Pokemon Go: 15 Best Master League Pokemon! [February 2023]

Master League PvP is a breeze if you have access to these Pokemon in Go. The augmented reality mobile videogame PokemonGo was released in 2016. It is still being played to this day. The game was developed and …

Pokemon Go 15 Best Master League Pokemon!

Master League PvP is a breeze if you have access to these Pokemon in Go.

The augmented reality mobile videogame PokemonGo was released in 2016. It is still being played to this day. The game was developed and published by Niantic, with the assistance of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. The first 150 Pokemon were available at the time. Players now have over 600 Pokemon to choose from to catch, train, and find.

In the GO Battle League, Pokemon Go players can now battle each other in a PvP game. This was made possible by the GO Battle League. These three-on-three battles are PvP matches that take place in one or three of three leagues: The Great League has Pokemon with 1500 CP or lower and the Ultra League has Pokemon with 2500 CP and less. However, the Master League allows Pokemon with more than 2500 CP to participate. This competition is open to the top players to compete for the ultimate glory.

What Makes Master League Different?

Any Pokemon can participate in the Master League regardless of their CP. This league is dominated by trainers who prefer high maximum CP Pokemon. This league's Pokemon are usually also great for Raid Battles. You can get a lot of value by powering up Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Kyogre, and Groudon to their maximum power. Some Pokemon, however, that isn't so popular for Raid Battles can also be powerful competitors in Master League: Altered Forme Giratina and Dialga are two examples.

This naturally means that Mystic and Legendary Pokemons are plenty in Master League! Here are the 15 Best Master League Pokemon as picked by us:

#15 – Lugia

Lugia can make full use of its power in the Master League without the CP cap. As Lugia has one of the highest possible stat numbers in the game. On top of an outrageously strong moveset.

It is a force to be reckoned with. It can counter large threats like Groudon, Palkia, and Focus Blast Mewtwo thanks to its typing and moves. 

Lugia can also absorb the many nukes in the metagame. Which makes it an excellent Pokemon for longer charging moves. Aeroblast's sheer power can cause a huge loss of health, even if it is partially resisted.

#14 – Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh shines the brightest in Master League because of being able to fully utilize its amazing stats. Compared to being quite limited in leagues such as Ultra, and Great.

Ho-Oh's Fire/Flying typing is a unique combination that provides it with key resistances against Fairy-, Fighting, and Ground-type attacks. This allows Ho-Oh to take down Groudon and Metagross as well as Togekiss. 

Ho-Oh's ability to counter Zacian is unique among other “meta” Master League picks. Making it a valuable partner to other Dragon-type Pokemon in your team, who might be easy pickings for Zacian otherwise.

#13 – Yveltal

Yveltal has a similar playstyle to Darkrai. It focuses on quick energy accumulation and pressuring shields using its charge moves.

It is bulkier and way more consistent than Darkrai. The combination of Dark Pulse with Focus Blast can cause havoc to other Pokemon commonly seen in Great League like Lugia, Giratina, Mewtwo, and Melmetal.

Yveltal's biggest problem is how common Zacians and Togekisss are. To do anything against them Yveltal must drop Focus Blast in favor of Hurricane. Which causes you to lose critical coverage against Steel-type Pokemon.

#12 – Kyogre

Kyogre is a Water-type Pokemon. It has a max CP of 4,652, an Attack of 270, a Defense of 228, as well as a Stamina of 205 at Level 50.

Waterfall (Water) is the best Quick move for Kyogre. Surf (Water), Blizzard, Ice, and Thunder (Electric) are the best Charge moves.

Kyogre, a monster of a Pokemon in Master League, is capable of taking out an opponent. It also has an extensive range of moves that provides it with all the coverage you need.

Kyogre is the embodiment of the oceans of this world and has some of the strongest Water-type attacks in the franchise. This beast is most likely a reference to Leviathan, the enormous primordial sea monster from Abrahamic mythology.

#11 ? Groudon

Groudon is a Ground-type Pokemon. It has a max CP of 4,652, an Attack of 270, and a Defense of 228, as well as a Stamina of 205 at Level 50.

Mud Shot (Ground) is the best Quick move to use with Groudon. The best Charge moves are Fire Punch (Fire), Groundquake (Ground), Solar Beam (Grass), and Solar Beam.

Groudon is a powerful Master League player with a lot of firepower. However, it can be a bit unpredictable. Groudon is a tough opponent when it comes to Pokemon with Water-Grass- or Ice-type moves. It will also destroy its opponent.

