34 Best Minecraft Seeds [1.19][Java & Bedrock Edition]

Our list contains the absolute best Minecraft seeds to start your world in Minecraft 1.19!

Best minecraft 1.18 seeds

The best Minecraft 1.19 seeds are incredible, randomly-discovered worlds in the Minecraft landscape, brimming with unique landscapes and features. As any Minecraft enthusiasts will know, starting a new world on Minecraft is like rolling an infinitely-sided die.

You could end up with a fantastic world packed with natural resources to collect and exciting environments to explore. Alternatively, you might end up stranded on a desert island without a single tree in sight. If you’re hoping to take full advantage of the new experiences the latest version of Minecraft offers, you might want to avoid the risk and hand-pick the best seed instead.

Whether you’re looking for the best Minecraft seeds Bedrock has or making a list of the best Minecraft seeds Java players can use, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the top seeds from around the world.

How to Use a Minecraft Seed?

Before we dive into exploring some of the best seeds Minecraft 1.19 offers, let’s cover the basics – i.e., how to use a seed. If you’re already a Minecraft pro, you can skip this part.

If you’re new to Minecraft, you’ll have two options for creating a world. The first is simple to tap the “New World” button and generate a seed at random. The second option is to enter a seed (ideally one of the ones we’ll cover below), and use that.

To enter a seed, go into the main menu, click on Single Player and Create New World.

Here, you’ll be able to visit the More Options menu, where you can enter your seed into the black text box. Next, click the Create New World button, and you’re ready to go.

Best Minecraft Survival Seeds

1. Bisected Badlands

Minecraft seed: 624411614

Seed: 624411614

A beautiful island great for those searching for exploration and adventure, this bisected Badlands seed will give you plenty of new locations to explore. You’ll have a full abandoned mineshaft network waiting for you and plenty of massive caves and warm oceans.

There’s access to terracotta on the surface level for building too – but you’ll have to travel a small distance from spawn before you find any trees.

2. Swampy mansion

Minecraft seed 8156889042544246423

Seed: 8156889042544246423

Looking for the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds Java can offer to test your fighting skills? No problem. Enjoy this amazing world where you’ll find a beautiful swamp close to home.

Heading through the vine-covered tree section to the southeast of your spawn point will bring you to a mansion where you can battle as much as you like. If you need some extra help gearing up, there are two villages in the taiga and plains nearby.

3. Survival Island

Minecraft seed: 2622795609673772012

Seed: 2622795609673772012

Although having all the resources you could want nearby is great, sometimes you just want a way to test your Minecraft skills. This survival island seed will place you in the middle of a frozen ocean.

There are only icebergs around you as far as the eye can see, as well as a small taiga forest where you can build your home and gather resources.

4. Secluded Jungle

Minecraft seed 2825049098349321056

Seed: 2825049098349321056

Jungles are an ultra-fun biome to explore in Minecraft, particularly when you’re hunting for cats and parrots. This jungle cove seed is excellent for exploring the features 1.19 has to offer, with plenty of caverns to check out along the way.

You’ll also find a ruined Nether portal on the stony shores of your destination and plenty of bamboos nearby.

5. Villages, Caves and Temples

Minecraft seed: 69069594

Seed: 69069594

If you’re looking for a seed with a lot of extra resources to help you survive, this could be the place for you. Within 1000 blocks of your spawn, you’ll find 3 villages and two desert temples, packed full of resources for you to take home. One of the villages even has an ironsmith.

As a bonus, if you’re looking to get to the Nether quickly, there’s a village nearby with a ruined portal. You should be able to enter the realm with the obsidian you get from the surrounding villages.

6. Witch Hut Spawn

Minecraft seed: -944464326112058009

Seed: -944464326112058009

Swamps are generally considered one of the rarest biomes to get at spawn. However, with this seed, you’ll immediately be thrown into a huge swamp, brimming with three witch huts and four ruined portals. Unfortunately, you’re thrown in right next to a witch.

You’ll need to run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible if you want to avoid being attacked. However, this could be a great seed if you’re looking for a challenge.

Minecraft Village Seeds

7. Ravine Village

Minecraft seed: -2411962888717872099

Seed: -2411962888717872099

One of the most interesting and best Minecraft seeds Java users can explore, this option gives you a ravine, where you’ll find an amazing village at the bottom of several waterfalls. Although you’ll have to travel a little distance from the spawn point, it’s a fantastic seed.

