16 Minecraft Bookshelf Ideas and Designs for the Fanatic!

A bookshelf in your aesthetic Minecraft house is one of the crucial elements of your gaming world. There is a wide range of bookcase designs to keep you handy. Whether you want to make traditional bookcases or modern aesthetics, you can try your hand at it with your next Minecraft project.

However, the situation could be challenging for you to filter out the best options among the tons. We've got you covered with our animated list of 16 Minecraft Bookshelf Ideas and designs that can help you unleash a better design for yourself. This very minute! Let's get into it. 

Tree-shaped Bookshelf Design – xRivalry

Tree-shaped Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: xRivalry

Nowadays, every Minecraft player wants to add some unique and modern inputs to his world. In such a case, you need an exceptional idea like this one by xRivalry. 

Here you get a fancy design of a tree-shaped spruce texture with wings or branches like out-shades. You can craft a little bookshelf on every wing. For ornamental details, put some turtle eggs, sea pickles, and a couple of Minecraft lamps in front of each bookcase. 

Modern Bookshelf Design – Farohan

Modern Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Farohan

How about building a large chest-like bookcase with barrel options to hold your items? There's a super idea by Farohan to help you craft this incredible design easily. 

The idea involves a bookshelf framed in spruce trapdoors with three barrels at the top. A counter has been built in front having a lectern book and quill. You can place a lantern and end chest on both sides of the lectern book. 

Traditional Bookshelf Design – Zyl. Crft 

Traditional Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Zyl. Crft

Constructed with Striped spruce oak logs and Spruce trapdoors, this is another incredible bookshelf design by Zyl. Crft with a beautiful arch frame. 

You can use this design in your in-house as well as in outdoor builds. There is much space in it to embellish all your books. Like always, you can add decorative details like illustrating with lanterns or whatever you like. 

Fancy Wooden Bookshelf Design – YalChu's Home

Fancy Wooden Bookshelf Design
Image Credit:  YalChu's Home

If you're short of space in your house for a bookshelf, idea number 9 by YalChu's Home is perfect for you. It brings you a three interlinked boxes bookshelf in a gradual slope structure

The entire design looks like a small part of a chain with its three nit elements. You can light it up with a bright lantern. It's a good design to try in a cramped wall.

Modern Wooden Bookshelf Design – FullySpaced

Modern Wooden Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: FullySpaced

FullySpaced has come up with an incredible wooden bookshelf design for you. Trapped in-between spruce stairs, it's a pretty awesome bookshelf just behind an armor stand.

On each side of the armor, there are two barrels with your swords framed on them. The top texture looks awesome with spruce stairs going up. The complete pattern seems like a pyramid. 

White Quartz Bookshelf Design – Umibogaming 

White Quartz Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Umibogaming 

Check out this design no. 9 if you're looking for smooth quartz for your bookshelf design by Umibogaming. This little crazy interior bookcase design has been constructed with quartz stairs. 

You get a box-like shelve inside the long white texture with a wide space on the top. Using the top for keeping your other items or decorative elements seems extra attractive. In the tutorial, you see sea pickles, a lantern, and a cornflower. 

Aesthetic Medieval Bookshelf Design – ReytGood

Aesthetic Medieval Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: ReytGood

ReytGood brings you a special bookshelf design to make your day. 

The idea involves a pretty large but awesome bookcase for you to stage all your books. This is a little closed bookshelf that is wrapped in spruce trapdoors. The design is quite easy to make. If it sounds good to you, try it.

White Marble Bookshelf Design – BlenDigi

White Marble Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: BlenDigi

What do you think about transforming a simple shelf you once built into your modern Minecraft house? Yes, you can turn it into a beautiful bookcase structure. The tutorial by BlenDigi can help you out. 

You get two extended white shelves attached from the corners. You can add books to them and make a proper bookshelf. The pattern will look modern as well as beautiful on a grey wall. 