Groudon, the eternal enemy of Kyogre is the embodiment of the land. This causes it to often be in conflict with Kyogre who can only be stopped by Rayquaza. Groudon, like Kyogre is based on the primordial beast of Abrahamic mythology: Behemoth.

#10 – Dragonite

Dragonite is a Dragon-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 4,287 at Level 50, an Attack of 263, a Defense of 198 and a Stamina of 209. Dragonite is a Dragonair-derived form of Dragonair, which has 100 Candy. Dragonair comes from Dratini and has 25 Candy.

Dragon Breath (Dragon) is the best Quick move. Dragon Claw (Dragon), Draco Meteor(Dragon), Hurricane, Flying and Outrage (Dragon) are the best Charge moves.

Another Dragon-type Pokemon in Master League, this Pokemon struggles against Dragon-type Pokemon. Dragonite will disintegrate against Fairy Pokemon but it is still a strong Pokemon.

Dragonite is both the first Dragon-type Pokemon to evolve fully and the first pseudo-legendary Pokemon. This pocket monster has been responsible for many important trends in the main series Pokemon games. These trends have resonated well with fans ever since they were introduced in Generation 1.

#9 – Togekiss

Togekiss can be described as a Fairy- or Flying-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 3 767, an Attack of 225, and a Defense of 217 at Level 50. The Stamina is 198. Togekiss is a Togetic that evolves with a Sinnoh Stone, 100 Candy, and Togetic. Togetic is based on Togepi which evolves with 25 Candy.

Charm (Fairy) is the best Quick move. Aerial Ace, Flamethrower (Fire), and Ancient Power are the best Charge moves to Togekiss.

Togekiss's shining in the Master League is because of the large number of Dragon-type Pokemon. They are eaten up by it. Togekiss, aside from Pokemon with Dragon typing, isn't that frightening.

This is currently the only Pokemon to be both Fairy- and Flying-type, excluding any previous evolutionary forms. Togekiss has a unique niche: they can counter Dragon-types and are immune to Ground-type moves which makes them able to hard-counter many foes. Easy switch-ins are also possible due to the immunities granted by a few of the most common types of attacking types.

#8 ? Snorlax

Snorlax can be described as a Normal-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 3 647, an Attack of 190, and a Defense of 169 at Level 50. It also has a Stamina of 330. Snorlax is a Munchlax-based creature that can be crafted with 50 candies.

Lick (Ghost) is the best Quick move. The best Charge moves to use for Snorlax include Body Slam (Normal), Earthquake(Ground), Outrage, Dragon (Dragon), Superpower (Fighting), and Superpower.

Snorlax has a huge range of moves and can fire them off repeatedly without needing to recharge. Although it can beat Fighting-type Pokemon, Snorlax can fire them off over and over without needing to recharge.

There has been much debate about Snorlax's origins and its actual basis. There are many theories about Snorlax's origins. Some believe it represents a hibernating bear, while others think it is more a representation of the concept of gluttony. However, there is an unexpected answer. According to Ken Sugimori, Snorlax was created by Koji Nishino, a long-time Game Freak programmer. This is due to Koji's relaxed nature as well as his love of food.

#7 – Palkia

Palkia is both a Dragon-and Water-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 4,512 at Level 50, an Attack of 280, and a Defense of 215. It also has a Stamina of 189.

Dragon Breath (Dragon) is the best Quick move for Palkia. Aqua Tail (Water), Draco Meteor(Dragon), and Fire Blast, (Fire) are the best Charge moves.

Palkia is not only weak to Dragon and Fairy-type moves but it also has an amazing pool of moves that can provide incredible coverage. The Master League is populated by Pokemon that have the Dragon typing. It does well in these battles and shines in every other.

Palkia is a unique Pokemon because it has many of the characteristics of dragons from western mythology. Its body plan includes wings, but its bipedal nature, stylized appearance and bipedal nature make it truly special. Its large pearls, which are adorning its shoulders, seem to be the most important attribute that links it to its Water typing.

#6 – Giratina (Alternate and Origin Formes)

Giratina can be described as a Dragon- or Ghost-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 3.820, an Attack of 187, and a Defense of 225 at Level 50. When in Altered Forme, it also has a Stamina of 284 at Level 284. In Origin Forme, Giratina, on the other hand, has a Max CP of 4164, an Attack of 225, and a Defense of 187. It also has a Stamina of 284.