The great thing about the village at the bottom of the ravine is its easy access, as you can glide down the waterfalls already in place.

8. Ridge Village and Church

Minecraft seed: 2416761687223174816

Seed: 2416761687223174816

Spawning on a massive ridgeline, this seed will give you plenty of opportunities to explore up and down both sides to find a village covering both ends. There’s also a beautiful church on the far side, which goes down to sea level.

As an added bonus, the ridge you’ll spawn at will be dotted with various cave entrances, making it ideal for checking out the mountains 1.19 has to offer.

9. Two Villages at Spawn

Minecraft seed: 5725851600822493716

Seed: 5725851600822493716

Villages can be great for stocking up on resources as quickly as possible, particularly when they appear close to spawn. This starting seed will immediately place you in between two plains villages placed very nearby.

You can set up a home base between the two, or build your own road to create your own mini-city with a range of villagers to keep you company.

10. Island Tower village

Minecraft seed: -6537256334104833826

Seed: -6537256334104833826

Many of the Minecraft villages you’ll find in 1.19 are situated in unusual locations or strewn around a multitude of different places. Out in the ocean west of your spawn point is a full tower island with a village wrapping all around it. There are houses on all sides of the island base and along the center.

If you’re looking for a fun building opportunity with a village environment at the core, this could be one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for you.

11. Mountain valley villages

Minecraft seed: 460628901

Seed: 460628901

Another top pick if you’re keen to check out the new environments you can explore in Minecraft 1.19; this seed is packed full of beautiful mountains. You’ll spawn in the middle of a valley between several snowy peaks, already waiting for you to get out there and explore.

Interestingly, if you’re looking for the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds Bedrock offers, you can use this same seed to get a great view of the nearby villages.

12. 3 Village Island

Seed: -7096828587805744419

If you’re struggling with a survival island adventure and want extra help, having some villages nearby can be extremely helpful. You’ll land in the middle of a massive island with three separate villages, where you can find everything you need for tools, trades, and food.

You’ll also be able to find a pretty close ruined portal for starting your journey into the Nether.

13. Town shipwreck

Minecraft seed: 2083747154327962073

Seed: 2083747154327962073

Probably one of the more unique options on our list, this Minecraft island comes complete with a shipwreck that appears to be docked right in the middle of a village. To make the experience even better, you won’t have to go searching, as the shipwreck is right at spawn.

You can immediately search for treasure on the ship, or even transform the wreck into a unique home base.

14.  4 Instant Villages

Minecraft seed: -4379469131957062683

Seed: -4379469131957062683

Want immediate access to a massive village community in your Minecraft world? Check out this amazing seed with a total of four villages at spawn. You’ll arrive at a cliff to the west of a Taiga village, and there are Tundra, Desert, and Savannah villages all nearby.

You shouldn’t have to do a lot of walking if you want to immediately start stocking up on resources from all of these great villages.

15. Village of Ice Spikes

Minecraft seed: 436606647

Seed: 436606647

If you’re looking for a pretty dramatic-looking seed for your next Minecraft adventure, it doesn’t get much better than this. There’s a large village present on a series of hills next to a mountain range, making it perfect for checking out the unique visuals 1.19 has to offer.

As you explore the village, you’ll also see a huge ice spikes biome with tons of pillars to check out. You’ll also have quick access to some ruined portals too.

16. Seaside villages

Minecraft seed: 944710140

Seed: 944710140

This wonderful Minecraft seed will take you straight to a pretty little meadow, close to several mountains and open plains, great for creative building. You’ll find a simple plains building on the snowy mountain nearby and various flowers to collect.

The snowy mountains, plains villages, and flowers won’t always spawn directly next to each other, but you should get some great scenery all the same.

  • Village: X: -511, Y: 145, Z: -501
  • Ruined Portal: X: -254, Y: 112, Z: -431

Mountains and Caves Seeds

17. Unique Cave Mountain

Minecraft seed: 1947644297

Seed: 1947644297

If you feel like really checking out everything the incredible world of Minecraft 1.19 has to offer, then you’ll love this unique mountain seed. There’s a huge mountain lair where you’ll find a large dripstone biome inside.

You’ll also have no trouble tracking down some awesome pillage outposts and broken portals nearby too. You can find the cave mountain at 233 171 -1.19

18. 3 Mob Spawners in One

Minecraft seed 3192051201751703717

Seed: 3192051201751703717

Mob spawners can be ideal in Minecraft when you want to stock up on experience, but finding a mob spawner isn’t always easy. Fortunately, this Minecraft seed will give you everything you need in the form of 3 mob spawners piled into a single curve. Two of these spawners are for spiders, while the other one will dole out zombies.

