated Staircase – Zyl. Crft

Flower-Decorated Staircase
Image Credit: Zyl. Crft

Put these staircases in your garden, in your house, or wherever you want because once you place them there it’s hard to ignore their charm. See how Zyl. Crft beautifully arranged flowers and grass on these stairs.

Build them by using spruce, grass blocks, flowers, and fences. They will occupy a little space and yet contribute so much to its beauty that we can’t help but say that it is worth trying.

#11 Fancy Mansion Staircase – andyisyoda

Fancy Mansion Staircase
Image Credit: andyisyoda

Let the royal aesthetic take over your giant mansion staircase by taking inspiration from andyisyoda and building design. Broadening your stairs can make it look super fancy so in case you need a stair design for your castle or in your kingdom, they are the best fit for you. 

What brings elegance to this design is the red carpet that you can build using nether stones and white tiles which is modern and classic at the same time. 

#12 Dark Oak Staircase With Sleek Gaps – andyisyoda

Dark Oak Staircase With Sleek Gaps -
Image Credit: andyisyoda

A very unique and one of the most versatile staircase designs on this list is this dark-oak staircase presented by andyisyoda which can lead you straight to your basement or to your bunker bedroom.

Not only is it a conventional staircase but the way it is built is so interesting. Many upside-down staircases have been used which give sleek gaps and a checkered pattern on the side and it can be a great feature wall too.

#13 Wide Spiral Staircase – Dreymasmith Dreams

Wide Spiral Staircase -
Image Credit: Dreymasmith Dreams

Now that you’ve read this far, you probably get the idea of spiral staircase construction, but to bring perfection and some uniqueness to it, take a look at this design by Dreymasmith Dreams.

This particular staircase is wide and is made up of multi-colored stones. Make an L-shape with red slabs and place prismarine blocks just above that to make another L-shape. Repeat this pattern and get an amazing wide spiral staircase.

#14 Breath-Taking Lava staircase – Gautama Gamer

Breath-Taking Lava staircase
Image Credit: Gautama Gamer

Imagine getting a chance to climb stairs that are built around flowing lava. Even the thought seems surreal and that’s why Gautama Gamer has made one for you to recreate in your Minecraft world.

Carve out a hill or simply build a spiral staircase by using slabs. After that, build a protective shell around the lava block on top of it and witness it flowing in the center of the stairs.

#15 Improved Custom Built Staircase –  OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!

Improved Custom Built Staircase
Image Credit: OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!

No need to make basic and boring staircases when you can build a custom staircase for yourself. All you have to do is follow OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!

Now after you build an ordinary stone staircase, you can enhance it by adding some slabs to its railings. The steps of the stairs can be set in a horizontal pattern to give them a distinct look.

#16 Distinguished Popup Staircase – Tsskyx

Distinguished Popup Staircase
Image Credit: Tsskyx

Get ready to get your mind blown away by watching these awe-striking popup staircases designed by Tsskyx. You just have to be innovative or stick to this method where you combine several materials to make your staircase functional.

Use red stones, pistons, orange wood, and other materials to form these ultimate staircases which can be so helpful for your survival.

#17 Innovative Boat Staircase – Skip the Tutorial

Innovative Boat Staircase
Image Credit: Skip the Tutorial

Only use this next idea if you’re not afraid of trying something different while building staircases. How about this idea of boats on the staircase by Skip the Tutorial?

Check out these boats instead of stairs which can lead to a waterslide in your park or other cool places. 

#18 The Easiest Secret Staircase to Build – CJN

Easiest Secret Staircase
Image Credit: CJN

Go straight to your secret survival base or dungeons through these secret staircases that are made super-easy to build by CJN.

So lay a structure of red stones on the opposite side of the staircase and connect it to a button that will pull it in and out of the wall.

#19 Spruce Staircase – BlueNerd Minecraft

Spruce Staircase
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

Grace your living rooms and houses with these cute stairs made by BlueNerd Minecraft. You can elevate the entire look of the stairs by putting trap doors as railings on stairs and it can transform your simple design into a masterpiece.

#20 Modern Staircase – GoodTimesWithScar 

Modern Staircase
Image Credit: GoodTimesWithScar

Building a modern house? Then this luxuriously good-looking staircase design invented by GoodTimesWithScar is the perfect fit for you. 

There are several things you could do with this design. First of all, omit the railing and make broader steps for safe travel. Use spruce or oak and once done, you need to build shelves underneath the staircase by using white tiles. Use the shelves as it is, or separate them and make boxes to place decoration pieces in them.

#21 Staircase In a Tower – Cerulean Capuchin

Staircase In a Tower
Image Credit: Cerulean Capuchin

Take in the splendid view as seen from the top of your tower or lighthouse by forming this spiral staircase by Cerulean Capuchin inside it. Start by building a long central pillar in the middle of the tower and then all you have to do is build a spiral staircase around it to climb up the tower and there you go.

#22 Epic Mountain Staircase – WaxFraud

Epic Mountain Staircase
Image Credit: WaxFraud

Excavate the mountains and build this enormous staircase as WaxFraud will show you how to do that. 

There’s no special technique to learn for building the stairs, however, you can use them well to safely travel in your kingdom or to the mountain top. Use cobblestones, stones, or woods and start building.

#23 Contemporary Staircase With Bookshelves – Cory Harvey

Contemporary Staircase With Bookshelves
Image Credit: Cory Harvey

Take a look at these fantastic bookshelves which will not only provide you with books but will also serve as a staircase leading to a different floor. This design is not as difficult to make as it seems if you follow Cory Harvey

Make the staircase of your choice and support them by making a large slab. Now build the bookshelves beneath them and extend your staircase to the next floor. 

#24 Plant Railing Staircase – Crafting Ops

Plant Railing Staircase
Image Credit: Crafting Ops

Decorate the staircases with this interesting idea where you can replace the common railings with a different one. Crafting Ops will show you how you can change the game by making these railings using grass blocks.

Be as creative as you can with this idea and use hedges, vines, flowers, or whatever you want to make the most exquisite staircase design.

#25 Mossy Triangular Staircase – FullySpaced

Mossy Triangular Staircase
Image Credit: FullySpaced

You will be fascinated by this triangular staircase design idea and therefore FullySpaced will help you learn how to build it. 

For making this design for large mansions and huge structures keep the steps broad. Use the mossy cobblestone blocks for it and build the stairs, a flat surface curve around. After that build another staircase attached to it and you made it.


All these fabulous ideas should be enough to motivate you to start customizing your staircases and be wildly creative with them. All you need to do is get the right choice for your design, so go and try out these ideas which will help you build the perfect one.