Easy Bookshelf Design – XlauncherX

 Easy Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: XlauncherX 

What about building an easy bookshelf within a stair-shape design? With the help of XlauncherX, you can build this easy but crazy bookshelf on one of your house walls.

Birch slabs and birch trapdoors have been used in making its frames. The three-step slope-like texture on one side can help you store your daily use essentials. You can also use them for decoration purposes, like placing lanterns or flower pots out there. 

Double-ring Bookshelf Design – Block Boy.

Double-ring Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Block Boy.

Here's another interesting idea for a stylish bookshelf design by Block Boy. This is a perfect design to fit in your cozy Minecraft bedroom. 

The design looks like two interlocking circles with distinctive sizes. The interior faces are expertly furnished which adds to its beauty. Sounds amazing? Do give it a whirl!

Exterior Modern Bookshelf Design – ReytGood

Exterior Modern Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: ReytGood

Hiding something in the wall always looks good in the Minecraft world. ReytGood has created a bookshelf behind yellow slabs and stairs. 

The design is best for an outdoor bookshelf, but you can also craft it inside your lovely house. The idea involves a pretty awesome texture through which you can see the books back on the wall.

Yellow concrete has been used as a construction material which is the secret to its beauty. 

Sea pickles with some flowers would be the best decorative items for this design. Don't wait to build it in your world. 

Small In-house Bookshelf Design – Umibogaming 

Small In-house Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Umibogaming 

You can build a small bookshelf with a chest and barrel over a spruce slab. The idea by Umibogaming can help you build this simple design. 

Along with the books, you can place your other items in the chest plus in the barrel. Stored items can be represented by an item frame on the barrel. The entire pattern is framed in a spruce trapdoor. 

This could be a fruitful idea, in case you need something simple for your books. The design can be incorporated into one of your survival bases. You should go for it if it seems good.

Glass Bookshelf Design – Steve Craft

Glass Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Steve Craft

Built on orange concrete and framed in white stained glass, there is a fantastical bookshelf by Steve Craft. The design is perfect for in-door builds, especially if you want a bookcase in the corner of your bedroom. 

Orange concrete is rare in Minecraft builds, but it gives a stunning look when used. You can add a large painting just across the bookcase. An item frame at the bottom and a lantern with some sea pickles at the top will beautify the texture. 

White Box Bookshelf Design – Nushke 

White Box Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: Nushke 

Nushke has come up with another impressive idea to build you a white boxes-like bookshelf. The idea brings you a two-coupled white shelf structured in an inclined shape. In case you have a modern white house, this design will be ideal for the right bookshelf. 

You can arrange books on the wall just behind this texture and then approach them through it. Like always, place some lanterns and flowers to decorate the texture. 

Little Spruce Bookshelf Design – xRivalry 

Little Spruce Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: xRivalry 

If you've left with just a corner in the entire interior and want to build a bookshelf out there, xRivalry can help you in the matter. 

The design has an oak wood pillar in the corner with outstretched trapdoor wings-like shelves. Every wing can be used to keep the books. The idea can also be exercised in some kitchen designs.

Adding in some ornamental details would be a great idea to outshine the design. In case you're looking for something like this, upgrade your corner with this design.  

Cool Modern Bookshelf Design – BlenDigi 

Cool Modern Bookshelf Design
Image Credit: BlenDigi 

Anything fancy within a modern house always glorifies its interior look. The new stylish bookshelf by BlenDigi might be a suiting design for your home. 

There you get a curved white quartz structure to add your books on its three shelves. The pattern looks like a vertically written capital” M.” Although there isn't any decoration in the tutorial, you can add whatever you like to illustrate the bookshelf. 


Finally, it's your turn to be innovative and finalize your builds with these exquisite bookshelves. We're super hopeful that these ideas have helped you get some inspiration. In case you're planning a library, jump onto these peerless library designs.

We would love to hear which design was the craziest for you!

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