To make this seed even better, the spawners are located right under your spawn point, alongside an abandoned mineshaft.

  • Spawners: X: -161, Y: -27, Z: -67

19. Lush Cave

Minecraft seed: 633155865

Seed: 633155865

This is a wonderfully unique seed with a lot of beauty to check out if you’re new to Minecraft 1.19. Featuring an open area with an exposed lush cave biome, the seed is great if you’re looking for a unique place to build a home.

There are some handy resources nearby too, like plenty of snowy mountains to explore, a village, and a pillager outpost.

  • Large Snowy Mountains: 761 174 242
  • Pillager Outpost: 446 125 233
  • Village: 584 116 -428

20. Giant Cavern

Minecraft seed: 7445395903252703439

Seed: 7445395903252703439

If you like the sound of the “Caverns” part of the “Caves and Caverns” update, you’ll love this seed. This Minecraft adventure will give you an interesting challenge straight from the beginning. The seed will spawn you way below sea level, and surrounded by dripstone and cave systems.

With absolutely no resources, you might have a little trouble getting out of the cavern at first, but you’ll have plenty of room to explore.

21. Huge Dripstone Cave

Minecraft seed -1895276179

Seeds: -1895276179

The dripstone caves are some of the most interesting parts of the new Minecraft update, ideal for people who want to explore and spelunk for hours at a time. This one is one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds we’ve seen for dripstone caves.

You’ll find one of the largest dripstone caves available at the surface level we’ve ever seen in this seed. It’s a great way to explore in no time, as there’s a waterfall to ease you to the bottom.

  • Cave: X: -31, Y: 73, Z: 749

22. Pillagers and Caves

Minecraft seed: 884288

Seed: 884288

A great choice if you’re looking for a combination of exploration opportunities and chances to show off your might, this seed has the best of both worlds. There’s a pillager outpost close to a flower forest where you can find plenty of beehives.

There’s also a massive dripstone cave nearby, just waiting for you to jump in and start exploring. It’s a great location, but be careful you don’t trip and fall into one of the open cave locations around the map.

  • Opening to Underwater Dripstone Cave: 11 45 -76
  • Outpost: 22 92 -11
  • Near Village: 8 70 -472

23. Mountain range and Lake

Minecraft seed: 8624896

Seed: 8624896

Many of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds we’re seeing now come with circular mountain ranges. These are great for exploration, as well as building beautiful creations from scratch. If you’re feeling creative, the massive mountain scene on this seed is fantastic, with its own lake in the middle.

There are also plenty of nearby caves and local villages to explore, so you’ll have no shortage of ways to spend your time.

  • Jungle Biome: 17 85 -120
  • Village on the River: -379 103 -123
  • Pillager Outpost: -496 89 -408

24. Island Cliffs and Lush Caves

Minecraft seed 816802188

Seed: 816802188

This seed will introduce you to a relatively small (but tall) island, with plenty of exploration when you start borrowing into the dirt. You’ll find expansive lush caves inside the island where you can chop down vines and mine for treasure.

As a bonus, after you’ve stripped the inside of the island for its loot, you’ll also find some pretty close shipwrecks nearby too.

  • Lush Cave: -109 111 63
  • Shipwreck: -163 61 64
  • Ocean Monument: 352 61 193

25.  Lava Falls Cave

Seed: -1397485715

If your favorite part of Minecraft is exploring the hidden depths of the caves and caverns you discover along the way, this could be the seed for you. This dripstone cave seed comes with its own source of lava, where you can stock up on boiling magma for your projects.

There’s a ruined portal near your spawn and a mansion and village for extra looting and exploring.

  • Ruined Portal: -291 66 324
  • Dripstone Cave: 61 21 279
  • Mansion: 414 66 -767
  • Village: 597 65 -151

26. Coral Cave

Minecraft seed: 599282705

Seed: 599282705

When you jump into this seed, it’ll bring you straight into a Badlands biome, so you should have a pretty good chance of finding gold and open mines to explore. However, the biggest selling point of this seed is the coral lake nearby, feeding into a massive cave biome area.

If you want to catch some exotic fish and check out the new update's coral caves, this is easily one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds Java players can try.