Shadow Claw (Ghost), and Dragon Breath, (Dragon) are the best quick moves for the Altered Forme. Shadow Claw is the best choice for the Origin Forme. The best Charge moves for Altered Formes are Shadow Sneak (Ghost) and Dragon Claw (Dragon). Shadow Ball (Ghost), Dragon Pulse(Dragon), and Ominous Winds (Ghost) are the best options for the Origin Forme.

Both Giratina's Origin Forme of Giratina and the Altered Forme are excellent in the Master League. The Altered Forme, while bulky, has a good selection of moves to cover. The Origin Forme, on the other hand, is stronger than anyone could imagine and excels in matchups that are both in their favor.

It is difficult to understand Giratina's origin and lore. Its haunting nature and its location in an alternate dimension make it appear like it is the closest the Pokemon franchise can get to portraying the devil. This is consistent with the series' design of Pokemon based upon Abrahamic lore. However, Giratina bears a striking resemblance of centipedes which could be a reference to the Japanese fairytale “My Lord Bag of Rice”, where a gigantic centipede terrorized the countryside preying on dragons.

#5 – Melmetal

Melmetal is a Steel-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 4,069 at Level 50, an Attack of 226, a Defense of 190, and a Stamina of 264. Melmetal is a Meltan-based evolution of Meltan. It comes with 400 Candy.

Thunder Shock (Electric) is the best Quick move. The best Charge moves for Melmetal include Thunderbolt (Electric), Superpower (Fighting), Rock Slide (Rock), and Thunderbolt(Electric).

It is a part of the Master League meta. Melmetal's attacking power is incredible, and its access to a wide range of moves makes it a danger to many of the other Pokemon in the tournament.

Melmetal, based on more inorganic concepts than many others, seems to be a golem composed of liquid metals, such as mercury. It also has parts that look like man-made mechanical nuts. This suggests that the Pokemon could have been artificially made by humans.

#4 – Zekrom

Zekrom is an Electric- and Dragon-type Pokemon. It has a Max CP of 4,565 at Level 50, an Attack of 275, and a Defense of 211. It also has a Stamina of 205.

Dragon Breath (Dragon) is the best Quick move for Zekrom. Wild Charge (Electric), Crunch(Dark), and Outrage (Dragon) are the best Charge moves.

Zekrom's Dragon typing helps and hinders it in a battle against other Dragon-type Pokemon within the Master League – but its Electric typing has given it an edge. Zekrom should be run against Fairy-type Pokemon.

The “Tao Trio's Yin section is represented by the black dragon (the fan-made name for Zekrom and Reshiram). Taoism's Yin is a representation of darkness and other concepts. However, it does not represent evil, but rather the opposite side of light that complements it.

#3 – Mewtwo

Mewtwo's amazing stats, high attack, and quick-fire Psystrikes make it a great Pocket Monster to have in Master League. Mewtwo's arsenal of secondary-charged moves gives it the potential to match up against a large portion of the metagame. 

Focus Blast allows it to instantly remove Melmetal, Dialga, and Zarude. Shadow Ball is a threat to Giratina and the opposing Mewtwo. You can also hit Steel-types with Ice Beam. 

Mewtwo's impressive offensive prowess combined with wide coverage makes it one of the most popular generalists in the game. Mewtwo is a safe swap that's relevant to the format.

#2 – Zacian

Zacian is a meta-defining Pokemon in The Master League because of his combination of Fairy typing and solid stats. Zacian is a strong core breaker that can simultaneously threaten Steel-types and Dragon-types. 

Zacian's charge moves are rarely resisted and it is difficult to counter. This makes it a strong safety switch. Its Fairy typing gives it key resistances against the common Dark- and Fighting-, as well as Dragon-type attacks.

Zacian's flexibility, being a direct threat to so many meta picks, and overall ludicrous stats make him one of the best Pokemons you can have in the Master League.

#1 – Dialga

Dialga can be described as a Dragon- or Steel-type Pokemon. Dragon Breath (Dragon) is the best Quick move for Dialga. The best Charge moves are Iron Head, Steel, Draco Meteor(Dragon), Iron Head, and Iron Head (Steel), as well as Thunder (Electric).

Steel and Dragon typing on a Pokemon together in the Master League is no joke. Dialga's coverage of useful attacks threatens so many other meta Pokemon in the Master League.

Due to its body structure, Dialga may be partly inspired by sauropod dinosaurs. Although its neck is shorter than most sauropods', the rest are similar to the morphology of these ancient creatures. This theory is strengthened by the fact that dinosaurs and dragons share many similarities in both the Pokemon universe and in real life.

Pokemon Go is now available for iOS and Android. It was first released on July 6, 2016. Published and developed by Niantic.

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