  • Coral Lake: 8 63 -21
  • Lush Caves: -39 77 -129
  • Village: 903 70 85

27. Seaside Mountain Range

Minecraft seed: -1824611495

Seed: -1824611495

If you’re all about amazing views with your Minecraft seeds, it doesn’t get much better than this. This seed will spawn you in the middle of a huge mountain biome, where you’ll find various terrains to explore. There are tons of underwater caves, lush caves, and ravines too.

Visiting a small island in the middle of your spawn will help you see the mountain range in all its glory. There’s also a shipwreck nearby.

  • Location: X: -27, Y: 66, Z: -807
  • Shipwreck: X: -72, Y: 69, Z: -584

28. Mansion and Hight Mountains

Minecraft seed 20829203

Seed: 20829203

Soak up all the wonders of the mountains in Minecraft with this phenomenal seed. You’ll be surrounded by huge icy mountains, a giant mansion, and a great meadow nearby where you can start building.

You’ll also find access to a pillager outpost and a nearby village near your starting point.

  • Pillager Outpost: -1263 63 -1231
  • High Mountains: -403 90 -643
  • Village: -927 110 -927

29. Lush Cove and Cave

Minecraft seed: 1032336628

Seed: 1032336628

Start your next Minecraft adventure in a wonderfully picturesque destination with this amazing seed. There are lush caves and waterfalls to check out close to spawn, mushroom trees, and spires shooting outside of the ground around your lush cave.

For extra resources, you’ll find a village nearby, and a pillager outpost where you can put your fighting skills to the test.

  • Lush Cave Cove: 581 63 76
  • Pillager Outpost: 156 70 -1233
  • Village: -144 66 -384

Other Unique Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

30. Glacier Shipwreck

Seed: glacier

If you’re looking for an opportunity to create your own frozen wonderland, this could be your seed. Cold biomes and a frozen ocean surround the spawn point. You’ll be able to see various underwater caves to mine for resources.

The unique seed also offers a glitched shipwreck close to spawn, where you’ll need to break a decent amount of ice to get into all of the chests.

  • Glitched Shipwreck: X: 287, Y: 63, Z: -173

31. Mountain Mansion Resort

Seed: 136502789

If you’ve always wanted your very own mountain mansion, why not skip the hard work of building one, and check out this seed instead? The woodland mansion appears on a snowy mountain not too far from spawn.

With snow collecting on the roof, this mansion could be a great way to set up your new home in a brand-new world. You’ll still have access to the same loot and mobs you’d expect in a standard mansion too.

Mansion: X: 95, Y: 127, Z:707

32. Two Ocean Monuments

Seed: 420

Enjoy access to plenty of resources from the moment you spawn with this Minecraft seed. You’ll arrive close to a ruined portal, with a chest to help you jump into your new adventure. If you’re willing to explore, you’ll also find an ocean filled with glaciers.

The icy ocean includes two ocean monuments located just beneath the surface, within about 50 blocks of each other.

  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 62, Y: 65, Z: 69
  • Ocean Monument: X: 4240, Y: 65, Z: 1039
  • Ocean Monument 2: X: 4234, Y: 65, Z: 856

33. Mooshroom islands

Seed: 630244794

If you’re a big fan of mooshroom islands, you will appreciate this seed. You’ll find a couple of Mooshroom islands where you can build the perfect home for you and your friends. Remember, monsters won’t spawn here.

There are also a couple of ocean monuments nearby, a village, and a pillager outpost.

  • Village: -356 85 -794
  • Mooshroom Island #1: 194 72 -1101
  • Ocean Monument #1: 246 61 -696

34. Bamboo jungle and Lush Caves

Seed: 1485988664

If you’re looking for a more atmospheric experience from your next Minecraft adventure, this seed will start you in a beautiful bamboo biome. Under that, you’ll also find a host of incredible, lush caves to explore, surrounded by a dark forest.

There aren’t a lot of generated structures around here, like villages, but you will find all kinds of biomes, including a frozen peaks biome.

  • Lush Cave: -95 8 -22
  • Ocean Monument: -911 61 -369
  • Frozen Peaks: 426 170 242

Which Are Your Favorite Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft 1.19 is packed full of incredible new locations to explore. Every new seed brings a host of opportunities to discover caves, mountains, villages, and a host of unique biomes. Hopefully, the options above will get you started on your adventure. In the meantime, why not share your favorite Minecraft 1.19 seeds below? Finally, while you are here, you may want to check our list of the best Minecraft house ideas and Minecraft bedroom ideas!

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